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   Chapter 247 The Person Behind it All

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"Samuel...I need to tell you...something about Jane..."

"Ella, stop talking about it. It'll be okay, just go on ahead." Samuel couldn't understand why Ella lingered.

There were enemies all around. This was no time for private chatter.

Ella, irritated, acceded to Samuel's demand.

She turned around and boarded the speed boat with anger and disappointment.

Samuel wouldn't save Jane. But that was fine. Ella would save Jane herself.

Ella swore against telling Samuel the truth.

When Ella sped off over the whitecaps, the reassuring smile on Samuel's face disappeared. Gazing at her receding figure, Samuel took out his phone from a pocket.

Then he got in the car and drove away.

On the island.

Ella got off the speed boat, and noticed a luxury villa, which covered two thirds of the island. There was a huge private cruise berthed in the harbor, as well as several expensive speed boats.

If Jane was not between life and death, Ella would've liked to look around the scenery.

Ella had no idea whose villa this was. It was so luxury and extravagant.

Suddenly, Ella caught a glimpse of a little figure hanging from the viewing platform on the third floor.

Ella broke down. Her dear Jane was bound tight, and hung in the midair between the second and third floor. Her little head dropped down, her hair in front of her eyes, which seemed to be closed in coma...

Ella rushed towards the viewing platform hurriedly. When she was close enough, she noticed that even Jane's down jacket was missing. Jane's little body was covered only by a thin sweater. In order to wake Jane up, Ella looked up and shouted.

But she didn't respond. Her body wavered back and forth in the breeze. Ella was in unimaginable distress. How could Catherine, that bitch, treat a child so cruelly?

Several figures appeared on the viewing platform on the third floor. As expected, the mastermind was

I'll kill her later."

Shit! Ella was about to experience the ultimate perversion. She would soon know how it felt to be raped by several men at once!

The strong men approached. Ella staggered back. "Catherine, if you dare to let them touch me, I'll kill you!" She would rather die with Catherine on this island than experiencing this!

Catherine laughed loudly. "When I decided to kidnap your daughter, I was ready to die here. I'm laughed at wherever I go, all because I have been humiliated by you. I don't want to live in this world anymore. Death would be a sweet thing.

And I'll be taking you and your daughter as company!"

When the men around Ella reached out to touch her, Ella took out a knife, threw the sheath away and put the knife on her neck. "Stay where you are, or I'll kill myself."

The men looked at each other and stopped.

However, Catherine was not upset at all. She walked forward a little bit, pointed to Jane and said, "Look at your daughter's waist, what is it?"

Ella followed Catherine's figure and found a tiny box on Jane's waist, which was blinking red and green.

"Do you know what it is? No? It's a special 'firecracker' -- a bomb!" Hearing this, Ella's face turned ghostly pale. Catherine's cackle was louder than ever.

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