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   Chapter 254 You Are My Bride

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It couldn't be true. 'How could the wedding be tomorrow, while I didn't know anything about it?' Ella tried to reason.

So far, she didn't feel as if she was a bride.

She had received a lot of congratulatory messages at work, but she thought it was because of the wedding pictures.

But, in hindsight, it seemed that everyone had received wedding invitations, and were congratulating her on that too.

Ella received a call from Eden, after she finished trying out her wedding dress, and was told that Mr. Si had granted her work leave for a period of time.

Ella was on the verge of freaking out. Everyone had known about the wedding, except her.

At the moment, she was driving. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Itching to know why she was kept in the dark for this long, she stopped by the side of the road and called Samuel.

Samuel was handing over impending cases to his partner, to ensure that his nuptials and honeymoon would be work-free, when his phone started ringing.

When he saw from the caller ID that it was Ella, he answered the phone, gleefully.

"Hi, Honey."

"Samuel, you bastard! Jerk!"

'What was wrong now?' Samuel was stunned and didn't know what had happened. "Honey, calm down! What happened?"

"Who are you marrying tomorrow?" Ella asked, angry.

"What do you mean? Who else would I be marrying other than, you, my Queen?"

Ella laughed when she heard the word "Queen", her anger dissipating a little bit. "Why didn't you tell me? Are you getting married to your ex-girlfriend tomorrow under the guise of marrying me?"

Ex-girlfriend? Samuel rubbed his throbbing temples.

"Ella, you are the only woman I love. Is it necessary for me to stress this every day? " Frankly speaking, Samuel was getting tired of this back and forth. But he was determined to assure her that he loved her, no matter how long and how annoying the process would be.

"But, Am I really yo

muel says he will take care of all our needs.

You know, at the beginning, it was me who went into Samuel's room and had sex with him, which I thought was my fault. I tortured myself because of this. But now we are happy and I do not regret anything I've done.

However, I learnt a lot of lessons, that I can hopefully share with Jane when she gets older. I hope she doesn't repeat the mistakes I made."

The cemetery was very quiet, except from her soft whispers. She leaned against the gravestones, as she opened up to her parents. Thirty minutes later, she left, dragging her numb legs, back to her car.

She looked at the graves from afar and said gently, "Next time, I'll bring Jerry and Jane to see you. "

And then she drove away slowly.

At night, Ella stayed at the Emerald Community. The next morning, she awoke to the sound of Eason knocking on the door before the sun rose.

"Ella, get up! The glam team for your wedding have arrived."

After a long time, Ella suddenly sat up in bed and looked around the room in a daze.

And then she remembered that today was the day. It was her wedding day.

She smiled sweetly and shouted to Eason, who was knocking at her door, persistently, "Okay. I'm getting up."

After taking a quick shower, she let the glam team in.

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