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   Chapter 259 Self-Defence Is Not Punishable By Law

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The policemen stood in their way, preventing them from reaching the gate. "Mr. Shao, we have orders to carry out. Your wife is a suspect, and she needs to come with us. You don't want to add the obstruction of justice to her list." One of them took out a pair of handcuffs, and walked towards Ella.

Samuel side-stepped the policeman yet again, pushing Ella behind him. Looking at the two policemen, he asked frostily, "Which bureau do you work in?"

"Municipal bureau." One of the men replied. His voice dripped with smugness.

Samuel frowned. It wasn't going to be a simple matter to solve as he had thought. Retrieving his phone, he made a call, "Secretary Liu, I'm in trouble here. Please ask Chief Liao to answer the phone."

Chief Liao? When they heard their boss' name, one of the policemen drew back from handcuffing Ella.

The flight they planned to take had already taken off when Samuel and Chief Liao were on the phone.

But Ella's attention was focused on what was going on, so she didn't notice that the plane had taken off.

Samuel hung up and looked solemnly at the plane through a window. He felt sad that they weren't going on their honeymoon today.

The two policemen waited impatiently. Suddenly, one of the policeman's phone rang. "Captain Qin... Well, all right. I see."

After the phone call, they left.

Samuel left the airport with Ella. There was an open case that mentioned Ella as a suspect. Therefore they had to call off the honeymoon, to clear her name.

"Samuel, is it true that Catherine died on that day?"

Samuel stroked her long hair gently and said, "We'll be fine, trust me."

Even if they found out, Samuel wasn't afraid. What Ella had done was legitimate self-defence. Self-defence was not punishable by law.

After they emerged from the airport, his phone rang. When he saw the caller ID, he sobered down.

"Hello, Director Xue."

"I see. I'll be my wife's attorney and acc

, which usually displayed a stolid countenance, was full of anger.

In order to avenge this insult, Daniel asked Lola to send him to the taekwondo gym, too. At first, Jane used to hit Daniel every day. But later, Jane would run away the moment she saw Daniel.

Because of this, she asked Ella to find another taekwondo gym and teacher for her.

Samuel was disappointed that they couldn't go on their well-deserved honeymoon.

He eagerly waited to be summoned to court, so that he could solve the issue quickly and take Ella on a honeymoon.

Their fans left a lot of comments on their Weibo profiles, looking for answers.

Finally, with Ella's permission, her company released a statement, "Thank you for your concern. No matter what Ella has done, she would never kill anyone deliberately. She is cooperating with the police in order to ensure that swift justice is applied. Let the law do its job, and let's wait for the verdict."

A few minutes later, a heated discussion stirred up among the netizens. "Mr. Shao is a qualified lawyer. Even if Ella did kill someone, he would still help her cover it up."

"Would never kill anyone deliberately? So she admitted that she had killed Catherine?"

"Ella, I believe in you. You are so kind."

"Eagerly waiting for the verdict."

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