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   Chapter 36 Chapter 35 - The Day the Fog Came.

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Updated: 2018-05-09 15:05

(i wrote this chapter because (Minae0525) got me thinking about different types of magic and how it could be fused.

So this chapter is for them.

- bored author.)

Over the course of a week of hunting demons for their tokens, Lux didn't see any other participants in the Lord of The Hunt competition.

On the 8th day a loud voice shook the World and says "3 WEEKS REMAINING.




Lux who is sitting cross legged in his cave training his body using Chaotic tempering body skill and using his fire body skill to clean the impurities from his body.

Lux finishes his training as he feels a CRACK from his spine.

A large amount of weight disappears from Lux's shoulders to the point that Lux feels nearly weightless.

Lux stretches and a CRACK sound appears from every joint in his body.

Lux's cave sounds like firecracker exploding.

Lux laughs and shouts "Now i am a level 5 Lord, My warrior body and Mage soul has reached Level 5 Lord rank.

Damn this is slow.

Wish i was back in the void Pit in White Oak."

Lux decides to test his new body by hunting more demons.

Lux looks at his amount of tokens "i have collected 3000 tokens. Hope i haven't fell behind."

As Lux's was hunts those beasts he noticed that his BloodForce had tripled in size.

The Bloodforce had compressed into a liquid bowling ball sized ball.

Lux had noticed that when he wants to hunt, his body becomes more powerful and graceful.

Lux had asked Geb why and Geb said "BloodForce is linked to predators.

The stronger it is the easier it is to Kill.

When Bloodforce turns to Liquid, if Bloodforce is used then the users body will be covered in blood."

Lux is happy that his Bloodforce has upgraded into a new rank, The True Blood stage.

Apparently if you can concentrate the Liquid blood into a solid then you can make shapes with your own blood, such as a hand or sword.

But Lux is far from that achieving that degree of Solidity as his blood is as thin a water.

Lux also noticed that his water mana and bloodforce had fused together into liquid Blood mana.

Lux tried to see if he could transmute his Blood mana back into water mana.

Lux took a golf ball sized chunk of Blood mana and imagined what water mana felt and looked like.

That golf ball sized blood mana became a basketball sized portion of water mana very quickly.

Lux pushed that water mana out of his soul space into the material world.

The cave quickly becomes filled with dense water vapour which collects on the

dense the fog really is and just how cold it is.

As they see entire trees turn to Ice with the smallest of touches with the fog, some angrily mutter "Power hall has cheated, he is at least a Prince rank mage." but are quickly hit to quiet by other elders.

They continue to watch as the fog fills the entire map as they see the demon beasts try to run but always end up beging consumed by the fog.

They see most of the other competitors dig into the earth with lots of different methods, some used their swords while other used their magics."

2 were hit by the fog and died instantly.

2 of the elders shook their head in anger at their incompetence.

The elders also saw the fog rebound of the top Left corner of the map as watched as the fog returned to Lux.

They also saw lux disappear into the cave.

The screen then split in half and showed the inside of the cave and the outside.

They watched as Lux struggled to survive inside the cave.

Most of the elders then smirked at the karma of Lux's action.

These elders hoped that Lux would die from the fog.

As Lux was surviving the fog, the elders saw the outside of the cave turn completely cover over with ice.

The elders were impressed with Lux's ability of mixing nature and fire magics to create a heated up wall to combat the cold.

Some thought about getting their floors at home to heat up during winter as they are old men and women and hate cold wooden floors.

They fast forward the video and see lux gain over 100 thousand demon tokens and then go to sleep.

Headmaster Long says "as all the demon beasts are dead.

I believe the rules state that the Genius Punishment should be activated tomorrow at noon.

Lets hope no more will die."

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