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   Chapter 239 What a Cruel Son I Have

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Seeming to be aware of something, Viola cried out and incredulously covered her mouth with her hands, not noticing the flour on her face.

Melody with ecclesiastical awe at her daughter-in-law and nodded, "Tell me what you're thinking right now."

"Mom Is this girl... the daughter..." Viola stuttered out of astonishment.

Vincent came to realize what they were talking about. Looking at Melody intently, he finished Viola's sentence, "Of Samuel?"

Melody put her phone aside and chuckled. "What a clever couple you are! Indeed, she is Sam's daughter, and she's three years old."

Astonished, the pair threw their glances at each other. No words could describe the hysteria they had for the newest three-year-old addition, who appeared out of thin air.

"M-mom. What's her name and where is she right now?" Putting down the stick, Viola joined her arms in Melody's.

Grinning, Melody tapped Viola's hands. "Her name is Jane and she's living with Samuel and Ella. She was born in France three years ago."

So proud of her granddaughter-in-law was she because she had managed to rear a family with both girl and boy.

"Jane. Such a sweet name. Ella's so incredible!" Viola was immodestly excited. She walked towards Vincent. "Honey. I'm so overjoyed. What should I do?"

Vincent smiled and tapped his wife's hands. "First you should wash off the flour on your face, in case Sam and Ella see you and laugh at you."

It was not until then that she realized her face was plastered with flour, and she immediately skipped to the bathroom.

When she returned, Melody's expression had lost its vitality to a dark, clouded look. "There's one thing I remind you not to do, "

Said Melody, with a stern face. Both Viola and Vincent's faces froze.

"Remember, Sam doesn't know Jane is his daughter. He thinks she belongs to another man. Don't speak a word of this to anyone." Melo

ir kids arrived, the dumplings were ready.

When the bell rang, both of Vincent and Viola scrambled to opened the door, because they hadn't seen their grandchildren for such a long time.

But they were chilled at the sight of Samuel and Jane framed in the same doorway.

As Vincent expected, Ella was holding her. Restraining his effusive excitement, he invited them all in cordially.

"Dad, Mom, " greeted Ella. She handed over the gifts she'd brought.

Grinning, Viola held Ella's hand and deliberately reproached her, "This is your home. You don't need to buy these."

Then she pretended that she hadn't noticed Jane and approached her as if she were astounded. "Samuel, who's this pretty girl?"

Looking expectant, Viola waited for his answer so she could judge his reaction and give her granddaughter a hug.

"Mom, dad, " said Samuel, "This is our daughter, Jane."

Both of Vincent and Viola were glanced at each other with their eyebrows raised. It was exactly as they suspected. Viola picked up Jane without asking any more questions.

"Happy New Year, grandma and grandpa, " said Jane out of courtesy. In fact, Jane had seen Viola in this house before, but she had done so from her secret hiding place where Viola couldn't find her.

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