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   Chapter 68 Chapter 64 - Miscommunication

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(Sorry the Chapter was late, but it was Christmas.

My dinner wasn't going to eat itself, hahaha.

Anyway, enjoy this Chapter, i kept you waiting long enough.)

Lux teleported to where he felt the Pull towards the peak, then began to walk closer while being prepared to Teleport to safety if he has too.

As he walked closer to the peak, the pulling on his soul grew stronger, so strong that his caution towards the peak began to reduce.

When he reached the top of the mountain peak, he saw a Purple and Black Shrine which had a offering bowl on the ground in front of it.

Lux could feel Space Magic was weaved into throughout the local space around the Shrine.

He could feel some other magic but couldn't name it.

He walked over to the Shrine and kneeled before it, he was then overcome with a desire to leave a offering to the Shrine.

He raised his right hand over the offering bowl and used his left hand to cut a small wound on it, which caused small drops of blood to fall into the bowl.

As his blood fell into the bowl, Blood Mist began to spill out of the bowl, which to collected around Lux's feet.

It then swirled around him as it grew larger, then a loud female voice boredly said, "The Trial will begin."

The Blood Mist then spun faster and a portal beneath Lux's feet opened, causing him to fall through it.

Blackness filled his vision as he was teleported into the trial of the shrine.

Suddenly he fell onto his back inside a brightly lit room.

As he landed on his face, he muttered into the ground, "I knew this would happen."

He then rolled over and looked at the ceiling of the room, all he could see was shelf after shelf of books which stacked hundreds of meters high, all the way to the ceiling.

Lux sighed and said, "That is a lot of books?"

He then sat up and saw a chair and table next to him, past the table he saw that the shelves of books covered all the walls.

He saw a corridor which led somewhere, he wondered, "Wonder where that leads too?"

Lux then stood up and saw that the Corridor led to a maze which extended into the horizon, a distance so far that even Lux's Dragon Vision couldn't see it's end.

Lux shook his head and muttered, "Why can't a trial be easy?

I mean, it will take centuries to make my way through that fucking maze.

And why the books?

Was this Shrine created by a Librarian or something?

What's this?"

Lux noticed that a book was sitting facing the chair on the small table next to him, as if it was to be read.

Lux raised his eyebrow and said, "Lets see what this book is?"

He lifted the book from the table and read it's title, (Peter Verita's journal.)

Lux shrugged and said, "It must be the last book read by another person who undertook the trial?

But if that is so, then why is there a chair and table placed at the beginning of the Maze?

Well the Voice never said there was a Time Limit to the Trial, so I suppose I could Read this book?"

He then sat on the Chair and began to read (Peter Verita's Journal).

As he began to read the book, the words he had read disappeared after he had read it.

"This is strange?

But it doesn't matter as the Dreaming automatically records all the knowledge I learn anyway."

After a few hours, he reached the last page of the Journal, the book began to shake violently till it vanished as if it was never there.

A new book appeared on his table and a massive change occurred in the Library Maze.

All the books moved forward on their shelves, creating a loud fluttering of pages to fill the air as Billions upon Billions of books moved.

Lux nodded his head while smirking. he happily said, "So the Maze is a Decoy, the more books you read, the smaller the Maze.

I bet no-one ever thought to try reading the books here, they most likely just entered the maze first and ended up getting trapped.

If this Shrine is linked to Space, then the Distance you would have to travel would be infinite.

This is why it is smart to analyze tasks, to see if there is a trap hidden within them.

I only wish the books get better, that Peter Veritas was a boring man.

All he was, was a farmer who grew crops, shame about his wife leaving him for the local Lord though."

Lux shrugged and picked up the new book which he began to read.

Soon hours turned into days and the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned to Years.

As the years passed, Lux forgot the passage of time, tens of thousands of books had vanished from the maze, reducing it's size.

The noise of the maze shrinking had become comforting to Lux, the loneliness of being trapped in a library weighted on his mind.

After finishing each book, Lux would meditate on it's hidden meaning.

He also noticed that he didn't age at all during his time in the Trial, just like in the Void Pit.

He quickly dismissed this as he knew there was nothing he could do to about being trapped in the Trial.

And so he returned to his reading, and thus the years turned to Centuries and the Centuries turned to Millennias.

Every so often, he would mutter to himself on the subjects he learned from the books.

The Dreaming would appear at random, saying "New knowledge has been added to Information Banks, (100 CP) has been added to Contribution points."

When he reached his 10 Billionth book, he saw that the Maze had shrunk by about 20%.

He shook his head and muttered sadly, "This means that I have another 40 billion books to read?

It already feels like I have been here Forever?

But I won't Give In, I will read all these books and win this Trial!!"

New energy flooded Lux's tired Mind as he picked up the next book, which was titled (Suki Chronoca's Diary)

Lux shrugged and began to read it, as he reached the 2nd page, The Female Voice from the start of the trial Roared in anger, "NOOOO!!"

Suddenly the (Suki Chronoca's Diary) exploded into fire, burning Lux's hand in the process.

In reaction, Lux shouts in pain while waving his hand, "Bastard! Why the hell did you burn me?!

Wait a minute, have you been able to talk with me the entire time?!"

The Female Voice replied smuggly, "You shouldn't have been reading a woman's Diary.

You deserve to have been burnt.

And yes I have been Listening to you reading.

You also snore, like a pig."

Anger began to seep into Lux's eyes causing them to turn blood red, he yelled, "I do not Snore!"

"Yes you do, you snore so loud that you nearly shook all the books of there shelves!


The library maze began to shake from the Female Voice, it then grew bigger as booked began to appear on the shelves.


to guess which will come to pass.

Suki will become your Second Wife, I agree."

Suki Screamed in Anger and stormed away towards a House in the distance.

Space placed his hand on Lux's shoulder and said, "Good Luck, she has a bit of a temper.

It is the Kitsune (kit-soon-eh) bloodline, she can be a bit feisty.

But, win her trust and you will never lose it so long as you don't break it.

Because if you do, I will break you.

Only kidding... Or am I?"

Time rolls her eyes and snaps at her Husband, "Come over here and stop threatening the boy, he has a interesting array of futures ahead of him.

We also need to give him his wedding gifts."

Space nodded his head and said, "Yes dear, I forgot."

He then teleported Lux and himself next to Time and turned to face Lux.

Time breathed deeply and said, "For marrying my Daughter, we give you The Time Law of the Past.

It will allow you to return to a previous moment you have lived and start again.

You will understand with time."

Space breathed Deeply and said, "And I gift you the Space Law of Distance, this will allow you to lengthen or shorten space.

It's uses you will learn with practice."

Then Time and Space Clappes their Hands and two Streams of Laws descended into Lux, the Laws of The Past and Distance were both quickly Absorbed by him.

Even Time and Space were impressed by the amount of time Lux need to Absorb the two Laws.

They just thought to themselves that the reason that he absorbed the Laws was because of his Trickster status, but it was really his Chaos Dragon Bloodline consuming the Laws.

The time it was Waiting for has come, The Jewel of Time was being added to it's Crown, completing the set.

Lux started to transform into his Dragon King Form which surprised Time and Space, who quickly retreated with caution.

As the Time Jewel slotted into the Crown, a Aura Of Pure Chaos energy shrouded him.

He then opened his eyes and roared with a monstrous Dominance, causing the Space around him to ripple as it tried to shrink and grow at the same time, causing spatial rips to occur.

The Time Jewel showed him every possible Past for every possible future.

His Roar echoed out throughout Time, he saw as countless people ran in terror as the mysterious Roar filled the World.

As he Ran out of Breath, his Roar stopped and the Spatial Rips closed.

He then reversed his Dragon King Form and apologised to Time and Space for the Damage he had inflicted on the surrounding space causing cracks to fill the ground.

"I am so sorry, I just needed Time magic to Complete my Chaos Dragon King Crown.

I wasn't ready for all those... Past Futures?"

Time laughed and said, "Don't bother trying to explain it, You need pure thought to properly explain it.

Language is useless when trying to explain multiple copies of the same moment which took different paths to get there..if only there was a word for it."

Lux laughed and said, "You are Right, this is hard to explain.

I could see myself as a farmer, tailor, air mage, slave, water mage and countless others, all at once.

Is this what seeing fate lines are?"

Time shook her head and said, "No, Fate Lines and Time lines are similar but very different.

Fate lines determine what will happen.

Timelines determine could happen.

Slight difference but still large."

Lux nodded and looked at Space who was playing with a small marble between his fingers.

He saw Lux looking and said, "This is a Space Marble, you make them by compressing space into one spot.

You can uncompress them but the force of the decompression will overlay the current space, partly because the compressed space has more energy woven inside it."

Lux nodded and asked, "When do you think Suki will arrive with her bags?"

Space snapped his fingers and Suki appeared next to him with her suitcase next to her.

He then snapped his fingers again and A Portal formed behind Lux.

He then said to Suki, "Now stay with Lux, he will be your Husband, or at least when he finally marries that Aerin woman.

Now just because you are a Saint Rank Cultivator, doesn't mean you can cause havoc in the Mortal World, so Me and your Mother will be watching.

Bye now!"

He then flicked his finger and the Portal swallowed Lux and Suki.

The last thing going through Lux's Mind was, "Aerin is going kill me?"

(I think Lux should Listen to this.

What about you?)

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