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   Chapter 8 8. What exactly did you do

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Cody's POV

"How the hell am I supposed to know I thought she was in the house that you guys so stupidly burned down. Now the firemen and the police are on their way. Amateurs." Devin scoffs "Do you really think you scare me? I've been hanging out with Thirteen these past few days and she's terrifying when she's angry.

"Shut up Devin." You read my mind Chase.

I glance over at Jason who keeps scanning the area for some way of escape. His eyes meet mine.

'Well?' I mouth and he shakes his head in reply. Just great...our only hope is if Thirteen made it out of the house. Not like she'd actually help us anyway.

"I'll ask you again, where is Thirteen?" he sneers. He's obviously in charge and obviously pissed off with Thirteen for some reason...join the club. I've come to the conclusion that this is entirely her fault.

He paces around in front of us in a slow threatening manner and to be completely honest if I knew where she was I would've sold her out already...maybe we'd finally be rid of her. I'm kind of hoping she is stuck in the raging fire behind us.

A slight kick from Devin causes me to turn to him. He jesters with his head to the street. I look at where he jesters. All I see are seven men in the street. Congrats Devin you've officially lost it.

Wait seven? Weren't there eight?

I get my answer as Thirteen creeps quietly up behind the guy farthest back, one hand goes over his mouth and the other plunges a dagger into his throat. His body goes limp and she begins to drag him back behind another car.

She repeats this four more times effectively killing six of the eight guys standing in the what about the other twelve standing in front of us?

She stops in the middle of the street and seems to contemplate what to do next. Her eyes find mine and she gives me a salute before turning and disappearing from sight. She reappears carrying a large duffle bag. She moves silently across the street and opens one of the previously guarded cars.

Is she leaving?

I watch as proceeds to toss the duffle bag inside and then she herself slips in and closes the door as quietly as she can. But it doesn't really make a difference considering the raging fire less than three yards from us is loud enough to drown out her actions. She starts the car and begins to drive.

She is leaving! I'm going to kill her when I get my hands on her.

My thoughts are interrupted as the barrel of a gun is pressed into my forehead.

"How about you?" he speaks, "Do you want to tell me where she is?" with pleasure.

"She just killed six of your men and drove off." He spins around along with everyone else to see whether or not I'm bluffing, it takes him all of two seconds to realize I'm not. The anger shows on his face plain as day.

"Hey boss man." What are you doing Devin? "Have you ever been hit by a car?" We all to turn to stare at Devin like he's grown another head.

"No." he states aggressively.

"Have you ever been hit by one of your cars?"

"No." Devin you're annoying him.

"Well will you do me a favor and let me know how much it hurts?" I stare at him in disbelief...until I see the shining black metal surface heading towards us with the speed of

by city. The SUVs follow behind us easily.

"Cody." I turn towards her, "I'm going to need switch places with you."

I blink, I think I heard her wrong.

"We're in the middle of a street." I state seriously and she rolls her eyes.

"I am aware."

"You're kidding right?"


"How in the hell are we suppose-"

"Oh let me" Jason interrupts and shoves Devin out of the way pushing himself slightly into the front.

"Say the word." He says, his eyes never leaving Thirteen.

"Now!" she shouts as she turns in the seat and jumps into the back, Jason jumps over her at the same time and glides effortlessly into the driver's seat taking the wheel.

"Move over." Thirteen tells Devin as she takes a seat in the middle. She reaches over and opens the sunroof before placing her feet on the edge of mine and Jason's seats and pushing herself up through the hole. She grips the knives firmly in her hands before throwing two in the hoods of the SUVs.

"Well that's fantastic you managed to hit the hoods of the cars, not anything important, that'll definitely slow them down." I snap at her and she glares back.

The sounds of gunshots echoes through the air. Thirteen ducks her head inside the car as the bullets fly over her head. One of the knives slip from her grip and slides below the seats. She stands quickly and throws the third knife into the hood of one of the other cars.

"Hand me the knife I dropped." She orders. I reach my hand under the seat feeling around for the knife. I finally locate it and pull it out.

"Is that thing beeping?" Devin asks as he eyes the knife warily.

Thirteen looks at it "Shit the timer's gone off."

"The what?" Jason questions.

"Is this thing a bomb?!" I shout suddenly panicking, why the hell would you leave a bomb in the glove compartment of a car?

"Just the handle." She shrugs as if it's nothing still holding out her hand for it.

"Would you rather watch it from here or in here?"

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