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   Chapter 20 19. You know I never got your name

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Thirteen's POV

My hands grip the pages of the book forcefully as I sit in my seat in the café booth fuming. I adjust the fake glasses on my nose yet again as I pretend to be interested in this stupid book.

I was irritated with Jason, who wouldn't get off my back this morning about how the plan I came up was never going to work, and blah, blah, blah. I was mad at Devin who I found going through the new phone I had picked up this morning. But most of all I was pissed off because of how I woke up.

Cody had his arms wrapped around me. Now normally that wouldn't bother me at all. If it wasn't for the fact that I felt all warm, comfortable, and safe. Safe to say I was livid.

I feel like tearing this book in half and I probably would too...if it weren't for the fact that we were currently sitting and waiting for Mr. Zack Martin to show up.

By we, I mean me and the boys. Jason and Devin were currently sitting at a table outside right by the entrance. Cody sits in a booth by the back door, and Chase sits at a table in the middle of the room.

I had reviewed his daily routes one more time and had concluded that this was where he spent most of his time. He would come here to study, hang out, or do whatever else. He's also a major player. So we're using that to our advantage. All we had to do, was make sure he notices me.

Of course it probably helps that I'm currently sitting in 'his' booth.

Apparently he doesn't sit in any other booth ever. So naturally I decided I was going to sit in it. And I am...and it's quite comfy.

"Uh excuse me?" A loud voice asks, breaking me out of my train of thoughts.

I glance up through my eyelashes to look at the owner of the voice, my hair shielding my face. Target acquired. I turn my gaze back onto the book, ignoring him.

"Excuse me." He states a little louder.

I continue ignoring him, pretending like my book is the most interesting thing in the world.

"Excuse me." Oh, I hear his teeth gritting together this time.

I flip a page in my book.

"Excuse me!" He roars. I glance up at him again, holding my head up high and letting my hair move out of my face. I watch as he seems to be at loss for words.

"Yeah didn't think the nerdy looking girl was pretty did you?" Devin snickers through the earpiece. I mentally roll my eyes.

I continue to watch him for another minute before turning my attention back to the book.

"Well hey there." He says, his voice sounding so much nicer than it did earlier, as he flashes me a heart stopping smile. I snort.

I flip a page.

"What you reading?"

I flip another page.

"Do you want something?" I ask, my tone slightly rude. He gives me a lazy grin.

"Why no, no not at all. What makes you say that?"

I stare at him, face blank, "You came over here looking hell bent on murdering me and now you're trying unsuccessfully to get my attention."

"Can't a guy change his mind when he sees a pretty face?" He says smoothly, any other girl would've already swooned and jumped in his arms. Bu

him as he races down the trail with me close behind him.

"It's just a little further!" he shouts back over his shoulder to me.

I roll my eyes as he begins to slow down. "This isn't suspicious at all, everyone just parks their car on the side of a dirt road and leaves it, and then leads they're victim into the wilderness to their death, yeah sorry to tell you that-" I stop talking as I push through some branches hanging low and step into a grassy field.

A large pond is connected to a small river which drops into the pond, creating a small waterfall. Flowers line the edges and sand covers the bank.


"And I've shocked her into silence." He announces loudly. "Let's have a moment more of silence to reflect on how incredibly amazing I am."

"It's beautiful."

"I know I am."

"Way to ruin to everything." I reply as I finally to turn to look at him. I turn back to look at the waterfall.

"I found it once when I was exploring." he starts. "I needed some where to come to clear my head sometimes, so, I started coming here. Never told anyone about it." I turn to face him.

"Then why show me?' I ask quietly.

"You don't seem like an easy girl to impress much less shock but...I think I accomplished both."

"Yes hurray for you." I retort sarcastically.

"There it is."

"There what is?" I ask.

"Your smile."

I freeze up as his words register in my head. I hadn't even realized till he pointed it out that I had been smiling. I turn away from him. I was forgetting who he was and letting my guard down.

I feel his hand cup my chin and he tilts my head up, forcing me to meet his eyes.

He smiles at me.

I don't move.

He lowers his head, his gaze flickering to my lips.

He gets about a centimeter away.

My knee shoots up.

He starts cursing and crumbles to the ground, and before I know it, I'm smiling again.

What can I say? The face he's making is quite comical.

Liking Zack so far? Even though he's a bad guy?

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