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   Chapter 66 Chapter 62 - Chaotic Truth

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Updated: 2018-05-10 17:25

(I released Saturday's chapter early as My mother has started to read my book and is now bugging me to update.

So this chapter is dedicated to laurinamartin4.

Thank her in the comments! Hahahahaha!)

Osirus lifts his head and gives off a aura of majesty.

Pride shines in his eyes as he stares at Lux, who is wearing a stunned expression on his face.

So sudden was this proposal, Lux remained silent for a eerily amount of time.

Seeing Lux stunned stupid, Osirus starts to talk in a cautious voice, as if he was afraid that his voice would shatter Lux into pieces.

"It is ok Lux, Take your time...

Maybe speed it up a bit?"

Lux quickly regains his senses and shouts with shock "You want to make me a Prince of Soul!!"

Osirus nods and waves his hand in a flippant manner, while speaking in a sarcastic voice, "Yeah I need to choose someone and you were the first person a saw.

It is no big deal."

Anger floods Lux's face and he shakes his fist at Osirus while using his Deal Magic.

He shouts with sarcasm, "Fine! I will accept your Deal for the Title of Prince of Souls!

Just to do you a favour, so you owe me!"

As the Deal was accepted by Lux, golden rings made of strange symbols appear around right arms wrist of Lux and Osirus.

A faint string forms between the wrists and the strange symbols one their wrists ran down the string and connected to the other persons wrist.

Lux laughs and sarcastically says "I am happy to do business with you at anytime, Master."

Osirus huffs a cloud of Black smoke from his nose and snaps "You bastard! How dare you form a Fate Contract with me without asking first!"

Lux laughs quietly and politely says to the literally fuming dragon opposite him, "Well I am doing you a favour, it is only fair you do the same to me."

Osirus, stunned by the sheer audacity of Lux, just stares at him with a hollow look in his eye.

Lux mockingly says "It is ok Osirus, Take your time...

Maybe speed it Up a Bit?"

The Flames of Anger returned to Osirus's eyes as he roars "This is why everyone hates Tricksters!!

All you do is piss off everyone you meet!!"

Lux Laughs and says with a guilty expression, "Sorry Master, I was only being patience.

I am sorry I rushed you when you were in DEEP contemplation.

It was wrong of me."

Osirus's body shakes with the intense anger he is feeling for Lux, so bad that the entire room began to Shake.

He Roars so loud that a boom shatters the Air "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CHAMBERS YOU INSOLENT PISSANT!!


Lux was thrown from Osirus's Chambers with such as force that the air rippled as he passed through it.

As he is about to hit the door, a Lux shaped hole appeared which quickly closed after him.

He traveled down the hallway, passing through walls, after a few minutes of passing through Courtrooms, he slams into the Soldier Leader who brought him to Osirus's Chamber.

Unfortunately he alone wasn't able to stop the momentum of Lux, and so they traveled together, passing through walls and interrupting Judgements.

Eventually, they both arrived back at the entrance hall of the Hall of Judgement, where they slid to a halt.

The soldier leader groans and moans after the treatment he just had to suffer through.

Lux on the other hand was relatively fine as after he hit the Soldier Leader, he had a soft cushion to break his fall.

He gets up and dusts his clothes off, creating clouds of rubble to fall down onto the Soldier Leader.

He drags the Soldier Leader to his feet and with a straight face, says "I am to be the next Prince of Souls, Master Osirus said you would know what to do?"

The Leader Slowly nods and hesitantly says "Of course I do Sir, Just let me notify my Captain.

My name is Squad Leader Michael, I will return is just a moment."

Squad Leader Michael then Ran back into the Maze of corridors, though some of them now have shortcuts thanks to Lux.

After about an hour, Michael returns with a medium sized bronze metal Chest.

He places it before Lux and unlocks it using a bronze key.

He then hands it to Lux, walks backwards 5 steps and turns around.

He then says "You can now look through the Prince of Souls Chest, my Prince.

Only you may look on the contents."

Lux chuckles and says "Thank you, Michael.

No peeking."

He then kneels and opens the Chest.

Inside is a Set of Robes which are made of the Purest Soul Energy.

The Robe looks to have been treated with inscriptions to prevent damage to the soul.

The chest also contain a Bronze Ring with engravings of Ghosts and skeletons on it which are softly moving

A Skull Necklace is also inside with a Note next to it.

The note read "usage of the EarthGod Rank - Prince of Souls Outfit;

Samsara Robes: Protects the Soul from harm, up to the EarthGod Rank.

Samsara Ring: Able to Summon Soldiers from the Underworld, caution is require as Soldiers require Soul Essence to be Summoned.

The Strength and Number of Soldiers determines the level of Soul essence required.

Samsara Necklace: Able to Store an Unknown amount of Soul Essence.

It can absorb Soul Essence within 1km of the Samsara Necklace.

Also included is a Tower with the inheritance of all previous Princes of Soul belongings."

Lux smiles as he takes the items from the Chest and wears them.

Once the Samsara Robes, Ring and Necklace were worn, he closes the Chest and says to Michael "You can turn around now.

The Chest contained a Note that said I now own a Mansion?"

Michael nods and shrugs says "I can take you to it right Now sir.

Only problem is that it requires a Ring to unlock the front door.

This means only those the Prince of Souls invites into his home can enter."

Lux waved his left hand which had the Samsara Ring on his middle finger and said "I have the Ring.

Lets go."

And so Michael escorted Lux to the Residential District using a private floating platform.

They floated through Necropolis till they reached a Large Tower which had a docking Station on the roof.

As the Platform docked, Michael and Lux walked over to a plain door which had a small round hole which sank into the door.

Lux shrugged and pushed his middle finger into the door and turned his hand.

The door clanked a few times as the door unlocked.

Lux withdrew his hand and pushed the door which swung open soundlessly.

Michael bowed and said "I will Leave you now to get used to your new home, your Majesty."

Lux nodded and said "Thank you for being so useful.

If I need anything I will send for you."

Michael smiled with glee and said passionately "I will be honored to serve you, Your Majesty."

Michael then walked onto the Platform which floated away from Lux's Tower.

Lux walked inside his new home and was stunned to see so much wealth crammed into one room.

He had entered into an office.

There was a Golden desk which gave off a aura of a time long gone, almost otherworldly.

In front of the Desk were 3 chairs which were also golden.

Behind the Golden Desk was a tall Ruby Throne.

The walls were covered in a large painting which was made up of black and different shades of gray.

The brushstrokes gave the impression that shadowy figures were looming just out of view.

A door leading further into the mansion was against the far wall behind the desk.

Lux walks through the door and is met with a circular room which had a raised disk in the middle of the room.

Around the room were tables filled with artifact crafting materials.

The raised disk had a small stone pillar with buttons on it, directly in the middle.

Next to the buttons were these descriptions.

'Ground floor - Ground Floor - Training Room.nd - 30th Floor - Library/ Floor - Alchemy Lab.nd Floor/Roof - Artifact Smithy, Office.'

Lux walks over onto the disk and pressed the 2nd floor button.

As he pressed it, the disk began to sink into the ground as it descended.

The disk passed through a room which was way larger than it should be, it looked like a forest of rare flowers, trees, bushes and plants.

As he passed through it, the scenery changed to a massive collection of books.

All 28 floors of the Library were open plan, allowing Lux to look all the way down to the second floor.

At the very bottom was a large bed with silk sheets and pillows.

There was also a big leather chair, which had a Table filled with different kinds of Liquids and a Drinking Glass, next to a large fireplace which was lit with

and Trainer-Lux began to scream in pain and euphoria as they absorbed the decending Laws.

Lux smiled as he watched them, he then frowned in concern, "Do I look that stupid when I learn a new Law?"

Soon the Laws faded away and Lewis and Trainer-Lux recovered their senses.

They teleported over to Lux and said "Your 'Trip' to the Underworld was very useful it would seem.

We should send some more clones to explore it for more plunder."

Lux nodded while shrugging and said "Do that if you want, but first, gather the men, they need to be updated on our Laws.

You know the plan?"

Trainer-Lux grunted and said in a dull voice "We are going to take all 2 million 500, 000 clones to Bandit Mountain, we are then going to attack the Toad Kings base."

Lewis grinned with a predatory grin and said "If he thought one of us was weak, then we will show him are True Strength.

Every single clone will possess the strength of a King Rank Level 6 Cultivator.

We will destroy all record of him from existence, then we will set our gaze on the Final Bandit group, the Thunderbird Bandit group.

That Politics File from the City of Miracles was half right in it's information.

It never told us that the 3 main Bandit groups were really all in an alliance with each other."

Lux shook his head and said "It doesn't matter anyway, all the bandit's will die or be enslaved.

Try to enslave as a first resort, only kill if you need too."

With that, Trainer-Lux and Lewis left to fuse with their clones.

Lux decided to travel to the Skyboard training course, where Aerin, Jared, Terry and all the his Soldiers were practicing.

When he entered, he found Jared standing in front of a large blackboard while shouting "who had bets on him reaching the 25th ring!

Come collect your winnings!"

Lux watches as his soldiers were all betting on how far certain soldiers could make it through the course.

He sees Aerin sitting at a table in a corner, wearing an expression of sadness.

Lux teleported into a seat next to her and said "Hey beautiful, I am back?"

Aerin quickly turns around where she sees Lux sitting with a stupid grin on his face.

She screams in excitement and shock "Lux, your Back!"

She then tackles him to the ground, where she wraps him in a strong hug.

As she tackled him, Jared and the soldiers turn around to find Aerin lying on top of Lux.

Lux laughs and hugs her back, he then says "The Soldiers are watching us."

Aerin then blushes and hides her face in Lux's Chest.

She says in a muffled voice "Your clones said you died?

I was sad, I though I would never see you again."

Lux patted her on the back and said " I will always come back Aerin.

You don't need to worry."

Aerin then quickly climbs to her feet and glares at the Soldiers and Jared.

The Soldiers quickly return to they gambling, Jared on the other hand walks over to Lux and claps him on the back while saying with happiness "I knew you would Come back.

You are too annoying to ever truely die."

Lux laughed and said "So True, So true.

Good to see you man.

I need to talk with you both as well as Terry, where is he?"

Jared smiled and said "He is on the Practice Course.

He sould be falling off soon."

As Jared finished talking, Terry appeared.

The Soldiers cheered him as he exited the course.

Some booed but that was because they had lost their bet.

Terry made his way through the crowd of Soldiers toward Lux, Aerin and Jared.

When arrived, he hugged Lux and said "I knew you would Return, Father.

I could feel your Soul was still alive."

Lux laughed and said "Good to see you Terry.

Sit down, I need to talk with you all."

Jared, Aerin and Terry all sat down at the table and looked at Lux with a expectancy.

Lux began to explain the Plan he has for Bandit Mountain.

After he was finished, Terry nodded and said "So what are we going to do during the battle?"

Lux smiled and said "You all are going to stay right here.

Where you can't be killed.

I hate to say this but you all are too weak to fight the Lava Toad King.

He could have killed me instantly but instead decided to play with meb just for fun.

If you all fight him, you will die.

At least I can travel back from the Underworld using my True Body Clone Spell, you all can't resurrect from the dead."

Jared slams his fist against the table while growling "You want us to sit out this Battle?!"

Aerin, who had sat silently, said "He is right, we would just be in the way.

We should remain here, so Lux doesn't need to worry about us when he is fighting.

Lux is the Strongest of us and he was killed by the Toad King with ease.

What chance would we have, We shouldn't let our egos cause us to make mistakes."

Lux nodded and said to Aerin " Thank you for understanding what i meant."

Aerin snapped at Lux with a gaze of Anger "Don't think I like the idea that i should sit out this battle Lux!

It just so happens that you are right!"

Lux raises his eyebrows and waves his hands in apology, "Sorry, your right.

I will leave you all now.

See you Later."

Lux then hastily Teleported to The location of Lewis who was watching his Clones receiving the Laws.

Lewis turns to Lux and says "Your back?

Great, my clones are nearly finished, Trainer-Lux has more Clones so he is taking longer.

We should be ready to go to war in about 1 hour.

Are you ready, did you convince Aerin, Jared and Terry to stay behind?"

Lux nodded and said "Yeah, but they are now mad at me.

They will realise that it was the best option later."

Lewis Smiles and turned back to his Clones "Good, get ready Toad King, the Princes of Souls are coming."

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