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   Chapter 238 Call Me Dad

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The official state holiday came on the day Ella's cycle began. So she placed her arms around Samuel's neck and said, "No, don't. I'm on my period. Think about it. It's only going to be bad news if you do."

Samuel sneered, "You never learn, Ella. Still remember how I treated you a moment ago? We can do it again."

He was such a bully. Ella rubbed her red cheeks and stared at him, "I'm your wife. That in itself should satisfy you."

She knew Samuel's desire was ardent. It would be better to say something nice to placate him.

"No, it doesn't, because you're reluctant. I'm not happy about it."

"That's because you treat Jerry badly. I'm not happy about it either. Don't you care about my feelings?" As she said this, she curled her lips in, ready to break down in tears.

Samuel gave in when he saw her looks and said gently, "Oh, Ella. How couldn't I care? Jerry is our son. I love him. You're thinking too much about this. It's okay, don't cry."

Samuel counted on Jerry to be a protecting figure for his mother, and to his imagined sister. But he would need to say something nice to him if he was ever going to adopt this discipline.

"Well, that's a relief." said Ella. Maybe in the future, if Samuel treated Jerry well, and all was merry, Ella would reveal the truth to Samuel - that Jane was his daughter.

Samuel still hung over her, making her almost out of breath, so she shoved him off.

He sidled onto the bed with much reluctance, trying to hug onto her heartily.

Then he looked at the time. It was past 2:30 am. Tucking her into the quilt, he kissed her forehead. "Good night, my daring."

"Good night." Ella yawned and closed her eyes.

A week before the Spring Festival, Ella finished her work ahead of time. Samuel joined her at the old house with Jerry and Jane.

Jane sat in the back seat of the car with Jerry. She wore a floral hat and said nothing, pulling faces at Jerry.

Samuel was driving. Ella looked at him and said in a jocose manner, "Hey, what will happen if we bring Jane to the old house too, heh-heh

gard Jane as his real daughter, and treat her and Jerry equally.

The car was enveloped in an atmosphere of happiness as they drove up to the old house.

Vincent and Viola were making dumplings. Melody looked at them and remembered Samuel and Ella's visiting. She smiled happily.

"Mum, why are you so happy?" said Vincent once he'd finished one dumpling.

Melody cleared her throat, preparing to announce the news.

"Vincent and Viola, I have something important to tell you." She watched their happy expressions expectantly.

Rolling the dough with a wooden stick, Viola turned curious at their mother's silence. "Don't keep us guessing mom! Tell us!"

"Let me show you a photo first." She presented a photo to them from her phone.

The pair huddled together and looked carefully at the girl in the photo. She wore a hat and a bright smile. They couldn't help their good-natured laughter.

"Whose child is this? She is so cute and happy." Viola felt like she was familiar after looking at her a lot.

But who did she remind her of? The name eluded her for a moment.

"Oh, she looks like Samuel when he was young." Vincent had a fairly good memory. She had a faint resemblance to the man when he was a child.

Vincent's words reminded Viola. She remembered as well, "Yes. They look alike, it's true. It's as if they were cast from the same mould..."

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