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   Chapter 253 I Want A Daughter Too

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Samuel took her in his arms. "When will you quit showbiz?"

Quit showbiz? Ella had never thought about it.

Was she going to quit now when her career was thriving?

However, since Samuel had brought it up, she would think about it. As for now, she replied, "Guess."

Ella gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Samuel couldn't refrain from laughing, "Well, my guess is that if you give me another daughter, you'll have to quit!"

His hands under the blanket began to move, searching for her body.

Ella stared at him, stunned and speechless. "To give you another daughter? But we already have Jane. Don't you like her?"

"You know I love her." Samuel responded without looking up.

Ella thought for a moment. It was clear that Samuel loved Jane, and only a fool would refute that fact.

Samuel even treated Jane better than Jerry. Ever since he learned that Jane was his daughter, he doted on her all the time.

Even Ella was jealous of his affection towards their daughter.

She had to admit that he was right, but one thing nagged at her, "Samuel..." she held Samuel's hand, "I'm not sure."

Samuel was stunned.

"Why? What do you mean?"

Ella averted her eyes, "I'm afraid that when I become pregnant, you would deny that the child is yours again!"

Samuel kissed her on the back of her hand, "I'll never do that again."

After all the ups and downs, he must be blind if he still didn't know what kind of person Ella was and how much she loved him.

"Well, haven't you heard of the proverb? Men are all the same, they are liars!"

"Who said that? That's pure bullshit, if I may say so." Samuel shook his head.

Ella's eyes shot up and she squinted at him. She didn't know whether Samuel was trustworthy.

As if afraid she wouldn't believe him, Samuel looked into her eyes and said, "Ella, I promise."

Promise? To be fair, Samuel had turned over a new leaf, and the promise wasn't necessary, so Ella had to make a decision. She decided not to dwell on Samuel's trust issues.

As she curled up next to him t


Daisy stood at the elevator entrance, pondering over which floor to go to.

"Come here, I've got something to tell you, and then I'll go with you to see Anna."

Unsuspecting, Daisy walked into the elevator and pressed the elevator button to the floor where Chuck's office was.

Inside Chuck's office.

As soon as Daisy opened the office door, she fell into a familiar embrace.

Then she was caught off guard by a kiss, proceeded by the sound of a door locking.

"Chuck, what happened?" Daisy was puzzled by the strange way he was acting.

"Eason showed off his daughter to me. I want a daughter too." Chuck gritted his teeth at the thought of Eason's elation, looking expectantly at Daisy.

Everything eventually settled. Samuel had planned the wedding, and the date was decided. Sending out all the invitations, Samuel still didn't tell Ella when and where the wedding was.

He wanted to surprise Ella by letting her know as late as possible.

However, things didn't go as planned. Ella found out earlier than expected when Ms. Fila was finalizing on the final modification of the wedding dress. When asking Ella to try on her wedding dress again, Ms. Fila accidentally mentioned when the wedding day was. She spoke praises of how Ella would be the most beautiful bride at her wedding the next day.

Tomorrow? Ella stood still, stunned.

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