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   Chapter 249 The Prisoner Was Dying

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Samuel wasn't done with him. At the thought of what he'd seen just now, hie eyes flashed with rage. He stamped his leather shoes on the man's chest and tried to break his arms.

First the left arm snapped, then the right. He continued this barbaric dance until all his arms and legs were broken.

The man who was responsible for the special firecrackers was flabbergasted by this scene.

Next, Samuel slung out his weapon and fired several shots at the man.

He had barely touched Jane, but the intent was clear. It was obscene and unforgivable. All this overkill still couldn't smooth out Samuel's anger, so he began to hit the man's head directly with the butt of the weapon.

Hearing the contonuous screech from the second floor, everyone was so astonished by Samuel's violent behavior that everything else blended into the background.

The man was somehow miraculously still breathing, through all this mutilation. But Samuel still didn't want to let him go.

Instead, he threw down the weapon, clenched his hand into a fist of steel and bludgeoned the man's face several times.

The man was reduced to a pile of blood now. Finally Samuel threw him to the ground breathlessly.

"Freeze! Police!" The island had been surrounded by police. No-one had noticed it.

Helicopters circled the villa.

"Bob, set off the special firecracker!" Catherine shouted. Bob quickly picked up the remote, ready to press the button.

"No!" Ella yelled, trying to run. But two men behind her were latching on to her legs.

Luckily, Samuel power-jumped and kicked the remote straight out of Bob's hand.

As Samuel pinned Bob to the ground with a thud, a shot rang out across the island; Samuel's shoulder was shot, and he let out a rasping groan.

On the observation deck, a man was standing, his gun smoking a little. The man shot Samuel again in his shoulder.

"Dad!" Jane cried out the moment Samuel was shot again in his shoulder.

Police were tussling with Catherine's men. Worried about her own safety, Catherine aimed a gun at Ella from her hiding spot in the bushes.

With the sound of gunfire, many people were falling down.

Jane, on the observation deck, tried her best to stand up from the ground, but the binds had drained all the blood away from her limbs. She was so dazed that she fell again.

Samuel was like some kind of god, for he dispelled the sensation of pain. It all rested on his gumption. He ro

any longer.

Before returning to the old house, Ella took Samuel to Chengyang Private Hospital to get his shoulder treated.

Ella then took Jane to the restroom. Samuel was lying on a hospital bed, staring at Chuck who was operating on his wounds.

Chuck was confused and said, "Samuel, have you got a fever? Why are you staring at me?"

"You are a good buddy. I'll always remember you." Samuel was not only grateful for but also angry at the things Chuck did, He was grateful because Chuck hadn't carried out the abortion on Ella. But he was angry because Chuck had kept him in the dark about it.

"It's my pleasure, " said Chuck, "If you want to pay me back, how about marrying your daughter to my son when they're older?" Chuck was slow, because he thought Samuel was thanking him for treating his wound.

"Humph! So you know Jane is my daughter? Why don't you tell me earlier?" It was amazing that Chuck had managed to keep this secret for three years, but in one moment of amnesia, he let the info slip.

"You know the truth?"

"Of course!"

Chuck had no sense of guilt. Instead, he licked his lips, and said, "You have got a big fortune with such a daughter."

Why couldn't he have a daughter? Chuck lamented. Oh how Chuck pined for one to grow up beside him into a clean, honorable woman. Now that both Harry and Samuel had daughters, he had better work harder to impregnate someone soon. Chuck began to sweat at the thought of it.

Getting Jane back rid Samuel of all his resentment and anger. A satisfying smile crept onto his face. He finally achieved his wish which he had had for many years.

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