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   Chapter 248 Your Daughter

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"See? Your daughter will be smashed to pieces once I give the signal, " said Catherine menacingly.

Ella was so frightened that the knife in her hand fell on the ground.

What could she do? How could she fight against so many men? How could she save her daughter?

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Ella. What's it gonna be?" Catherine winked at the men. They understood, and kicked the knife into the grass behind them.

Ella was scared to death. She could not save her daughter! Worse still, Catherine gave a hand signal to the man on the viewing platform.

The man in the villa then pulled Jane upward. Another man caught hold of her thin body and hugged it close as he fished her in.

Suddenly, Ella understood what they wanted to do and threw herself at Catherine madly. Catherine was caught off guard. She felt the brunt against her cheek, and discovered Ella had knocked her to the ground.

"She's a baby!" screamed Ella. "How can you do this to her?" Catherine, that hell-hound bitch, was letting a man molest her only daughter.

Ella slapped Catherine hard across her face. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

But all Catherine had to do was bark an order and Ella was overpowering in a flash.

"Get off me, you perverts!" The distress gnawed away at her. She shouted loudly again until her voice became hoarse. She struggled to break away.

She exerted all her strength and almost broke away from the men's control.

Catherine stood up, one hand holding her aching face.

She glared at Ella, who was almost insane with grief. Catherine delivered a number of slaps to Ella's cheek.

Ella became red and swollen as the minutes of torture wore on.

"Let my daughter perverts..."

Catherine rubbed her aching face again. She found that she was bleeding softly from an open wound on her cheek. "Ella, I'll ruin not only you, but also your daughter today."

"No! I'll do whatever you want!" Ella's long hair fell down before her eyes in violent struggle.

felt a mix of emotions: delight, shock, anger, happiness...

He glowered at Ella with anger. It was unforgivable of her to hide the truth. He would teach her a lesson, if they made it out of this alive!

Samuel caught the gun in his teeth and took off his jacket.

Then he threw his jacket away, staring at Ella with unconcealed fury.

'What is Samuel doing?' She thought.

With everyone distracted, he discovered a gap in the crowd, and rushed past the bodyguards to get to the villa.

"Stop him! Don't let him get away!" When Catherine figured out Samuel's intention, she sent men to stop him.

However, Samuel gained entry into the villa, and mounted the massive staircase as fast as lightning.

Jane was his daughter? Shit. Catherine didn't know what to do at all.

The pedophile who rubbed Jane's body against his crotch stood stupefied by Samuel, who suddenly appeared in front of him. So surprised was he by this intrusion that he forgot to hold the girl, still unconscious, from falling backwards. She plummeted to the ground below.

The pain woke Jane up. She opened her sticky eyes.

'Where am I?' she thought, wiping the sweat off her face.

Samuel suplexed the pedo, throwing him like a missile to the ground.

The pedo is so stiff that he could not move. He screamed up and could not move at all.

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