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Thirteen's POV

"Do I even want to know how the hell you know where my house is?"

"Nope." I answer Cody as I remove the helmet from my head and place it on the back of the motorcycle.

"Stalker alert." Devin mutters. I kick him in the shins.

"Why are we here?" Cody asks.

"Because your house is one of the only ones not listed in the agency's database."


"So, I'm not feeling too confident about trusting said database right now and we need some place to lay low for a week or so." I reply to him before muttering under my breath so they can't here, "I'll be having a strong worded conversion with Zero later, one that he will not enjoy."

"What the hell am I supposed to tell my parents?" he questions.

I shrug, "Anything." he grumbles to himself quietly. I jester for him to go to the door, I mean it is his house after all. He groans and stalks towards the door dramatically. He presses the door bell.

The door is opened by a woman in her late forties, early fifties, she...well, now I know which parent Cody looks like.

Her face lights up so much when she sees him and she runs towards him without hesitation and throws her arms around him. I don't believe she's noticed us.

"Cody! Why didn't you tell me you were coming? I would've prepared food and, " I stop listening as she continues to ramble.

"Mom." Cody finally interrupts her. "I didn't really know I was coming." he shoots me a glare and I yawn while flipping him off, his eyes narrow. His mother finally seems to notice everyone else standing behind him.

"Oh hello boys." she greets them but her eyes never leave me. I can tell she's assessing me, probably wondering who I am, and what I'm doing here.

"Hey Mrs. T." Devin replies with a wave of his hand. Chase and Jason nod in greeting and she gives each one a hug. She finally turns towards me.

"And who might you be?" She asks politely. "I never seen you before and Cody has never brought home any girl as beautiful as you." she gushes. I raise my eyebrow.

Cody chokes on his spit, eyes going wide.

"I'm Thirteen." I reply sweetly.

She laughs lightly, "Oh no dear, " she says, "There's no need to use your agency numbers here." she waves her hand around slightly as she talks. I glance over at Cody for help. She seems like a really nice lady and I don't want to seem rude not telling her my name.

He seems to understand and calls out to her, "Mom, " she turns towards him, away from me and I can't help the sigh of relief I let out. "Can we get into the house please?"

"Oh, of course! You're all probably exhausted! Right this way." She disappears into the house and the boys follow her first and then I do.

"I'm so sorry we only have one guest room available right now." She says to us.

"What?" Cody questions "Why?"

"Well-" She starts but suddenly stops as the sound of thudding footsteps echo from the stairway.

"Hayden?" Cody says in disbelief and a smile spreads across his face as his older brother descends down the staircase.

"Hey bro, " he says, "Mom didn't tell me you were coming back so soon." he claps Cody on the back as they pull away from a hug. They obviously don't see each other much.

"Yeah it was kinda an unexpected visit on our part." Cody shrugs. Hayden greets the rest of the boys and his eyes s

apable of freezing hell. I see him flinch slightly, though he tries to hide it.

"I don't care." he snaps, "I told you stay away from him."

"Why do you think I've been nothing but rude to him since the moment I met him?" I ask icily, "The only reason I'm mean to him is because of you, " I poke him in his chest and take a step forward. "And your stupid warnings, or should I say threats."

"Well you aren't doing a good enough job." his voice lacking any friendliness. "When this mission is over you won't stay on his team, you won't join the team no matter what Zero or anyone else says. If you stay on the team, I'll tell them the real reason you're not on a team." My eyes narrow and I glare at him, imagining my dagger sticking out of his head.

Hell the only reason I haven't done it is cause of Cody.

"Fine." I finally answer. "But if you tell them before I get the chance to leave the team, your secret will be out too."

His eyes darken even more, "Is that a threat?" he growls.

"No. I don't make threats, I make promises." I state in response, and watch as he begins to leave the room. My voice stops him.

"I'm sorry Hayden." I say quietly, my voice softer than I've heard it in a long time.

He turns back to me his eyes burning into mine. "Sorry, means nothing to me anymore." he mutters, "Especially from you."

I shrug slightly, "Just wanted you to know. Even if you don't believe me."

His eyes seem to soften ever so slightly, "How can I believe anything you say to me anymore? I mean did you ever tell me the truth?"

I debate answering him honestly, I feel like if I do, it'll only end in a fight. Then again I did make myself a promise not to lie again, at least not about this.

"No." I answer honestly and his eyes darken again.


I'm going to be asking for a fight.

"I never trusted you...still don't. Not after what you pulled." His hands clench into fists and he starts stalking towards me.

Why didn't I just lie?

Sorry, I meant to update yesterday but unfortunately never got around to it. Thank you guys so much for all the positive feedback, it's really inspiring!

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