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   Chapter 8 Chapter 8 - Survival 101

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Lux stretches and feels a tugging sensation on his chest.

He takes his shirt off and notices a bandage around his chest which is stained with dry blood.

Lux takes the bandage off and notices a scar over his heart in the shape of a jaggy cross.

"How did that get there?" ponders Lux.

Lux then remembers getting stabbed in the chest by a stick.

Lux starts to probe the area with his power, suddenly a massive pain attacks his chest.

Lux feels a constriction around his lungs as a blackness overtakes his vision.

Lux then starts to pull on his Druid power and tries to heal himself which slowly starts to relieve the pain.

"What... The... Hell... Is... Happening." whimpered Lux.

Once the pain is gone, Lux starts to observe his powers.

Lux notices that his power is now split into two groups.

One is large with moving chains made with golden light and the other was a small ball with a mixture of green and grey flecked blackness.

"My powers seem to have merged together. Lets try to use them to see how much weaker i am." says Lux.

Lux begins to push his power into the ground and he feels plants outside in a 15m area around him.

"I can barely feel any plants. Nevermind controlling them. Looks like i need to train harder.

Now lets gather my bed roll and a change of clothing."

Lux then gets up and gets dressed.

He gathers his bedroll from his chest at the foot of his bed and takes his neatly folded spare clothing from his chair beside his bed.

Lux then leaves the dorm and starts to walk towards the kitchen area.

He walks up to a cook and asks "i have been told to prepare for a 3 month trip. Would i be able to get dry foods for 1 month please."

The cook says "smart choice. You don't want to be too heavy on a journey. I have some rice and salted beef and pork which will be able to keep you fed for about a month. Wait here."

About 15mins later the cook returns and hand packages to Lux then says "here you go, use it in soups to make it go further."

Lux says "thank you. Need to go, have a nice day."

Lux puts the packages into his bag and then runs out of Power Hall.

As he makes his way through the Slums to the city gates where he notices Master Snow sitting under a tree on a bench.

"Master!" yells Lux while waving.

"Come over here you fool. Your drawing attention" Master Snow wearily says.

Lux runs over and says "when do we leave master. I

We need to turn it when the skin turns black and then wait till that side turns black. Then we remove the skin and eat."

"I didn't know that about cooking with open fire. Normally my food just burns so my mother told me to just leave the cooking to her." says Lux.

"Well you better learn fast as i will only show you how to cook once so if you miss it then you are screwed for surviving in Black Leaf Forest. Because on the last month you will survive on your own for the whole month to see if you have gotten stronger. Now lets see how you fight against wolves because there is one right behind you." states Master Snow.

Lux jumps up and yells in fright when he sees the 5 foot tall grey tailed wolf that was creeping up on him.

"Fight like a man, boy. Don't scream like a girl. Kill it before it kills you." says Master Snow.

Lux then begins gather Chaotic Fire on his fists and then sends out a jet of flames which pushes him onto his back.

The chaotic flames burn right into the wolfs head which starts to howl in pain.

Lux then gets up and sends a fire jet boosted kick right into the side of the wolfs head which then explodes from the force of the kick.

Lux then hears a snapping sound and then a massive pain surges through Lux's entire body.

Lux falls towards the ground and then his power covers his broken foot and it feels like his foot is dipped in ice water. Lux hears a snapping noise and when Lux checks his foot it has repaired itself.

Lux stands up and then walks towards Master Snow and says "Master i did it, i killed it."

Suddenly a darkness covers Lux's sight and then a falling sensation takes over his body.

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