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   Chapter 76 Chapter 72 - The True Meaning of Suffering

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Lux woke with a fright as Deep voiced man was banging on his door while shouting, "I know you're in there Lucy!

Get out here now!!"

He walked over to the door, yanked it open and grabbed the man by the throat.

He then growled into the man's face, "Who the fuck do you think you are... to scream at my door and call me Lucy...


His last roar caused the hotel to shake with vicious force.

The choking Man quickly started to turn blue in the face as piss flooded down his leg.

Lux's face became deadly calm as people looked outside their room doors to see what was happening.

He then lightly threw the man into the air and rapidly punched him in the chest three times.

The Sobbing Man slammed into the opposite door from Lux's and disappeared from sight.

Lux then said in a deadpan voice, "Animal's should be house trained, not barking at Stranger's doors and pissing on their feet."

A ultra high pitched scream exploded out of the room the man disappeared into, Lux covered his ears as his teeth began to sting.

Body parts flew out of the smashed in room doorway which head towards Lux's cold face.

He waved his finger and space collapsed in front of him, sucking in the flying body parts.

He then snapped his fingers as the last body part, the man's head which had thousands of tiny cuts across it, was sucked inside, healing the Spatial Rip.

The Woman Lux noticed last night stormed out of her room covered in blood and dressed in a skimpy towel which covered her to just below her buttocks.

The sight of her caused a strange fire to burn in Lux's chest, which slowly began to travel down his stomach to his hips.

The Woman glared at Lux and screeched, "How dare you throw him into my room, I was bathing!"

As Lux was trying to deal with his new hungry sensation, his mouth lustfully said, "Cleaning all those delicious curves I'm sure.

I can smell the soap clinging to your skin like vanilla and bananas."

The Woman's eyes narrowed to pin-pricks as she screamed in anger, "PERVERT! YOU PEEPING-TOM!

You probably haven't even dated anyone, that is why you have been spying on me!

I will kill you, you beast!"

With that she stomped back into her room and jammed the Door into the Doorway.

Lux awoke from his lust driven daydream and growled under his breath, "Geb.. What did you make me say!"

Geb laughed and replied with glee, "That wasn't me, that was your dragon nature.

Like I said, we are Dominating by nature, so Obviously, we are attracted to Dominating Women.

You should bed her, just grab her, push her down, grab her by the wings and go to town! Like a true DRAGON!"

Lux shook his head and muttered, "This Lust stuff is becoming a problem, I need to deal with this as quickly as possible.

I hope I can last till the tournament ends."

Geb laughs and says, "You might, just try and keep calm, avoid any stimulating situations and you should be fine."

Lux smiled and looked up and down the corridor, he noticed that some people were still watching him.

He asked them, "What do you all think, she is pretty Hot right, did you see those legs? 'whistles' Am I right?"

All of the people in the hallway quickly entered their rooms and closed the doors, all except one teenage boy who replied, "You just upset the Queen of Nightmares, that wasn't very smart, she is who your fighting next.

And yes, her Legs are beautiful, it has been centuries since I have seen anything like them."

With that the teenage boy closed his room door, leaving Lux alone.

Lux shrugs and walks back into his room when his stomach rumbles fiercely.

He sees a Greensteel Cube which reads Room Service, he taps it and a womans voice says, "What would you like for breakfast Mr. Tenebra, we have already received 19 complaints about you and it isn't even Noon.

You have been busy haven't you, you must have worked up an appetite.

I can send you a Traditional Fried Breakfast if you like?"

Lux shrugs and asks, "What comes with that?"

The womans voice replied, "Fried Link Sausage, Slice Sausage, Round Sausage, Fried eggs, Fruit Slice, Honey Pancakes, Steel Boar Bacon, House Special Haggis, Ruby Tomatoes both fried and chopped, Black Bread and a Choice of Condiment's and Chutneys."

Lux nodded in agreement and replied, "You had me at Pancakes, please send one up."

The woman happily said, "It is now at your table by the window behind you, please enjoy Sir."

Lux turned around and noticed that a large platter was indeed next to the window on a table with a single chair.

He sat down and began to eat it with vigour, by the time he finished, his Tournament Orb was flashing Green.

He saw it and sped up time to allow his body to digest his meal.

After ten minutes,

reamed in happiness at finally seeing another living person.

She crawled over to Lux and began to kiss his feet while begging, "I Submit, I Submit, I Submit, Please don't Send me back there, I'm sorry, I am so sorry!!


Lux grinned as he crouched down to eye level with Lucy and said, "Your willpower is impressive, I completely forgot about you to be honest.

Come, Stand up, smile and tell the nice Announcer that you Submit."

They both stood up and Lucy said to the Announcer, who looked down with astonishment, "I Submit to Lux, he wins this match, He is God.

Lux is God, Lux is God, Lux is God."

Lucy then began to gently rock backwards and forwards as she Chanted 'Lux is God.'

Lux thought to himself, "I really broke her Mind, serves her right for making me watch as my mother was murdered."

Lux patted Lucy on the head and she stopped rocking and started to rub her cheek into his chest as she whimpered softly.

The Announcer coughed and said, "The Trickster Prince of Souls, Lux Tenebra has won the match, he moves through to the Semi-finals tomorrow.

This has got to be one of the quickest Domination matches I have ever seen.

I didn't even see what he did to win?"

Lux laughed and muttered to himself, "Or the longest, it did take millions of years, Right Lucy?"

Lucy started to tremble as she remembered a flashback to floating in the Void, suffocating in the absolute cold, able to move less and less as the years passed, till eventually she lost all feeling in her body, leaving her with only maddening silence for countless years.

The Announcer waved his hand and they both were teleported to their own Hotel Rooms.

Lux laughed with abandon when suddenly he felt his Minor Laws of Magnetism and Hunder trying to descend with a vengeance.

He grunted in pain and teleported away from Fallen City where the Minor Laws slammed into his Body.

He roared in pain as Time magic rushed into his Body, Mind and Soul.

He could feel a inkling of a Law of Time, he thought, "If there is a Law of the Past, then there must be a Law of The Future which I seem to be learning."

After a few minutes, the Laws Descent faded and the Time Magic followed suit, leaving Lux gasping in relief.

His body was filled with broken bones and ruptured organs, he quickly used his Nature Magic to heal his damaged body.

He teleported back to his hotel room where he rested for a few hours then teleported into the city itself.

He wandered about till he arrived outside a brothel which had red lanterns dancing outside the door.

Geb cheered and said, "Thats right Lux, Give into the Lust, slake our thirst.

Act like a dragon!"

Lux giggled and walked inside, as he entered a Short, Red haired Woman asked, "Would you care for a massage, handsome sir?"

Lux smiled back and replied, "How much for a 'Massage' from 20 of you Sexy Ladies?

Geb booed, "Why 20, go for a nice round 50!

I can teach you Dragon Sexual Techniques which will leave them Gasping for more!"


Hope you all enjoyed the chapter, listen to the video below while imagining Geb singing to Lux.


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