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   Chapter 251 I'll Make You Happy Again

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"You'd better prepare yourself for this."

"Samuel, that's just a pretext, right?" Ella complained.

Surprisingly, Samuel nodded, "Because I don't want to lie to you."

Pushing him aside, Ella went upstairs. "You make me so angry. Do you want to know why?"

"Why are you mad?" Hugging her from the back, Samuel pushed her against the banister.

At that moment, Ella recalled what Catherine had told her. Recalling this made her even angrier, "Why don't you go to Emma and help her get out of prison since you care about her that much?" In shock, Samuel released his hold on her.

Watching her walking away, Samuel was speechless. He had no idea what she was talking about.

"What do you mean?"

The minute he entered the bedroom, Ella pushed him out. Standing in-front of him, with her hands on her waist, she said "You never take me to your private island, nor do you tell me anything about it. But things are different when it comes to Emma."

She didn't even let him respond, and proceeded to slam the door shut. Samuel stood there, thoughts racing through his mind.

To him, Ella had broken his heart in worse ways.

Even though he had never taken Ella to his private island, nor talked about it, he did think she was over-reacting. 'There must be a deeper issue here, ' he reasoned.

"Honey, open the door." Samuel pleaded.

Ella replied indifferently, "No way."

Samuel continued knocking and began singing, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are..."

Almost instantaneously, Ella opened the door, and sneered at him. 'What a childish thing to do, ' she thought.

"Oh, my star." Holding her in his arms, Samuel kissed her.

At the same time, he was thinking about how to punish her for slamming the door on his face.

Ella squirmed away from his embrace. Noticing this, Samuel took a step back but still held her in his arms.

Without warning, he lifted her, forcing her to encir

muel immediately, just as what she was told to do so when Ella woke up.

"Yes. Where am I?"

"You are at the bridal shop." The shop assistant placed a cup of water in front of her.

Looking around, she saw Samuel walking towards her, with several shop assistants and a shop manager on his heels.

"Ella, come and try the wedding dresses I picked for you." He said, squatting down to help her out on the shoes that he had removed earlier.

Albeit surprised, Ella followed Samuel.

"How about this one?" He was looking for dresses for the wedding photos. As for the wedding dress for their wedding ceremony, he had commissioned Miss Fila to customise one. Miss Fila was highly recommended by Lola.

She hadn't expected this to happen.

Because before, Samuel had been forced to marry her, and they didn't have a wedding ceremony nor taken any wedding photos.

Even though Ella had acted as bride on several films and advertisements, and felt great every time she wore a wedding dress, she could hardly imagine being Samuel's bride someday.

Her mind went blank. She could do nothing but look at the gowns Samuel had picked. Actually she could hardly say anything either.

So she just nodded, "They look great."

No one could refute that Samuel had great sense of style.

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