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   Chapter 49 Chapter 46 - Family Truths

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(The vote on whether i should write from Manager-Lux's and Trainer-Lux's perspective or stay with True-Lux (Assassin) has been counted.

Seems you most of you have decided to vote for True-Lux (assassin).

Lux's strength is (Mage Rank level 1, and Warrior Rank Level 1.)

This is the Assassins Guild Ranking System:

Assassin's Guild Rankings

1st: Novice (non-magic / non-trained targets.)

2nd: Apprentice (Apprentice level targets.)

3rd: Assassin (Mage/warrior level targets)

4th: Shadow (Lord level targets)

5th: Master Assassin (Prince level targets.)

6th: GrandMaster Assassin (King level targets.)

7th: Legendary Assassin (Emperor level targets.))

The next morning, Lux woke feeling refreshed.

He got washed and dressed then quickly exited his bedroom.

When he entered the Assassin's Guild's main hall, he was met by Guildmaster Crow.

"Reaper (Lux's Assassin Codename), congratulations on completing your first Apprentice Contract!

The Blackrock Contract has claimed the lives of 25 Apprentice Assassins.

You have been awarded a guild rank Increase for your efforts.

Here is your New Guild Rank. It clips onto your Guild Badge.

Your new Guild Rank is Apprentice so you can accept the Assassin Rank contracts.

I look forward to watching your future endeavors." Guildmaster Crow said gleefully.

"Thank you Guild Master Crow, I look forward to accepting Contracts on even stronger Targets." Lux said respectfully while accepting his new Guild Rank attachment.

Guildmaster Crow clapped Lux in the shoulder and then walked away further into the Guild.

Lux took out his guild badge and added the new rank attachment to it.

The attachment is a small yellow pearl which he slotted in above a small white pearl at the bottom of the badge.

He then walked over to the contract board and looked at the Assassin Rank Contracts.

As Lux looked through the contracts he saw that every Target was either a Mage or a Warrior, or had them as Bodyguards.

He says with thought "Seems i will need a lot of background information on these Targets, as there strength is either the sames as my own or stronger.

I better stay with apprentice contracts for now as i am too weak."

He shakes his head and walks over to the Apprentice Contracts and looks through them.

He comes across a Contract for a Apprentice Rank Level 6 Strength Mage.

The Mage is a Nobleman called Cisco Vander.

The rewards were 100 Guild Points and 50 Silver.

The duration is 6 months.

Lux takes it from the Contract board and walks over to Ghost to get it stamped.

Ghost smiles at Lux and says "Hello Reaper.

Congratulations on the Blackrock Contract.

They have killed many of our Brethren.

Here is your Money reward.

I see you are taking the 3 year old Vander Contract, he tends to break peoples bones with his strength so sneak attacks are the best option."

She hands Lux a Small coin purse who nods and puts it away.

Lux nods towards Ghost and says "Goodbye Ghost. I will be back in 6 months."

Lux exits the guild and travels to starlight manor.

He sends a mental message to Manager-Lux which says "Meet me in the garden space at the training area."

When he arrives at Starlight Manor, he enters the Garden Space using the portal.

Lux wait in the training area for Manager-Lux.

When Manager-Lux arrives he is well dressed in dark Blue robe with crimson embroidery.

True-Lux say to Him "You took your time.

We need to fuse, i have need of your power."

Manager-Lux nods and says "Very well, if it is power you need then i recommend Trainer-Lux's power as well. But it will take sometime for him to return to Golden City.

The time difference in the Void Pit gives a 1 month delay to the Mental messages.

I have had some ideas for equipment for you.

You will see when we fuse."

Manager-Lux then walked forward and shook hands with True-Lux.

True-Lux then began to glow with a colorless Light which causes the air to ripple.

Manager-Lux was then sucked into True-Lux, disappearing from sight.

Lux feels his strength rise to the Mage / Warrior Rank Level 9.

He is then overcome with a flood of memories which consisted of Alchemy recipes, Business meetings, Gangs and various other things.

What surprised Lux was the different kinds of equipments that Manager-Lux had imagined.

What took Lux's attention was a 1m long, 500cm wide board of black metal with Gravity Inscriptions on it.

It is capable of floating and gliding through the air indefinitely because it absorbs the necessary energy from Universal energy (Chaos magic).

ds the Old Town Graveyard as the Giant Bird is getting closer and closer to Lux.

As He nears the ground, he releases a large dense cloud of steam by mixing his water and fire magics.

The Giant Bird tries to fly through the stream but quickly shrieks with pain at the heat.

When Lux is 15m from the ground he uses the last of the Assassins Gear mana reserves to cast an intense gust of wind at the ground which causes large cracks to appear in a 20m radius around his body.

The intense wind slows Lux down enough that he lands with a Thud rather than a splat.

Lux tries to stand but his right leg is broken which causes him to grunt in pain.

He reaches into his vault bracelet and takes out some healing Pills and some energy Pills.

He quickly swallows them, causing him to feel a warm pressure to spread all over his body.

Lux drags himself through the Graveyard till he sees the Entrance to the Assassin's Guild.

He then uses his teleport magic to travel inside the Assassins Guild main hall.

He then rests against the entrance wall.

He activates his Self-Healing Nature magic to aid the healing pills.

As he rests, other Assassins pass by him on their way out to complete contracts, completely ignoring him.

After 2 hours, he pulls himself to his feet and tries to walk on his sort of broken right leg, as he takes his first step he feels a stabbing pain radiating from his leg causing tears to appear in his eyes.

As he is struggling to walk, his Dagger says "Master, I can turn into a walking aid if you want?

I mean you look like a cripple, no offense."

Lux shocked and in pain snaps "What do you mean you can turn into a Walking Aid?!"

Dagger simply says "Well i am the Tricksters weapon, of course i can turn into different shapes.

Staffs, Swords, Spears, Clubs, Gauntlets and other things.

My shape is determined by The current Trickster.

Here let me turn into a Walking Stick."

Dagger then falls out of Lux's chest and shimmers, it becomes longer and rounder.

When it is finished changing, it is a straight metal pole with a round handle in the shape of a Skull.

Dagger then says "There told you.

Use me to get you to your room.

You need to learn the Body Shaping Spell master.

It would save you all this hassle."

Lux grunts "What is the Body Shaping Spell?"

"It is just a Spell that allows you to change your body Master.

Great for regrowing limbs, creating disguises and stuff.

Here is the spell, you need to train with it first before you can do whole body transformations."

Lux then feels a warm stream of energy flow into him from Dagger.

When the energy reachs his head, the Body Shaping Skill is fused to his mind, preventing him from forgetting any of it.

Lux then hobbles back to his room where he lies on the bed.

He slowly gets undressed, when he removes his trousers he sees his right leg is mostly dark purple around the knee and hip.

Lux eats some more energy pills and body healing pills.

He activates his self-healing nature spell and falls into a dreamless sleep.

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