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   Chapter 241 Honey, Please Punish Me!

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It was well after midnight by the time two guards rudely took Catherine into a car and drove her to her apartment.

"Who are you? Let me out! Otherwise, I'll take you to court!"

Upon hearing this, the two guards paused before shutting the car door on her. They sneered, and one of them said, "We are working for Mr. Shao. So you can go right ahead and take us to court, it won't be a problem for him. Haha!"

The door of the apartment was ruthlessly shut and they left her there. She looked around her apartment, clenching her fist angrily.

'Samuel and Ella, those two meddlers!' she thought indignantly.

So this was their revenge. Her reputation as a lawyer had been eviscerated, and she had become utterly isolated from her friends and family. She craved more than anything to get away from that life, but Samuel kept pulling her back in.

'Well, now that they have me, I might as well take my own life. If I am going down, I would take you two with me.' Catherine thought with inexhaustible anger.

She took out her phone out and made a call. "I need one last favour... It's not much, but I'll give it all to you. I know you guys are being monitored. Must be Samuel's doing. I can help you kill him! You don't have to do it yourself!"

Sitting in the sofa, Catherine's eyes were bloated with anger. She anchored her nails into the side of the sofa as she spoke.

At the Shaos' old house.

It was already one o'clock, and Samuel was answering his last email.

He got up, turned off the light, and walked out of the study. He ran into Ella who was just looking for him.

"Honey, why aren't you asleep?" Samuel hugged her, and held her up as he approached the bedroom.

"Samuel, cut it out! Our parents are here." Ella didn't want anyone to see what they were doing.

But Samuel didn't relent. He lowered his head and kissed her.

Much to Ella's surprise, the door creaked open, followed by an exclamation.

"Oh! Sorry! I'm just passing

the toilet? But the toilet wasn't in the bathroom, ' Ella thought.

Samuel didn't answer her right away. He picked up a toothbrush and cleaned it briefly before squeezing some toothpaste, and then he said, "I don't like you driving in this cold weather. It's dangerous. I'll drive you."

With no cars on the road, no one would be up to help her if she slid on the ice and crashed.

Ella paused. He really cared about her. "Don't worry. I can take care of myself. Go back to bed."

"That's what I'm worried about." Samuel splashed some water in his eyes to wake himself up.

"How about a taxi?"

"No. I'll drive you there. You just wash your face." Samuel insisted on taking her to her arrangements.

They left home at 4:30.

Before getting in the car, Samuel called Vincent. Vincent answered groggily. He asked Vincent to take good care of the two children. After the call, he bundled Ella in the car and switched out of the driveway.

Many people of the crew were already there, working, and making preparations.

Samuel's car arrived, parked outside near the crew. This attracted other people's attention. They were now fully awake.

"Isn't that Ella? And the man must be Mr. Shao, right?" A few of them were heard to say.

"Sure. Didn't he ask her to marry him? Who else could it be?"

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