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   Chapter 1 1. Put your set belts on

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Alright so I decided that since this story has only one chapter and it's kind of hard to decide whether or not you like the book I decided to be nice and update early. Enjoy!

Thirteen's POV

They all continue to stare, mouths agape, as if I was the newest Iphone on the market. Seriously people get a life.

"Ha, ha. Nice try now what's your real name." I turn my gaze on the boy with dark brown hair, grey eyes, and an intricate tattoo on his arm. He's giving off this bad boy vibe, his muscles tense and arms cross as he oh so patiently, note sarcasm, waits for my response.


"My name is of no importance to you, but my number is in fact thirteen." I state calmly though firmly. The muscles in his arms twitch as if he is having the hardest time keeping himself from running up the steps and strangling me...let's test that theory shall we.

"Are you going to continue standing there like a mopey little girl all day, or do you actually plan on doing something with your life cause this jet is leaving in exactly ten minutes with or without you on it." I state.

"By all means, leave without us. You'll just be forced to complete the mission on your own." He smirks as if he just won.

"Good to know you have a sense of humor, " I start, "but I'm sorry did you forget my number? Do you really think I need you for this mission? The only reason you're even here is because of him, " I jerk my thumb in Zero's direction "and by the way I wasn't going to leave everyone, just you." The veins in his neck seem to pop out and his face turns a lovely shade of red. I just stare back at him, the same blank look on my face as always. Suddenly there's laughing to his left. I glance over to see a boy with curly, shaggy brownish-blond hair and deep blue eyes.

"I like her" he manages to laugh out.

"See, " I say turning back to tattoo boy, "perfect example of why I was only going to leave you." he makes a noise that sounds a growl, but for all I know he's just constipated. I honestly won't be surprised actually. "And if you still don't believe me on what my "real" number is, just ask Zero, he is standing right next to you." All heads turn to Zero.

"One thing you'll learn about Thirteen is that she doesn't lie when it comes to stuff like this."

"But you made up the character of Thirteen." Protests a boy, actually this one gets the honor of being called a man. He's older than the rest, who all look to be around the age of nineteen, my age, by at the very least a year or two; he has short blond hair and bright blue eyes mixed with gray, along with slight stubble all along his jaw line. My mind immediately identifies him as the leader of this team.

"I have made up a lot of things over the years, but Agent Thirteen was never one of them." He replies, his lip twitching in that 'I'm amused' sort of way.

"But I saw the mission files, " he protests, "they were-"

"Signed by a different team?" I interrupt

"Well yes, " he starts again "you never completed those missions." I roll my eyes, if the last guy is anything like these two, I think the only one I'll be getting along with is shaggy.

"I had other teams take credit for those missions, they don't even know that their numbers are on the files. I didn't want anyone knowing about Thirteen." Replies Zero

"Why?" questions the last guy. He's got black hair and dark green eyes. He turns his hard gaze on me and I unknowingly tense and place my hand on the hilt of the dagger tucked into the back of my jeans. My heart clenches and I proceed to avoid his questioning gaze, it works for all of ten seconds.

"Because I'm supposed to be dead." I whisper, though by the looks on their faces I know they heard me. No one says anything in return and I turn on my heel and begin to walk back up the metal staircase and into the jet. "Wheels up in ten, I expect you to be on board or I will take off without you." I call over my shoulder, my tone leaving no room for protests.

You know how in movies most of the rich characters have their own jets or planes. Well that's basically what this one looks like. The insides are all white including the reclining couch-like chairs. There are four bolted in against the back wall, two on each side, and four more along the sides. The four on the sides are split two and two on each side leaving room for the walkway in the middle. Two flat screen T.V.s were positioned on the wall separating the cockpit from the cabin area. There was a small refrigerator, as well as microwave at the rear end of the plane. There was a restroom up front and another in the back each positioned across from a closet stocked with, colored contacts, hair dye, different kinds of makeup, duffle bags, money, passports, I.D.s, and most importantly, weapons of practically every variety.

I sit in my seat and proceed to slip the headset over my head. I latch myself in before looking at my watch. You boys have six minutes. Is it bad I'm kind of hoping they don't get on? The thought of leaving without them comes to mind but Zero's warning flashes in my head. Maybe he's right this time.

"I got to ask, were you serious about leaving without us?" I turn my head to see shaggy leaning against the wall.

"Yes" I respond simply. "I mean I might have given all you guys a few extra minutes though if your friend with the tattoo still wasn't on board I definitely would have left." His laugh breaks the silence.

"Yeah, Cody wasn't to uh, fond of the idea of having another agent joining us, especially not a girl" he states.

"Sexist pig" I mutter and he goes into another round of laughter.

"Nah, it's more like 'I'm the best and no one can keep up and blah, blah, blah.'"

"Oh well that makes everything better." Sarcasm dripping off m

y every word.

"Sooooo, what do you do up here?"

"Crash the plane." I state seriously, my voice making it sound as if it was no big deal. A look of complete and utter fear crosses his face, his eyes going wide as saucers. I roll my eyes "I fly the plane."

"You have a very good poker face."

"Why thank you..." I trail off leaving him to fill in blank.

"Devin." He states


"Twenty-two." I just nod in response before reaching my hand over to start the engines.

"If your buddies aren't here in the next thirty seconds I am seriously taking off without them." I comment. Not even joking, this bird will be in the air whether or not they're on it. Although I feel like Zero would literally shoot me out of the sky if I did that. I'd have to try that some time. My thoughts were interrupted by the thudding of footsteps, running up the stair case, hey not my fault you morons can't keep track of time. I press the green button making sure my voice can be heard over the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, oh who am I kidding you're all ladies. Anyway, please fasten your seat belts I only want to have to say this once even though I know the only one of you, who will actually put on their seat belt is Agent 91." I pause "with that being said, since the majority of you look like you could pass as kindergartners let's review what a seat belt saves your life 75% of the time, so please wear it. I would be a shame if something where to happen and none of you had a seat belt on. Thank-you." I quickly shut the soundproof cockpit door just as they all begin to...well let's just say they all have a very colorful vocabulary, Cody especially. This is going to be a very long flight.


"So what does that button do?" asks Devin for the thirty-sixth time. Yes I'm keeping track.

"That's the self destruct button"



"You're no fun" he states

"Am I supposed to be entertaining you? Cause flying a plane kind of needs all my attention unless of course you want to die today. If so just say the word."

"Hey, " Agent 91 pops his head in "I'm getting ready to do the briefing, you joining?" he asks me. "I know you're already up to speed but just in case you want to add in something I miss."

"Yeah why not." I stand from my seat taking off the headset and hanging it on the wall behind me.

"What the hell!?" Devin shouts "What about the plane?!"

"It's on autopilot." I state, his mouth drops in shock.

"And how long has it been on autopilot?"

"The past three hours."

"You're mean."

"I know." I reply before I turn and continue into the main cabin area. Devin walks in behind me followed by Agent 91. I stare at the rest of the agents who are all sprawled out in the chairs on their phones none of them wearing seat belts. Unbelievable.

"You know, " I start "I never did get your names or numbers."

"And we never got yours." Cody states.

"Thirteen is both my name and number you will not be learning my name, I have not gone by it in over two years and I'm not changing that now, so, your names please." I manage to grit out the last horrifying word.

"I'm Chase." I spin around to face the leader.



"You're the leader." I state. He nods.

"That's Jason, " he points to the boy with black hair, "his number's sixty-five, and that's Cody, his number's nine." I will probably never use their names, but for now let's make it look like I actually care.

"Alright now that everyone's here let's begin." Agent 91 starts. "As you all know the target is Tony Martin a big time drug lord recently him and his 'crew' have gotten their hands on some of our technology as well as weapons. They've been causing a lot of problems lately and need to be taken out of the picture." He pauses, "unfortunately for us he is only a middle man, but in order to find their real leader you're going to need to bring Mr. Martin in. we don't have much information on them but we do know they operate out of a small city just outside of Chicago. Your job is simple, capture Martin, take out any and all of his men, and destroy anything of ours they've managed to get their hands on." He finishes and turns to me "Did I miss anything Agent 13?"

"Nope sounds good to me." I answer.

"I have a question" comments Jason, "Why couldn't she go this alone? This doesn't exactly seem like a mission she can't handle." I turn my head so they can't see my face and stare out the window. I think they deserve a somewhat of an honest answer.

"Because, " I pause trying to figure out how to word my answer, "because Zero's afraid I'll take things too far." I answer quietly.


"Because I know these people, and not in a good way."

"What's that supposed to mean?" snaps Cody

"I hold grudges, that's what it means." My voice deadly calm. No one says anything after that and instead they all take their seats. I look down at the watch on my wrist to check the time.

"We're a little less than twenty minutes out. I'm going start lowering the plane." I say before turning and making my way back to the cockpit and taking a seat. I put the headset on and switch the plane off of cruise control, placing my hands on the controls.

I look at the small screen on my right which happens to be hooked up to the security camera in the cabin, only to see that still no one is wearing a seat belt. I sigh. I reach over and press the button to activate the speakers.

"Ladies as uncomfortable as some seat belts may be, " I pause "Put your seat belts on." I command. I look back at the screen to just in time to see Jason salute me...with his middle finger. Hard way it is then.

"Don't say I didn't warn you, " I say more to myself then them. "Game on boys, game on."

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