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   Chapter 34 Chapter 33 - The Beginning of The Lord of the Hunt Competition

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Updated: 2018-05-09 15:03

(I decided to write the Lord tournament as a competition so i could arrange different types of fights.

Hope you enjoy it.

Please remember to Vote if you liked the Chapter. - Author.)

The next morning Lux wakes refreshed.

Lux quietly gets dressed into his new Mages robes.

As Lux finishes getting dressed, the butler enters Lux's room.

The butler says "If you had waited my lord i would have dressed you.

A man of your status shouldn't have to dress themselves."

Lux turns to his butler and says "I am able to dress myself.

Have the herbs i ordered arrived yet?"

The butler shakes his head and says "sorry my lord but they haven't arrived yet.

The messenger has only left 3 hours ago at dawn.

By noon they should have arrived.

The reason i came to wake you is because a mage called Master Snow has arrived to talk to you.

He was quite insistent that i wake you my lord."

Lux laughs and says "thats my master.

Lets go talk with him."

Lux and his butler both leave Lux's bedroom and walk downstairs to the courtyard.

Lux seeing his master decides to teleport next to him to see if he can scare master snow.

As Lux appears next to Master Snow, master Snow quickly turns and slaps Lux on the side of the head.

Lux gets knocked to the ground where he grumble "damn it that should have worked."

Master Snow laughs and says "you are going to have to get a lot stronger before you can take me by surprise, boy."

Lux quickly stands and asks Master Snow "what have you come to talk about master?"

Master Snow explains "i have come to tell you that the Mage and War Lords tournament is a competition.

The highest number of points wins.

The rank you get in this competition decides your social standing.

If you come 1st then you will be awarded a nobility title.

A noble Lord and all the perks that come with it, such as having a vote in new laws and such.

The mage and war lords competition is called The Lord Of The Hunt.

You will be placed in a private dimension where you will need to hunt demons for special tokens.

These demons are illusions but are still very powerful.

The more demons you kill the more tokens you will collect thus giving you more points, do you understand?"

Lux nods and asks "explain how the demons are illusions?"

Master Snow sighs


You are to gain as many tokens as possible using any means.


A bright white light fills the room, Lux suddenly feels like he is falling from a great height so he shuts his eyes.

The white light disappears and Lux lands on his feet and opens his eyes to see a dark cave with the entrance nearby.

Lux looks around the cave and notices a stone bed carved into the wall.

A small fire pit is at the furthest wall away from the door to the cave.

Above the fire pit is a medium sized hole acting as a chimney as Lux can feel an air current coming from it.

Lux exits the cave and sees a mountain region and a forest in the distance.

Lux listens and hears quiet roars from demons in the forest.

Lux covers the cave with plants using his Nature magic and hardens the plants into a steel-like wood.

Lux claps his hands and says "Time to hunt. I think i will use my Dragon warrior form."

Lux then activates his Dragon-warrior transformation magic which causes his skin to develop scales and spikes.

His robes grow to accommodate his new body.

The robes leave holes for his spikes and tail.

Lux tests his spikes by shooting them at a nearby tree.

When the spikes pierce the tree they continue to travel through it and pierce 4 more trees before stopping.

"Wow, these things are powerful.

These are my hidden weapons.

Ok it's time to hunt some demons."

After, Lux began to sprint towards the demon infested forest with a predator like grace and focus.

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