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   Chapter 72 Chapter 68 - Artifact Crafting!

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Law of Target. (Marksmanship)

It allows you to accurately hit something you have touched or Marked before.

Great for killing cowards who run in battle.

To begin with, you will need to be within 500m of your target to be able to definitely hit it.

Outside of 500m, it's chances of missing increase with the distance, also the missile's ability to bend / move in the air is also taken away outside of 500m.

At it's peak, it can hit people any place in the world, even underground.

Law of Predictions (Combat)

It will allow you to predict what your opponent will do with more accuracy the longer you watch him fight.

As you master this Law, the time till you can predict your opponent's thoughts with 100% accuracy will shorten.

To begin with it will take about 5 minutes of continues fighting to reach that level.

Law of Solidity (Earth)


Can manipulate Earth Energy to change the Density of Materials.)

Law of Movement. (Speed) (Digesting - 80%)

: can draw on the speed energy of the environment for short, intense bursts of speed.)

Law of Force. (Strength) (Digesting - 80%)

: can draw on the strength energy of the environment to improve body strength in intense, short bursts.)

Law of Life (Soul)

Able to manipulate Soul Energy with complete authority within 1km.

Law of Death (Soul)

Able to decay Souls within 1 km.

Rate of Decay is linked to Power level differences.

Law of Heat (Fire)

Allows Lux to control temperature over 1km.

The Law of the Past. (Time)

Able to rewind time.

Law of Distance (Space)

Able to lengthen or shorten space.

Law of Pressure. (Air)

Able to Control Air density using vacuums.

The Law of Flora (Nature)

Able to create plants he has touched before.

It also allows him to manipulate all plants with 1km of him.


Minor Law of Primal Attraction

Able to manipulate desire in others.

Minor Law of Golems

This allows him to create Golems from anything, without the need for Soul Stones and Mana Stones.

Minor Law of Volcanos, This allowed him connect to the Magma rivers which run throughout the Earth, to supply him with Fire Energy.

The Minor Law of Lightning

Able to generate electricity with every movement

The Minor Law of Storms

Able to create Storms by channeling Lightning into space around him.

Minor Law of Air Currents

Able to create Air Streams by stretching space to create vacuums.

The Law of Environment

Able to create a boundary around a space and control everything natural inside it.


(sorry about the accidentally publish earlier, my phone published the chapter inside my pocket.

I spent most of the morning creating a list of the Laws Lux has learned.

It is above, it is to help people remember the different types of Laws he has.

Remember to vote and comment.)

Lux smiles and says, "Then lets go see him."

Lux and Lewis teleport to Trainer-Lux's location which is deep inside the forge of the Artificers City.

When they appear, they see thousands of Clones studying the Clockwork Soldiers.

Trainer-Lux is directing them by shouting Orders, "Take the type A's over there, mind the swords they carry!

You lot, take the type B's over there so they can be catalogued!"

As he was shouting, he noticed Lux and Lewis and made his way through the moving clones.

He greeted them, "Finally, your both here!

Lets go above ground to talk!"

They all nodded and teleported to Lewis's mansion.

Trainer-Lux sighed and said, "It is really loud down there, we can talk easier up here."

Lux nodded and said cheerfully, "I heard you have learned two major Laws, so which ones?"

Trainer-Lux smiled and said, "I learned the Major Light Law of the Sun."

Lux and Lewis laughed and both said, "And what is the Other Law you Learned?"

Trainer-Lux leaned forwards and whispered with suspense, "I also learned.... The Major Fire Law of the Sun!"

Lewis and Lux frown and shout, "You Just said that!"

Trainer-Lux laughs and answers with smugness, "It is 2 different Laws.

The Fire law of the Sun is about the Heat it generates.

The Light Law of the Sun is about the Light that it generates.

Together they form the Sun."

Lux and Lewis slowly nod their heads as they try to figure out the Sun Law.

Eventually Lux says, "So the Way o

se will definitely sell like hot cakes."

Lux laughed and said, "good, start to send out Clones to find some Immortal Cities, here is my badge, mimic the inscriptions on it."

Leo caught the Badge and summoned a Clone who took it away.

As Lux was resting after working on the (Thermal Wave), he heard a Yawn inside his head.

Geb then asked sleepily, "Whats Happening?"

Lux laughed and replied, "You are finally awake are you?

Have you aged into a teenager yet?"

Geb laughed and said, "teleport outaide and I will show you."

Lux smiled and did as he was told.

He arrived at the peak where his Hut was placed.

When he arrived, Geb Shot out of his chest like a stream of Grey light.

When Geb had finally left Lux's body, he was 200m long and 35m thick.

His scales shined with a Jewel like luster.

Geb flew through the air around Lux like a coiling snake.

Geb then rapidly shrunk till he was only 20m long and 1.5m thick.

He then said with pride, "What do you think?

I am now equal to you in power!

This is my Cute Form, it also saves my strength, as being big means I need to supply it with Mana."

Lux laughs and excitedly shouts, "Finally, you can help me when I am Battling!"

Geb laughs, "Yes I can..... Wait, what?!"

Lux picks up Geb like a puppy and starts to spin in circles, "You are also big enough to ride, making my entrance into Battle even more fearsome!"

Geb tries to struggle but has to accept his fate as a toy.

He mutters, "Just try and ride me like a horse, you little shit.

Like to see you try."

Lux ignores him and continues to dance in joy.

Lux then stops spinning and drops Geb to the ground, he then takes a deep breath and gives a loud sigh.

Geb rolls over and looks up at Lux with suspicion in his eyes.

"What're you thinking about?"

Lux replied with a peaceful expression, "I have decided to go on a wander, without Jared, Suki or the others.

Just Me, You and Dagger.

If I need to learn new Laws, then i need to be inspired by the World.

I mean, me and Lewis both learned Laws just by resting on a hilltop, that is how Laws should be learned.

I have thought of a way I can get away from the others, I will have a Clone Replace me.

They won't be able to tell the difference, once Leo is finished with my badge, i will leave."

Geb sighed and said with concern, "If they find out later on, they will probably try and kill you.

At the very least, Suki will kill you.

Have you also thought about what you will do as you wander?

Will you be a Mercenary, a Doctor, Adventurer, Mage, Warrior?"

Lux replied, "I will have fun, if someone needs to be healed then i will heal them, if someone needs protection then i will protect them."

Geb shakes his head and says with sadness, "You are just going to go looking for trouble aren't you?"

Lux smiled with crazy in his eyes, "Yes I am!!


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