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   Chapter 257 Greetings Your Daughter-in-law

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521, the combination of numbers which means 'I love you'.

Their wedding was as big as Harry and Lola's wedding. The wedding cars headed to the old house.

At the old house.

Melody and all the relatives had been waiting for a long time. Being one of the most important people of the day, Melody wore a beautiful rose red cheongsam with a pair of cream white high heels.

Her hair was red in color and wavy, different to her usual styling, black in color and straight.

One of her daughters was on the look-out for the cars at the door. When she heard the firecrackers, she ran to Melody immediately and said, "Mother! They are coming! I hear the fire crackers."

Lots of relatives ran out and waited by the door. Two of them ran upstairs to make sure that everything was ready for the wedding ceremony.

Soon after, Samuel held Ella and walked in.

According to tradition, he led her upstairs and entered one of the main rooms, which symbolized that his wife had joined his family formally.

Next, after a series of little traditional ceremonies, the new couple went downstairs.

Vincent Shao and Viola Yang were sitting in two high chairs, displaying serious expressions. Melody was sitting beside them. Though she was the eldest in the family, her son and daughter-in-law were the most important people today.

Jerry and Jane, had been taken to the hotel by Chuck.

Ella was holding Samuel until they entered the living room.

"Hello, Grandma." Ella greeted Melody happily.

Melody looked at the new couple happily and said, "Good girl, go and greet your mother and father quickly."

Ella nodded, held a cup of tea given to her by an aunt, and approached Samuel's parents with him by her side.

Ella had addressed them as father and mother for a long time, but Ella knew that it was different this time. She said loudly, "Father, your daughter-in-law is serving you a cup of tea!"

Vincent nodded. Though he didn't smile much like his wife Viola, he was happy too. "Okay, good girl." After taking a sip of tea, Vincent gave

ng to never forget this moment.

Eason placed Ella's hand on Samuel's and addressed him, "Samuel, take care of my sister."

Samuel held and kissed Ella's lovely hand, "Yes, forever and always."

It was such a warm interaction, which made the guests clap and cheer.

It was time to exchange the rings. By this time, Ella and Melody were crying.

Soon after, the groom kissed the bride, a key moment of the ceremony.

On the internet their wedding was a hot topic.

People saw the live broadcast on the internet, thinking how sweet the wedding was.

The superstar Yvonne Yan and Hollywood stars Edith and Zoey attracted much attention.

Also they were famous groomsmen, amongst them international lawyers, superstar Simon, chief procurator of C country and the captain of the SWAT team.

Netizens searched for them on the internet, and found a lot of information about the wedding party.

When the couple greeted the other guests, Yvonne found out that the man who was making snide remarks earlier was called Simon, an international superstar.

She had met him sometime before but had never officially introduced herself.

At that moment, Simon glanced at Yvonne, as if looking at prey.

Who was in charge of the seating chart? Why did she have to sit with the groomsmen? Yvonne felt uncomfortable especially with Simon's eyes peering at her.

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