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   Chapter 256 We Understand You Want To Kiss Her

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"No, I know you are trying to trick us!" Lola hurried to stop Amber and Yvonne before they could open the door.

Thanks to Lola, Yvonne knew what they had said was a trick. She shouted through the door, "Cut the crap! Slide them in!"

Someone asked outside, "What do you want us to slide in?" It's obvious that the men outside were telling a dirty joke.

Everyone in the room understood it immediately except Amber and Yvonne who weren't married and hadn't had that experience. The two still shouted, "Red envelopes! Of course we mean red envelopes!"

"Can we slide something else in?" The same man said.

"Something else?" The voice sounded familiar to Yvonne.

"Get out, so I can show you!"

The men outside understood what he meant, so they all laughed.

Ella blushed and winked at Lola who immediately understood her. Lola tugged at one of Yvonne's arms and said, "Ignore them, they are making fun of us."

Yvonne nodded. Then many red packets were slid under the door. The women inside the room hurried to grab them.

"Not enough! They are not enough for all of us!" Yvonne tore open the red envelope she got and was happy to see there was a lot of money in it.

Joseph knocked on the door to grab their attention and said, "Hurry up! This is your last chance. Here are some more."

Then, more red envelopes were slid underneath the door, enough for all of the women in the room.

"We've given you what you've asked for! Now open the door!"

Suddenly, Lola remembered that they had asked Harry to sing a song on her wedding.

"We have one more requirement. The groom needs to sing a love song for our bride!"

Hearing what Lola said, Ella smirked. Samuel had sung in front of her many times and he was a good singer.

But it never happened again after they registered for marriage.

Samuel began to sin

and said, "That's it. We are finished."

"No, we aren't. I remember there is an essential part, where you ask the groom to kiss the bride." He spoke so loudly that everyone in the room heard him clearly.

They burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"Samuel, you don't need someone to ask you to do that.

We all understand you want to kiss her." Joseph cleared his throat and said, "Now you may kiss the bride."

Samuel kissed her hard on the mouth and pinned her down on the bed.

Everyone cheered and whistled as they kissed.

"Wow, look at him. What are you going to do next? We can't see such scene. We are way too young for that."

"Samuel, do whatever you want. We are on your side!"

"Wow, this is the first time someone has done such a thing in front of me. I'm so excited!"

"That's hilarious..."

Samuel got up as Ella tried to catch her breath.

The make-up woman rushed to Ella's side and re-applied the lipstick.

At the same time, a bridesmaid brought over Ella's high heels.

Samuel knelt down and helped her put them on. Then he carried Ella out of the room.

The rest of the wedding party followed them down the steps to the gate, where a row of luxury cars were waiting for them.

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