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   Chapter 6 Chapter 6 - First Day of Class

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Updated: 2018-05-08 16:22

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Lux stands up and stretches.

Lux say "ok Master, i will show you what I learned."

Lux faces Master Snow and bows.

Master Snow laughs and says "Hahaha, just start kid."

Lux pushes his hand out and focuses on the vines behind Master Snow and wills them to constrict around Master Snow's chest and arms.

The vines suddenly shoot towards Master Snow's back.

Master Snow waves his fingers and the vines stop in mid air and then fall towards the ground.

Lux then controls the blades of grass at Master Snow's feet, Lux forces them to harden and fly out of the ground towards Master Snow like bullets.

Master Snow creates a full body suit of armour made from tree bark, which blocks the blades of grass.

Master Snow says "Good use of the environment boy, now really let loose with your power."

Lux says "very well Master."

Lux then commands all the plants in the garden to attack Master Snow.

Suddenly all the plants and flowers start to grow thorns and fire them at Master Snow, thorny vines start to wrap around his legs which start to bleed.

Master Snow struggles and yells "RELEASE ME FLORA!!!" which releases a blast of power.

Suddenly all the plants wither and die in fear of Master Snow's wrath.

The shout blasts Lux back 5ms which smashes him against the wall.

Lux jumps back to his feet and sees Master Snow on the ground covered in blood.

Lux rushes over and says "Master are you ok. Do i get help?"

Master Snow calmly says "I will be fine boy, i can heal this given time. You are stronger than i thought, i didn't think that you could get all the plants to obey you so quickly."

Before Lux's eyes Master Snow's injuries started to heal rapidly.

Within seconds the wounds stopped bleeding.

Lux says "Sorry i lot my temper Master, i will do better next time."

Master Snow says "what i want to know is how you caused the plants to grow thorns. That should be impossible on plants that don't have thorns to begin with."

Lux says "I mixed my Chaos element with my Alchemist power."

Master Snow shouts "YOU DID WHAT!"

Lux repeats "I mixed my Chaos element with my Alchemist power."


ets up and goes to a practice area with master snow.

Master Snow says "i know you can control plants like a natural but now we need to work on fine control. I want you grow a single blade of grass without killing it. Begin."

Lux focuses on one blade of grass to grow.

The blade of grass reaches 1.5ms then crumbles.

Lux yells "damn it. Again."

Lux tries again and again numerous times.

-3 hours later-

James walks over to Lux and says "look at this idiot, can't even control one blade of grass without killing it."

Lux focusing so intensely he doesn't notice James standing next to him.

Lux makes a blade of grass grow to 15ms, it starts to ripple in the wind like a ribbon.

James laughs and says "oh, looks like he finally grew something. So much for being strong huh."

Lux just says "i am working on fine control, to increase my ability to manipulate plants with pin point accuracy. I am sure you have progressed to this type of training yourself."

James says "what fine control training, what rubbish are you talking. You are just covering up for the fact you are weak."

Lux says "seem you are the weak one here. Leave so i can continue training."

James angrily shouts "are you calling me weak. Fine, how about tonight we dual to find out who is stronger. Be prepared to lose you dog."

Lux agrees "fine, how about here."

James agrees "fine, see you tonight mutt."

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