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   Chapter 252 Will There Be A Wedding

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Ella's shocked expression made Samuel feel guilty. Had he made her wait for too long?

He told the saleswoman to bring one of the wedding dresses he had chosen, so Ella could try it on.

Ella went into the fitting room but didn't dress up immediately. She just sat there in a chair and clung tightly to the white wedding dress.

She saw her face in the mirror, beaming with excitement and radiating happiness.

Unable to suppress her joy, she kept telling herself that she shouldn't be so easily moved by Samuel, but should instead remain reserved. "It's just a wedding dress. Is it really worth the excitement?" She finally calmed down before changing into it.

After a few minutes, Samuel asked a saleswoman to go into the fitting room and help Ella secure the dress from the back.

The door of the fitting room opened and Ella glided towards Samuel.

Samuel heard the squeaky sound of the door and turned around.

His jaw dropped. Her hair, neatly tied in a bun, sat high on the crown of her head, revealing her elegant neck. On closer inspection, a faint trace of a kiss he had left earlier, lingered on it.

The white floor-length wedding dress tightly wrapped around her perfect figure, and the oblique petals decorating her waist, made the simple wedding dress even more unique.

The dress not only made Ella's skin seem pure as snow, but also demonstrated her noble and elegant temperament.

It was not the first time that Samuel had seen Ella in a wedding dress, as she had worn one while filming, but the sight of her took his breath away.

He was overwhelmed by how angelic she looked.

Ella saw the surprise in his eyes.

She asked Samuel, feigning shyness, "How do I look?"

Momentarily recovering from his dumbfounded state, Samuel walked up to her and kissed her on her lips. That gave her the answer she was looking for.

Watching them, everyone within their vicinity, blushed. They couldn't help but think how sweet this couple were.

Ella pretended to hit him and grumbled shyly, "How could you kiss me infront of so many people?"

"I couldn't help kissing you because you are so beautiful. You, as my wife, are the most beautiful being I have come across." Samuel wrapped his arms around Ella's slender waist, whilst kissing her forehead lovingly.

Ella tried to

'm just saying, Samuel was lucky to marry Ella."

Eason's comment to Samuel was simple, "You'll have to call me brother when we meet in the future!"

And Anna said to Ella, "Congratulations to our beautiful girl and my brother-in-law."

In addition to these, there were lots of reposts from the legal and entertainment industry bigwigs. This showed the couple's good fame and popularity.

Lola reposted Ella's updates, "Congratulations! Don't forget to take me with you on your honeymoon!"

Samuel replied to her, "Not going to happen."

When she saw his reply, Ella pinched him angrily, "Why did you refuse so decisively? I was going to say yes."

"What? Are you really going to bring her on our honeymoon, seriously?" Samuel was very unhappy at the thought of other people being with them.

"Yes! The more, the merrier, don't you think?" Ella answered.

Samuel put down his phone and hugged his wife. "No way. Only in your wildest dreams."

Ella pushed him away, intending to keep perusing through her phone. Then she suddenly thought of something. Placing her phone by the bedside table, she lay on his chest, "Samuel?"


"Are we really going to have a wedding?" They had just had a wedding photo shoot, but Samuel didn't tell her whether there would be a wedding.


Ella fumed, "There must be a wedding. Otherwise, we are over!"

Samuel kissed her on the lips, "Perhaps there will be, perhaps there won't be. You will just have to wait and see, my love. Now it's my turn to ask you questions."

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