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   Chapter 18 Chapter 17 - Bad Neighbours

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Lux jumps up from his slumber as the cave shakes from the attack on the entrance.

Lux shouts "Come on demon, i will rip you apart like a piece of wood."


The wooden door begins to crack as the cave shakes again.

A deep voice shouts out "Who is in there! Come out with your hands up!

If you don't you will be killed!"

Lux shouts back "I will come out but if you attack me i will not hold back!"

Lux readys himself and walks towards the door.

He makes a hole appear and walks through it.

The first thing he sees is a tall middle-aged man with black tiger claws for hands.

Lux says "what do you want?"

The man says "You have stolen the cave of demon who helped protected our village and so must pay for your crimes."

Lux shakes his head and says "I am sorry but i didn't know. But in my defence the wolf attacked me first so i was defending my life."

The man says "nevertheless you killed him. If you come to my village you will be judged by a trial of combat.

If you resist then you will be judge guilty and killed right now."

Lux replies "ok i will come to your village and defend myself."

Lux walks forward and sits on the ground with his hands behind his back.

The man walks forward, changes his tiger claws into human hands and ties Lux's hands with rope.

Lux says "how did you did you do that? Also I don't know my own strength yet so if i break this flimsy rope it is an accident."

The man says "I am from the Devourer Tribe kid. We fuse demon flesh into our bodies to use in combat.

Also I don't recommend breaking the rope as that will be taken as you resisting arrest."

The man then drags Lux to his feet and pushes him forward.

"March" says the man.

Lux walks forward and asks "What is your name, mine is Lux Tenebra."

The man says "i am John Little.

Call me John."

Lux nod his head and continues to walk forward.

( 6 hours later)

Lux and John walk to a clearing of trees.

Lux sighs "when will we get to your village, we have been walking for ages. My legs have grown tired."

John laughs and says "we are in the village right now.


John opens his hand and a rock appears inside it.

John then channels power into it and a spacial ripple appears around the clearing.

A medium-sized village starts to appear around Lux.

The village was made up of wooden huts with a well near the gate of the village and a large bonfire with a small stage appeared in the centre of the village next to Lux.

John turns to Lux and says "See kid, you already entered.

The village is covered by veil which hides us from view.

Get on the stage."

Lux turns round and jumps onto the stage from where he was standing.

Lux jumped 15m like it was as easy as peeling some fruit.

When Lux lands a series of whispers fills the village.

John shouts "you can come out now, it

u. Now take this. Beheader blow!!"

The warrior slashes his sword downwards which fires a massive swordlight at Lux.

Lux screams and dashes to the left. He barely dodges the attack but gets a deep cut on his right arm.

Lux grabs his arm which has went numb from blood loss.

Lux begins to channel his self regeneration spell from his nature magic.

The wound begins to close as the blood stops bleeding.

The warrior sighs and snarls "you should have just let the swordlight kill you. Now you will suffer!"

Lux laughs and shouts "You think you are all powerful!

I will show you true POWER!!!"

Lux unleashes all of his Bloodforce which causes the very air to become tinted red.

Lux becomes a geyser of Blood coloured mist which gathers around Lux' feet.

The warrior startled, jumps backwards away from Lux and shouts "What is this kid. What are you?"

Lux laughs and in a sinister voice says "You think you can back out of the fight now!! NEVER!!!"

Lux then gathers all of the Bloodforce on his dagger which he then stabs at the old warrior.

This stab caused all the bloodforce to blast out of the dagger and instantaneously hit the old warrior who starts to wither into a skeleton before the villages eyes.

The old warrior whispers "You aren't huma...."


John Little says "Lux you have defeated your challengers.

You have been found innocent of any crimes.

Lets have a feast to celebrate your innocence."

John then claps his hands which causes the villagers to run and prepare for the feast.

John says "Lux can you please reduce your power please. The battle is over kid."

Lux sighs and manages to return his Bloodforce to its cage.

Lux says "that was fun. It seems i can fight stronger a opponents than my Power Rank.

So john what do you want to do till the feast?"

John laughs and says "lets drink some weak wine and talk."

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