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   Chapter 33 Chapter 32 - Wine or Potions

The Tricksters Way Book 1: The Mortal Universe By Jamie Tully Characters: 6136

Updated: 2018-05-09 15:03

(I am still thinking about who lux will fight with in the Lords tournament.

So here is a chapter to introduce Wine making.

If anyone has any ideas for characters (type of ability and Name would be good as well.)

When Gerald leaves a Butler and 2 women servants appear at the top of the twin Staircase.

They hurry down the staircase and bow before Lux and his mother.

The butler welcomes Lux "Hello my lord, welcome to Starlight manor.

Please come with me so dinner can be served."

Lux nods and follows the servant to the dining room.

As they are walking Lux asks the butler "What is your name?"

The butler nods and says "our names are our titles.

My name is Butler and the servants are called servant, this saves our employer from having to learn any new names.

We are raised and trained from a young age to fulfill every need our employer could have.

Ah, here we are.

Please enter the dining room sir."

Lux enters first into the dining room which is filled with expensive furniture. The walls are painted dark red and bright gold.

The cutlery and plates are also gold.

The butler ushers Lux and his mother into their seats with Lux at the head of the table.

Once they are seated, the Butler claps his hands. Servants carrying a large platter with a dish cover enter the dining room.

They place it on the table, as theyvare doing this a futher 4 servants enter the dining carrying small plates which they place around the table.

The butler then tells Lux "For dinner we have..." the butler then reveals the the largest platter " Barbequed Bronze Boar.

A large demon famous for it taste and ability to raise the defence of the body.

It has been cooked with many different herbs to give it a heavenly texture which will melt on the tongue.

The other dishes are a wild vegetable

tions of the side dishes.

The butler quietly asks Lux "should i bring some wine from the cellar."

Lux nods and says "bring 2 bottles of Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire from the cellar.

Should be enough for everyone."

Butler nods and leaves to get it with another servant.

They all feasted till about midnight then the staff clear the table.

The wine master walks up to Lux and says "you said you wished to speak to me My lord?"

Lux nods and hands him some pieces of paper on which Lux had written some wine recipes during the meal.

Lux says "tomorrow i want you to buy these ingredients so we can test the recipes written on the back."

The wine master says "ok my lord i will sent the list to a friend of mine who specialises in wine and pill ingredients."

Lux nods and the wine master leaves.

Butler appears and says "my lord please come with me a i will take you to your room."

Lux follows Butler who takes him to a large room with a large bed with soft cotton sheets.

The bedroom walls are the colour of the night sky, with small stars.

Lux gets ready for bed and crawls into the bed where he lies on his back as he feels the softness of the mattress.

He murmurs "this is heaven."

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