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   Chapter 2 2. Now you've done it

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Thirteen's POV

I internally smirk to myself, boys, they seem to forget whose flying the plane. In a sense their lives are in my hands. Well I got five rules for them.

Rule #1: Never piss off the pilot.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the gentlemen part is strictly directed to Ninety-one only, we are experiencing slight turbulence ahead, it would be in your best interest to put your seat belts on." I announce through the PA system, even though there's no turbulence within twenty miles of this aircraft.

"Oh shit" I hear Ninety-one comment, while I watch him through the screen, hurriedly trying to buckle himself in. he's officially the only smart one, then again he has flown with me before and...well let's just say he learned from his previous mistakes.

Rule #2: Pay attention to what your superiors are doing.

"What?" asks Chase as he continues to watch Ninety-one buckle all three of the different seat belts.

Each seat on this jet has three different seat belts. There is the standard one that goes over your lap, the one that goes over your shoulder, and finally the one that goes over both shoulders and buckles in front twice, like a life jacket.

"Now you've done it" he states in response to Chase's previous question.

"Did what?" questions Devin, a slight look of worry etched across his face.

"Yeah, I'm confused." Announces Jason.

"I'd buckle in if I were you." responds Ninety-one.

"Why just cause there happens to be some turbulence up ahead?" Cody retorts "As if I'm going to listen to her."

Rule #3: Always do what your pilot asks.

"You should." Ninety-one replies.

"I got news for you sweetheart, " Cody calls out to me, "turbulence has never brought down a plane." I press the button to activate the speakers once more.

"You're right, " I pause "but I have." With that being said I reach over and cut all power to the jet.

Rule #4: Don't panic it's all under control...for the most part anyway.

I got to say there is nothing more exhilarating than falling. Whether it be for sky diving, bungee jumping, or just bouncing on a trampoline, there is just something about falling that makes you feel free. Unfortunately not everyone seems to think that way. Take the idiots in the back for example, they seem to think screaming and panicking is going to do something to make it stop. I got to say I've never in my entire nineteen years of life heard a guy make such a high pitched sound until now. It really is quite amusing, for me at least anyway.

I continue watching them through the screen, the only thing I didn't cut power to. It is quite the sight to see four of the best agents screaming and tumbling around the cabin area. Chase suddenly is able to grab hold of one of the chairs and pulls himself into buckling his seat belt in the process. See now was that so hard?

An alarm sounds on the console in front of me, a warning of just how close we are getting to the concrete runway below. Only we're diving at it, instead of actually attempting to land, for now anyway. I turn back to the screen; Chase is gripping the armrests for life, his knuckles turning white. Devin has managed to make it to a seat but seems to be having trouble with the seat belts. Jason and Cody...are still tumbling around the plane. Morons.

I grip the controls tightly in my hands, before proceeding to reach over and repower the plane. The lights come back on one by one, along with the headset and controls. I yank up on the wheel forcing the plane to straighten itself, and land, safely might I add.

Boys 0, Thirteen 1.

Rule #5: Learn from your mistakes for next time.

I hang the headset on the wall behind me before opening the door to the cabin area. I'm greeted with groans of pain. Not entirely my fault.

"Next time put your seat belts on." I shrug

"There will be no next time." Jason mutters.

"You're insane." Mumbles Devin. I turn to Ninety-one.

"How'd I do?"

"Two feet from the ground." He replies, a look of pure horror plastered on his face.

"Sweet, new record."

"Two feet from the GROUND?!" shouts Cody. "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!"

"You know, " I reply calmly, "I haven't decided, but this could have all been avoided if you just put your seat belt on to begin with." I walk past them and open the door, "Next time this happens we'll see how long all of you will last with the door open." With that being said I made my way out of the aircraft.


"Are you sure you know where you're going?"

"Yes." Snaps Cody.

"Just asking." I murmur.

"Well no one asked you, so do us all a favor and shut up."

"Maybe I should drive."

"No, you nearly killed us driving the plane, I'd rather not have another near death experience today."

"Technically you fly a plane not drive."

"Shut up, do me a favor and don't talk to me."

I let out a sigh before getting comfortable in my seat. I stare out the window at the rows and rows of houses and businesses we continue to drive by, or as Cody has pointed out, he continues to drive by. I watch as we pass the street he should be turning on, but I don't say anything.

Thirty minutes later...

"Dude I think we're lost." I snort in response to Devin's statement.

"I thought that was made obvious thirty minutes ago." Jason retorts

while Chase just looks defeated. He tried to get them to stop arguing ages ago, see how well that worked.

"We aren't lost" Cody snaps, "The turn hasn't even come up yet." If only he knew.

I turn in my seat to face Chase, "You do know he already passed the turn right?" the car suddenly comes to a screeching stop causing me to slam my head against the practically rock hard headrest.

"WHAT?" Cody shouts, but all I seem to be able to focus on are a hundred different blurry images. I groan and rest my head in my hands. Thanks a lot arsehole.

"We passed the turn." I state, my tone dangerously calm.

"How long ago?"

"Now probably about forty minutes earlier."

"Why didn't you say anything" his tone nothing short of accusing. I close my eyes trying to get rid of the pounding in my head.

"Why?" he snaps.

"You told me not to talk to you." I state staring him right in the eyes and not backing down. Devin and Jason begin to snicker loudly in the back seat.

"You two are entertaining" comments Devin.

"Agreed." Jason and Chase say in unison.

"Glad you guys find us fighting entertaining." Cody manages to grit out. I continue to stare he reminds me so much of-stop, now's not the time to bring up the past I scold myself.

"What?" he snaps at me.

I shrug "You remind me of someone."

"Oh yeah? Who?"

"An old friend." I whisper more to myself than to him. I don't like dwelling on the past, on the people I've lost. But I wasn't lying when I said he reminded me of them. One thing I tried not to do was lie. It was my lies that destroyed me to begin with. I wasn't going to have a repeat of last time.

Within five minutes of going in the right direction this time, Cody decided we were going to slow, so since it was around midnight and no one was out, he floored it. We made it to the safe house in maybe two minutes, since he actually made the right turns this time.

"This isn't so bad" Chase's comment caused me to take my first glance at the house. He wasn't lying, the house had seen better days but as far as I was concerned we were only going to be here for a month tops.

"It's fine." I say as a grab my suitcase and backpack from Jason who was unloading the car. I watch as Cody makes his way over and hands Jason one of the guns from the back. I unintentionally tense, my hand immediately finding its way to my dagger. My actions do not go unnoticed.

"What's up with you?" Devin asks.

"Nothing." I answer quickly causing all heads to turn in my direction. "I'll be inside" I state. I practically run up the stairs and into one of the available rooms. I throw my bags on the bed and grab my cell phone out from the backpack. I pause as punch in the numbers. I stare at the phone in my hands before shutting it off. No giving up.

I get to my feet and begin unpacking what little I brought. The loud shouts and curses coming from the stair way tells me that they finally entered the house.

I exit the room, closing the door behind me. Their heads all snap up at the sound and I walk by them. The house is nothing fancy just a standard two story house. There were a total of three bathrooms, one downstairs and two upstairs. There were five bedrooms, one for each of us, and then of course there's the kitchen, living room, and even game room as well, why on earth we needed that one was beyond me.

I proceed to make my way the kitchen and open the already stocked fridge. Thank you Zero. I pull some bread and pop it in the toaster just as Devin walks in.

"Whatcha doing?" he asks, tilting his head to the side causing his hair to fall in his face.

"Making toast."

"Oh." He pauses "You know, I know absolutely nothing about you" good "other than the fact you're extremely entertaining." I raise my eyebrows at him giving him a blank stare. He stares back.

"Do you even know what a smile is?" he asks.

"I don't smile" I respond politely.


"You remind me of a five year old."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Got nothing to smile about." He stops talking and just continues to stare at me while I flip the toast.

"Of course there's nothing to smile about you're here." Comes Cody's comment.

"Real mature." I mutter quietly, unfortunately Devin hears me and begins laughing loudly. "Contrary to popular belief you need me here, or you're going to lose."

"Yeah you keep telling yourself that." He retorts as he sits at the counter. "Though I will admit you're different from what I expected."

"You mean different from the broken, unstable, emotional, freaking lost puppy looking for a new home?" I turn to face him. His eyes widen and his mouth proceeds to drop open in shock.

"H-how do you know that?" he stutters while Devin gives me the same look as Cody.

"I have my ways." I was never going to tell him the truth. I mean I had originally thought it was common knowledge to everyone that Zero bugged all the rooms. But I guess it wasn't. Although if I told them, and they brought it up with Zero, he'd know I was in his office without permission again. I don't think he'd care that was listening in on them but he would defiantly be upset with me for being in his office alone, again.

"Are you going to enlighten me on your ways?"

I snort, "No."

Boys 0, Thirteen 2.

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