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   Chapter 82 Chapter 78 - Meeting Mars, Earthgod of Flesh

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Lux appeared in a Black stone courtyard which was lit up by multiple different coloured Suns.

He looked at the sky and saw tens of thousands of Round Planets, Flat Plains, Floating Mountains and Cube shaped Worlds just moving about the sky.

As he was watching the planets, Drak fell into the Courtyard with a graceful landing.

He welcomed Lux, "Glad to see you chose our Academy, Lux!

I am here to show you around, so come on."

Lux looked at Drak and replied with a faint smile, "Ok, show me around Minor Law Academy, I want to see everything."

Drak Laughed and handed Lux a Memory Orb, who absorbed it.

A new Technique appeared inside mind called 'The Gate Builders Manual'.

It was a Technique on how to access Gates built to travel to discovered worlds, it also taught him how to build a 'Jumping Pad' which will fire him in a direction of his choosing, allowing him to explore the Voidmap Space for undiscovered worlds.

The Gate and Jumping Pad both need to be powered by the User's Body, so Lux is only bound by the limits of his body's power.

Lux shakes his head and says, "Thanks, I notice that the Gates and Jumping Pad are like Spatial Doorways I have created before.

Only it seems to rely on my body rather than Space Mana?"

Drak nodded and said, "It is the general technique we teach Students as the Body can be used by everyone.

Warriors can't Use Magic so we needed a method for traveling between Worlds.

This also means that our Students train their body, which allows them to survive better in foreign worlds where they might need to defend themselves.

After all, A Mage's weakness is their body, as they tend to not train it.

An average Emperor Rank Mage only has the body of a Lord Rank Level 2, meaning a King Rank Demon can easily kill them, if they ambush them.

Which is why we have a rule that Only those with a King Rank Physique are allowed to travel to other worlds.

You have a Prince Rank Level 9 Physique, so you only need to train for a little while and you should Limit Break soon."

Lux frowned in confusion and asked, "What do you mean 'Limit Break Soon'?"

Drak Laughs and shakes his head, "You will find out soon, I have to take you to Earthgod Mars later, so I will leave it to him to teach you about the Limit Break.

He did create it after all.

Right now, I need to take you to the Student Hall, so you can be given the Standard Equipment of Minor Law Academy.

You will also be given a Minor Law of your choice, from the Minor Law Library, where the largest Collection of Minor Laws are kept."

Drak then walked away and Lux followed him with a thoughtful expression.

As they walked through the academy, Lux saw groups of students training, making pottery, weaving cloths, flying kites, skinning demon carcasses and Drinking barrels of wine.

He watched all this and Lux asked Drak, "Why are they all not training?"

Drak Laughed and replied, "Of course they are, they are trying to gain enlightenment on Minor Laws.

Look over there, you can see some students trying learn the Minor Law of Weavers.

That would allow them to create cloths of magic or create perfect cotton cloth.

This is handy for strength Mages and warriors as they can create Free moving shields which are just as tough as solid shields.

The warriors can change the properties of their own skin and muscles to give them defence and flexibility.

And over there, there is the Students learning the Minor Law of Drunkenness, allowing them to control their bodies when under the influence of drugs.

Some of them might even figure out they can create a pain numbing feeling which can aid them during fights by storing alcohol in their blood and using it when needed.

All these tasks are designed to teach them a Minor Law, they are also fun as you can earn Contribution Points by selling the products to Student Hall.

Also, Once you learn a Minor Law, you can teach it by going to Teachers Hall, which mean anything your students make, you will receive a Cut of their Contribution Points.

The less people that have a Law, the more valuable it is, so that means more students."

Lux nodded his head slowly and asked, "What are Contribution Points used for?"

Drak laughed and said, "Everything, it is the Universal Currency of Minor Law Academy, it is also used by all of the Voidmap Worlds.

They are real phys

bing my Power, Boy!"

Lux deeply laughed and roared back, "Never!!"

He then Inhaled harder and managed to steal half of the Black Sun before Earthgod Mars stepped forward with such speed that he land in front of Lux.

A rebounding slapping noise shook the courtyard, as Lux's body slowly bent backwards before he shot into the wall behind him.

Lux slide down the wall as wounds burst across his body, spraying blood around him.

Lux gasped as blood dripped from his mouth, "Is.. That.. All you've got?"

Earthgod Mars stepped forward and appeared before him, he leaned down and whispered, "In the future young serpent, you might be powerful, but right now I could crush you with my pinky toe.

I just barely grazed your chest and I nearly killed you, I possess Body Strength which even Skygods fear.

You are nothing but dust compared to myself.

So stay down."

Lux coughed and spat some blood out of his mouth, which landed on his up turned palm.

He then said, "I might be weak right now, but I will grow stronger.

I refuse to be weak, I will rise up and crush my enemies beneath my claws.

I will consume all the worlds who refuse to kneel to my majesty.

I will beat you, the worst excuse for a Earthgod I have ever seen, even Earthgod Dawnlight is more god like."

Earthgod Mars grinned and said with glowing red eyes, "I offered you mercy, but it seems you wish for death.


He swung his fist at Lux, who said, "You first.."

Lux tapped his blood soaked finger against the ground and a Inscription formation glowed over him, his blood burned and the fire was sucked into the formation.

A Earthgod Mars struck Lux, nothing happened... Then suddenly a terrifying boom blasted out of Earthgod Mars's chest, throwing him backwards where he slide across the floor.

Golden Blood sprayed from his body as it withered slightly, he said softly, "Black Arts - God Killing Inscriptions..


Lux chuckled and said, "I am not weak... I am not weak..."

(hello everyone, I have an idea for the next chapter.

Lux will be traveling to another world, where he will learn a New Minor Law.

I have decided that i should let you, the readers, can decide what Minor Law he will learn.

If you have an idea for a Minor Law, write it in the comments.

Write what it is called, what it does and a possible idea for how he learns it.

I have my own Idea, which I will now tell you.

(Minor Law of Fishing;

Allow Lux to create a Fishing hook and reel from magic to catch things.

Learned on a Sea World of Giant Floating Trees, where natives fish by using the naturally growing Hooked Vines which grow from the trees they live on.

Drak likes to holiday on this world as he is trying to catch The Legendary Spike-Toothed Whale Mother.)

Also remember to Vote for the chapter and comment the idea you like or have made up.

I look forward to seeing everyone's ideas.)

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