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   Chapter 9 Chapter 9 - Magick Education

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(1 hour later)

Lux wakes up in his tree house shelter.

Lux says "what happened to me. Why did i faint?"

"Because you over drew on your Mana boy." says Master Snow who is sitting next to the fire.

"Whats Mana master. Do you mean my Power?" asks Lux.

"Yes but mages call it Mana. Only weak apprentices call it Power.

Mana is the magical energy which resides in everything. Mana has many forms much like Chaos. Mana can be used to create objects or manipulate objects. Look at the Speed element, it can be used to run fast or speed up healing. The core of the Speed element is that it either speed up something or slows it down.

Those who have the speed element can speed up their thinking speed which means that they can cultivate faster than other cultivators because they can absorb the Speed force energy which is developed from inertia of all things. Look at the planet, it is moving at 67, 000mile per hour through space while spinning at 1000 miles per hour. Imagine you could tap into that power. This is just one source of power which a speed mage could draw from. You need to find 3 sources of power. One is Fire another is Chaos and the other is Nature.

For Fire you can use the sun and for nature you could draw from animal and plant life.

For chaos i have no idea. You need to figure that out yourself." master snow explained.

"How do you know all this master. But the earth seems so still. It doesn't seem like it is moving. And what do you mean that i need 3 sources of power. I only have Chaos and Nature. Don't i ?" asked Lux.

"Wrong. You have three elements right now. Fire, Nature and Chaos. Chaos can take the form of any element. Only problem is that you need to tune into each type of elements world law. A world law is a affinity with a specific aspect of the universe. Blood is one aspect, it is derived from water. Blood is the life of the being from whom it come from.

With blood you could co

one tried to Play God and boast that they could tell people how long a day would last. This was why they disappeared. Power Hall forgot about them and stole their inventions. In Golden City the bell tower has one of these Clocks of Time which is how they know when it is time to ring the Bell every hour on the hour. Don't tell anybody about this or you might be murdered for spreading state secrets."

"That sounds cool master. But we should eat these Berries and then go to sleep as we still need to get to Black Leaf Forest tomorrow."

"Hahaha you are right boy. Lets eat the berries you picked then go to sleep." laughs master snow.

Lux and Master Snow put the berries into bowls which master snow created from a tree and begin to eat them.

After eating Lux and Master Snow walk towards their Shelters and go to sleep.

Next Morning

Lux falls out of his tree and lands with a thud.

"Oww. That hurt." says Lux.

"Heal yourself then and get ready to leave." snaps master Snow.

Lux then heals his bruises and grabs his Bed roll and stuffs it into his bag.

"I am ready Master" says Lux.

"Good then lets leave. We will jog towards Black Leaf Forest so we get there before dark. We will have to make Camp early." says Master Snow who then starts to jog away at a quick pace. Lux follows him by running behind him.

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