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   Chapter 240 A Familiar Face

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"Happy New Year, baby Jane. Can you call me Grandma again?" Little Jane was a replica of Samuel, and the recollection of her son made Viola's eyes turn red.

Putting her arms around Melody's neck, Jane said sweetly, "Grandma!"

At this moment, Viola was almost choked with tears.

Seeing this, Samuel suddenly felt extremely lucky to have Jane in the family.

Of course, Ella was the one he should thank for all this.

After Viola went into the living room with Jane in her arms, Vincent took over from his wife. He couldn't help chucking when hearing Jane call him grandpa.

"Grandma, grandpa, what about me?" said Jerry, wearing a frown, tugging at Viola's house dress.

Despite the happiness that Jane brought to the family, and the legitimacy with which Jane had now entered the family, Jerry couldn't help feeling left out.

"There's no one who dislikes our baby Jane!" Melody's august voice floated through the house into their ears.

Samuel rushed into the house to help his grandmother Melody walk down the stairs.

"Grandma, a smart girl like her truly deserves everyone's favor!"

Seeing Melody, Jerry dashed towards her, "Great-grandma, Jerry missed you so much!"

Following him, a little figure walked up to Melody as well, "Great-grandma, I missed you as well!"

Strange, Samuel pondered. Jane had just said she had missed a woman he assumed she'd never laid eyes on before. He racked his brains for half a minute trying to recall when she had, and why he didn't know about it.

Melody put her arms around the kids. She felt strong in their presence, as if all she needed from life was a family to keep it healthy and honorable.

"Jerry, Jane. I missed you, too. You guys are having a good vacation? Why don't you stay with me for a couple of days? Eh? And we'll make scones and brownies?"


"Okay." Both of them said yes at the same time.

Immersed in a swarm of cacophonous thoughts, Samuel stared intently at Jane's face as if, again, he had never seen it before, or wished to inspect it for pestilence.

'Jane and El


"Honey, let me in and I'll tell you if I can quit or not."

"Samuel, I'm no fool." She would gladly let herself be subdued if she ever let Samuel in.

"Well, " he said under his breath, "sometimes you truly are."

He strode out of the room and went to the study. His firm's partners were expecting hourly updates from him so they could keep tabs on him, so he wrote a few sparsely-worded emails to them.

At the airport, Dashing along with a suit case was a woman in a large hat, shades, and veil, all jet black.

Pressing the rim of her hat, she went to the ticket-barrier.

Soon the boarding gate was checking tickets. When the inspector took over her ticket, he looked at her up and down, then took a look at the name on the ticket.

He signed to two uniformed men not far from him. They came forward alertly, and escorted the woman to a nearby confined room.

"Let me go!" the woman shrieked. "Get your hands off me." Catherine kept struggling. She was traumatized since Samuel nearly pushed her into the river. She wanted to throw up when the men had approached.

As soon as she broke loose, she dashed towards the plastic-lined bin in the corner to vomit.

The men looked at each other, unsure of how to proceed. They parted, and locked the heavy door behind them.

No matter how loudly Catherine hammered and shout, no one paid any attention.

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