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   Chapter 74 Chapter 70 - First day in the Big City

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(Here is a list of all Lux's World Laws, in case anybody has forgotten them, i know i have.

Lux tenebras powers:



Law of Target. (Marksmanship)

It allows you to accurately hit something you have touched or Marked before.

Great for killing cowards who run in battle.

To begin with, you will need to be within 500m of your target to be able to definitely hit it.

Outside of 500m, it's chances of missing increase with the distance, also the missile's ability to bend / move in the air is also taken away outside of 500m.

At it's peak, it can hit people any place in the world, even underground.

Law of Predictions (Combat)

It will allow you to predict what your opponent will do with more accuracy the longer you watch him fight.

As you master this Law, the time till you can predict your opponent's thoughts with 100% accuracy will shorten.

To begin with it will take about 5 minutes of continues fighting to reach that level.

Law of Solidity (Earth)


Can manipulate Earth Energy to change the Density of Materials.)

Law of Movement. (Speed) (Digesting - 80%)

: can draw on the speed energy of the environment for short, intense bursts of speed.)

Law of Force. (Strength) (Digesting - 80%)

: can draw on the strength energy of the environment to improve body strength in intense, short bursts.)

Law of Life (Soul)

Able to manipulate Soul Energy with complete authority within 1km.

Law of Death (Soul)

Able to decay Souls within 1 km.

Rate of Decay is linked to Power level differences.

Law of Heat (Fire)

Allows Lux to control temperature over 1km.

The Law of the Past. (Time)

Able to rewind time.

Law of Distance (Space)

Able to lengthen or shorten space.

Law of Pressure. (Air)

Able to Control Air density using vacuums.

The Law of Flora (Nature)

Able to create plants he has touched before.

It also allows him to manipulate all plants with 1km of him.

The Law of the Sun (Fire and Light).

Able to compress heat and light to create a stable Sun.

Can also be mixed with other Magic's.


Minor Law of Primal Attraction

Able to manipulate desire in others.

Minor Law of Golems

This allows him to create Golems from anything, without the need for Soul Stones and Mana Stones.

Minor Law of Volcanos, This allowed him connect to the Magma rivers which run throughout the Earth, to supply him with Fire Energy.

The Minor Law of Lightning

Able to generate electricity with every movement

The Minor Law of Storms

Able to create Storms by channeling Lightning into space around him.

Minor Law of Air Currents

Able to create Air Streams by stretching space to create vacuums.

The Law of Environment

Able to create a boundary around a space and control everything natural inside it.)


Lux appeared in a empty Plaza made from Golden Veined Stone which shone in the Noon Sunlight.

Lux looked around but the plaza was quiet, closed shops were around the edges of the Plaza.

He muttered, "Where the hell is everyone?

It seems like the city is abandoned."

As Lux is searching the area for signs of Life, he hears a heavy cart and footsteps approaching.

He turns in that direction and sees a elderly man pushing One Handed, a Wooden cart filled with 3 Roasting Boars and baking bread.

He sees Lux and shouts to him, "Why aren't you at the Tournament, Young One?!"

Lux Teleports over and asks, "What Tournament?"

The elderly man continues to push the Cooking Cart and says, "The Government Tournament, Of Course.

Follow me, Young Man.

I will take you."

Lux nods his head, shrugs and follows behind the Elderly Man.

He says to him, "I can Push it for you, Give your Back a break?"

The Elderly Man quietly laughs and says, "Sure, Give it a Shot."

Lux moves into Position and pushes against the Cart... Achieving nothing.

He then grunts and shoves even harder causing the cart to nudge forward.

Lux then turns to the Elderly man, who was quietly smirking at Lux's attempts to move his cart.

The Elderly man then smugly asks, "Give up?"

Lux laughs and replies, "I haven't even started trying yet, Hahaha."

He then rolls his shoulders and transforms into his Dragon King Form.

He then savagely grins and uses all his strength to smoothly push the Cart.

The Elderly Man laughs and cheers, "Congratulations Young Man, not many people can push my Cart.

You must be at least a King Rank Level 9 Warrior, otherwise you would never be able to move in a thousand years."

Lux grunts with strain, "You.. Are.. Correct.."

The Elderly Man smiles and replies, "It is my Job to be able to Judge Cultivators.

I am an Elder of Minor Law Academy.

This is just my training, 100 laps a day.

I just sell food to make some pocket change.

My name is Old Yin."

Lux nods his head and concentrates on pushing the Cart.

They travel for about an hour when Old Yin says, "You can stop now Young man, we are here.

This is the Colosseum.

By the way, what is your Name?"

Lux collapses to the ground and gasps out, "Lux... Tenebra..."

They had stopped in the Shadow of a Massive Circular Building which had 60 floors which loomed in the sky and it's width stretched into the horizon.

It was made from the same Golden Stone as the rest of the city.

It had open archways on every floor, allowing spectators to view the rest of the city.

Lux activated his Law of Transformation and refilled his body and soul with Energy from the environment.

After 3 minutes he feels better and says to Old Yin, "I feel better now, so what are you going to do now?"

Old Yin smiles and replies, "I am going to sell my wares and watch the Tournament.

You can sign yourself up if you want?

It is the only way for you to join any of the Four Academies, if that was your plan.

If you don't then you will have to wait till the next Government Tournament."

Lux grins and says, "Oh really, so when is the next Government Tournament?"

Old Yin shrugs and says in a matter of fact tone, "In 1000 years, give or take a few weeks.

So i wouldn't waste this chance, as the Sign-up time will finish in about an hour.

Unless you want to wait till then, and you don't strike me as a patient young lad, you should walk through those door and compete."

Lux tilts his head and asks curiously, "What are the benefits of joining an Academy?"

Old Yin laughs and cheerfully explains, "Well there are 4 Academies, Minor Laws Academy, Runewater Academy, Tuatha De Danann Academy and finally the Dawnlight Academy.

(Too-a-th-a de Da-na-nn)

Dawnlight Academy is the oldest as they were the builders of Fallen City, they are elitist, snobbish, cunt-knuckle bastards...!

You might have noticed that they aren't my favourite academy in Fallen City.

They focus on all the Major World Laws and traditional Warrior Techniques.

Next is Tuatha De Danann Academy, the are the city's healers.

They offer the services of their novices for free but charge for the expert healers services.

This arrangement was created during their founding, the reason being that originally they were a Druid Branch.

This Academy focuses on Nature Magic and Alchemy, with a minor focus on Nature World Laws.

The Third Academy is Runewater Academy.

They focus on all the Craftsmanship skills, so Inscriptions, Scrollcrafting, Golemcrafting, Artifact Crafting and something called Firearms which came from the Dwarfs on the Earth Continent.

They focus on all World Laws which aid Crafting.

Lastly, my own Minor Laws Academy, which is the best, just so you know.

We focus on all Minor Laws, we also have a unique hierarchy.

We have two levels of authority, Students and Teachers.

Every member of Minor Laws Academy is both a Student and a Teacher.

Weird right? But let me explain how it works.

Any Student can ask another Student to teach them a Minor Law they they possess.

But the asked Student can refuse, but that just means that another Student will more likely decline your own request for knowledge.

School politics, never gets old.

Also, our Academy was founded by a Legendary Trickster called Gallan.

What do you think, are you interested?"

Lux smiles and slyly says, "Ok, I'm in.

Where do I sign up?"

Old Yin smugly grins, proud of his Recruiting Skill, and warns, "Glad to hear you want to Join the Tournament, but you should know there are 3 types of matches.

The first type is First Blood, the first to bleed is the loser.

The Second is Domination, the first to surrender is the Loser.

And the Third is to the Death, which is self explanatory.

Before the matches begin, the combatants decide what type of match will be fought.

If the two Combatants can't agree with each other, the safer choice will be chosen."

Lux nods his head and says, "Great, this should be fun.

I go right through these doors right?"

Old Yin laughed and says, "Oh, to be Youthful again, so hot bloodied.

Yes Lux, just go through that door and you will see a large desk filled with paper pushers.

Just say you want to sign up."

Lux smiled and walked into the Colosseum and indeed saw a long desk with 20 men and women sorting through pieces of paper.

He walked over to a free worker and said, "Hi, i want to sign up for the Tournament."

The man behind the desk picked up a sign up form and cheerfully replied, "Sure, what is your name?"

"Lux Tenebra."

"Combatant Title?

"Aaaa... The Trickster Prince of Souls."

The man murmured, "That is the 12th Trickster that's signed up today, must be popular."

He then cleared his throat and said, "Mage, Warrior or Cultivator?"


"Academy Seed or An Independent?"

Lux shrugs and replies, "Independent."

The man then handed the filled in form to Lux and said, "Sign at the bottom, it is proof that you agree that if you die then your family and friends won't try to avenge you.

It is a bloodline contract which if broken will kill your entire bloodline."

Lux quickly signed and said, "Since I am nearly impossible to kill, I don't need to worry."

The man then handed Lux a red glowing glass marb

d Veris.

The Small Chaos Roar cut a thin, 2m deep hole into the stage.

Veris closed his eyes and tightened his fists, he then whispered, "It seems I have to use my trump card, if i have any way of winning against this monster..."

His body became the picture of stillness as a dull red glow began to pulse through his arms and legs.

Lux stared down at him like a hawk watching it's prey.

Veris then suddenly opened his eyes and punched out at Lux, creating a booming blast of compressed air.

Feeling danger, Lux dashed to the right as he saw a Group of compact needles made of blood-ice.

He then roared at Veris, who shook from the force, with a aura of majesty.

He then deeply laughed and started to vibrate using Speed magic.

As he shook, small sparks began to dance along his Grey scales.

He lowered his left hand and a geyser of water rained down on Veris.

He dodged the water blast and started to laugh, "Hahaha! Using water against me is a bad idea kid, i will freeze it and use it against you!"

An aura of cold began to eminate from Veris, causing the water to freeze.

The now frozen water split into sharp spears which then shot at Lux.

Who dodged them by teleporting out of the way, though he maintained his vibration by channeling the electricity inside his own body where it ran rampant.

Veris continued to fire the ice spears at Lux, who had begun taunt him by tapping the back of Veris's head lightly then teleporting away while laughing.

The arena had begun to fill up with the ice spears, which had stabbed into the walls and begun to melt back into water.

They both continued this cycle for a few minutes when Lux snapped his fingers and said, "Furnace Domain."

Veris wrapped himself in ice, as he waited for the 'Furnace domain' to take effect.

After a few seconds, he shouts at Lux, "Ha! Your tricks won't work on me kid!"

Lux laughed back, "What makes you think the Furnace Domain isn't doing anything?

Look at the stage."

Veris looked at the stage a notice that the stone had started to turn red.

He then quickly jumped and created ice steps beneath his feet.

He asked Lux, "How are you doing that?"

Lux replied with a fake smile, "Didn't you wonder where all the heat from the Miniature Suns went to?

It has been transfered to the Stage ever since I created them.

The reason is quite clear if you look at the water I created earlier."

Veris noticed that all the ice he had transformed from Lux's water had nearly melted away.

It had even begun to boil, they only ice left was holding him above the boiling water.

Steam had started to drift upwards where it met the cold Miniature Suns, and transforming back into rain.

Veris moaned tiredly, "Just kill me, I am outmatched."

Lux laughed sinisterly, "You were out matched since the beginning!

But i'm still going to eat you, as a snack!

Now, lets Char-grill you!"

Lux then deeply said, "Law of Storms, strike of judgement"

Suddenly all the Electricity inside his body blasted out at once and collected around him.

He then pointed his finger at Veris and said with Absolute Authority, "FOR THE CRIME OF CLAIMING AT TITLE YOU ARE UNWORTHY OF, YOU ARE SENTENCED TO SOUL DESTRUCTION!


From the storm cloud which floated around his body, 15 different coloured bolts of Lightning formed, each emiting a different type of magic.

Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Light, Darkness, Nature, Speed, Strength, Marksmanship, Weapons, Combat, Time, Space, Death.

They then fused together to form a Large, Dense Bolt of pure Chaos Energy, which shined with a brilliant Grey Light which had speckles of all 15 colours flowing through it at random.

Lux then pushed forward with his finger and the Bolt of Judgement Shot towards Veris so fast that space itself cracked from the force.

The Bolt of Judgement slammed into Veris's chest and disappeared.

Veris then screamed so hard that blood sprayed from his mouth in a steady stream, till only a croak remained.

Veris's body then slowly started to shrink into his chest, cracking sounds filled the Arena.

His arms were then sucked into his chest at the joint with a wet squelch, his legs soon followed till only his torso and head remained.

His face trembled incoherently when it was suddenly yanked into his chest.

His clothes were sucked into the bottomless pit that was Veris's chest, till only the Bolt of Judgement remained.

Lux then flicked his finger and the Bolt shot into his own chest, where it fused with his soul.

Lux roared with victory as Veris's Soul was consumed by his own.

The Law of Fusion appeared in his memories as if it had alway been there, only needing to be remembered to be seen.

The World Laws descended onto him, filling him with a feeling of warmth and safety.

Information on the Chaos Law of Fusion flowed through his mind.

(Chaos Law of Fusion: Everything is made from Chaos Energy, thus meaning new things can be created with the right image and energy distribution.

You can now fuse two different things to create a new something, or youbcan break apart something to gain 2 old things.

Hope that explains the Law of Fusion -Your loving Aspect, Chaos.)

Lux stretched his arms as the Laws Descent faded, he then shouted, "What are you waiting for, declare it my win!"

The Announcer coughed and stammered out, "The.. The winner.. Is the.. Trickster Prince of... Souls.."

Lux then growled, "Can you repeat that?


The Announcer then yelped in fear and then shouted speedily, "The Winner Is The Trickster Prince Of Souls!!!

Applaud the Winner, Ladies and Gentlemen!!


Lux transformed back into his human form and bowed to the Applauding audience, he continued to wave till he was teleported back to the waiting room.

He then heard a new Announcer say, "The next battle will begin shortly, right after we repair the stage.

(in a whispered tone) for gods sake man, pull yourself together, it was only a battle between king ranks!!"

Lux then looked at the 'Famous Elementals' and said to Terra, "Do you still think I couldn't kill a Thunderbird King?"

Terra Backed into the wall and whimpered like a kicked puppy.

Lux laughed darkly and said cheerfully, "I can't wait till our fight, you all better make it interesting."

He then walked over to an empty chair and waited for his next fight with a gleeful expression.

He muttered to himself, "This Tournament might be more fun than I thought it would?"


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