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   Chapter 79 Chapter 75 - Youth Challenges Elder

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Before Lux could again play the Music, He was teleported into his Hotel Room.

The room was full of cracks and the furniture was all smashed into splinters.

Lux shook his head and wondered, "Now where am I going to sleep?"

As He was thinking, a knock at the door appeared.

Lux clicked his fingers and the door fell open, he then muttered, "I really fucked up this hotel, I blame EarthGod Dawnlight."

A cleanly dressed Man wearing a Deep Blue Shirt and Black Trousers.

He said, "I apologise Sir, but I have been sent to bring you to the Waiting Suite.

The finals of the Tournament have been pushed up to today, apparently you have made a big impression on the Academies.

Please follow me."

The man then backed out of the room and waited for Lux to follow.

Lux looked at the room and walked into the hallway while muttering, "Like I want to stay in this shithole."

They walked together till they reached a Large Wooden Door with images of Back facing warriors carved into it.

The Man opened the door and waved Lux inside, he then exited the room and closed the door.

Lux lay down on a couch and closed his eyes.

He thought about the Law of Pact and the vision of all the World's Debt, how everything owed something else.

The Wolf's owed the Sheep for providing them nourishment and the Sheep owed the grass.

Everything was linked together by infinitesimal threads, the World is made of Strings.

As He reveled in his visions, hours passed till he was shaken awake by the Cleanly Dressed Man.

Lux asked him tiredly, "Is it time to fight?"

The Man nodded and said, "Come with me, Sir.

The final Match is about to begin."

They exited the room and were met by Old Yin, who asked calmly, "Are you ready Lux?

This next match will be the toughest opponent you have ever faced."

Lux laughed it off and replied, "I am pretty strong, so i should be ok."

Old Yin shook his head and patted Lux's shoulder, he then whispered in his ear, "I doubt it, so just be careful.

See you later."

He then walked away in a carefree manner.

The Man and Lux then continued to travel through the colosseum till they reached a Green Jade Disk carved into the floor.

The man then motioned for Lux to step onto the Disk and said, "Once you step onto the Portal disk, the match will begin.

Just so you know, the Final Match will be a Domination Match, We can't have the two Strongest Contestants killing each other, after all.

Farewell Sir."

The man then left Lux alone in the Corridor.

Lux cracked his hands and neck before stepping on to the disk, where he appeared in a massive arena, at least 100 kilometers Wide and Long.

A Empty Stone City surrounded him, he used his Dragon Vision to scan the city.

He searched but found no one else in the Stone City.

Suddenly a Old Woman's Voice shattered the silence, "Welcome to the Final Match of the Government Tournament, you all who were lucky enough to afford a ticket, place your bets with care.

For those who will be watching later at home, today's match will be between The.. Trickster.. Prince.. Of.. Souls!!

And.. The.. Hobbyist!!

Good Luck to you both, make it interesting!!"

Lux quickly re-scanned the stone city but he still couldn't find 'The Hobbyist'.

So he began to create a plan to find him.

He gathered a large chuck of raw energy by using his Law of Transformat

He then shook his head and growled, "I won't Give in, I refuse!

I will never give in, I will never surrender!"

The Kingly Aura appeared around Lux's body, causing the ground to creak as cracks formed outwardly.

Drak wobbled and then gained his footing while snarling at Lux, "I also have a Kingly Aura!"

Drak too began to glow gold, resulting in his Kingly Aura smashing against Lux's, which was equal in strength with Drak's.

The Battle between Auras started to cause the space around them to ripple and tear, causing a strong gale as the air was ripped towards the Spatial Tears.

Lux roared like a wrathful god, causing his Kingly Aura to surge with might.

Drak also roared and his Aura also surged with might, only it wasn't enough, as he was slowly being beaten back.

Lux shook from the strain as he yelled, "I will rule this Universe, I refuse to accept anything Less!!!

Now Kneel!!"

His Kingly Aura began to show shadows of flying dragons, which then shot out and started to chew on Drak's Aura.

Drak Screamed in Pain as he felt as if His Soul was being drilled into, he then stamped his feet and Shouted, "Hidden Technique, Might of the Shadow Dragon!"

His Golden Kingly Aura slowly started to turn Black, as if Ink was poured into clean water.

The Golden Dragons created by Lux were quickly drowned and shattered into Light.

Drak then shoved his palms forward and his Black Aura shot forward like a Midnight Tide.

Fear flashed through Lux's eyes as he could feel the power contained inside this Might of the Shadow Dragon wave.

Memories of His friends and family flooded through his mind, His mother and Adopted brother Seff, Aerin, Jared, Leo and Lewis, Terry, even his Shotgun wedding Wife Suki.

All those memories fused into his soul and his Kingly Aura rapidly turned Chaos Grey.

As the Auras Touched, Lux's Aura enlargened and in the shape of a gaping maw, swallowed a large chunk of Drak's Aura.

Drak's collapsed in as his Soul vibrated in shock, causing his Aura to vanish.

Lux relaxed, causing his own Aura to drop.

He then sighed in relief and asked the Gob Smacked Announcer, "You can't continue, I win."

The Announcer roared in Excitement, "That was a Epic Final Match, worthy of the Top 10 greatest matches ever fought during this tournament.

Ahem! The winner is The Trickster Prince of Souls!!


A strange heaviness shrouded Lux's body and mind, she struggled to slowly raised his hands and gasped, "I won..."

He then felt as if he was floating as a he saw the ground pull away from his sight.

The last thing he heard was, "Medic!"

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