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   Chapter 243 Wasting Food Is Shameful

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Samuel wouldn't stop his tomfoolery for one minute, and Ella couldn't get a bite in.

"Have some more." Samuel repressed a tormenting smile. "Let me help you for a change." He picked up the chicken from the table, and waved it near her open mouth like a bee trying to find an opening in a window.

Ella snatched the chicken out of his hand, and popped it in her mouth. "I can take care of myself, " she said, crunching down with satisfaction. "Mr. Shao, will you go home now?" She swallowed and pushed her plate away out of satiation.

"No, I won't. Not while there's still food on your plate, " he insisted.

"No, no, no... You don't need to. I don't have time to finish it. Samuel, please go home. Hurry up." She truly did not have much time for these breakfast shenanigans. There was still the makeup to be finished and then there was the costume department, all before she would ever step onset.

She finished the porridge, took out a tissue, and wiped her mouth. It was time to get ready.

Samuel saw her quick movements and deliberately slowed down. He picked up the egg roll, ate it by himself, and then said, "Okay. Go back to your own business."

Ella turned around, annoyed. She sat back down. He was eating her food. "Samuel, I was going to save that."

"Wasting food is shameful."


Samuel finished the egg roll in a minute. He stood up and said, "Call me when you're done. I'll come pick you up."

Then he pinched his mouth with a serviette, tidied up the grease paper and KFC boxes on the table, and walked towards to the door.

"Wait, Samuel, " she shouted.

"Hm?" He stopped and twisted around.

She stood on her toes to reach his lips and kissed him delicately. "Drive safe, babe."

He held her and kissed her hair. "Don't worry about me, honey."

After they hugged it out for some time, Samuel finally left.

Ada came right back in after he left as if she'd been listening. She stood facing Ella, who was staring dreamily away. Ada looked at the sweet smile on Ella's face, before traipsing over to shake her around the shoulder

"Uncle Samuel, aunt Ella, good evening." Daniel pranced off the sofa to greet the pair politely.

Ella stooped down to his level and pulled him to her side. He was growing into a cool and handsome boy. "Daniel, are you going to graduate from kindergarten next year?"

Daniel is six and a half. Because he was born just after September, he was one year late for primary school.

At the mention of kindergarten, Daniel became acrimonious. But he maintained a level of politeness."Yes, " he said, gnashing his teeth. "I am."

His advancement from kindergarten had been long overdue. He told Harry as much, many times. But Harry didn't approve of it.

It was utterly perverse for a boy like him. He was able to do all of Nicole's homework sometimes, so why couldn't he go to primary school?

It made him a hard-hearted boy. Every time he thought of it, he felt angry. He hoped to rid himself of his controlling father when he grew up.

Suddenly the wicker door slid open again, and the waiters bowed at the entry of Anna and Eason. The kids all came to greet them in a similar fashion, and started to play with each other around the sofa.

Jane stared at the haughty boy, Daniel, sitting upright in the corner. She walked towards him and said, "Daniel, do you know who I am?"

Daniel glanced at the fed-up girl and said, "Jane", the name he heard so many times before.

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