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   Chapter 237 Father and Son

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"Well, I'd like to let you in on a little secret about the key; I think you deserve it for making me so happy."

Ella narrowed her eyes but said nothing. Samuel clearly deserved the moniker 'lusty lawyer'.

Shame on you, Mr. Samuel. You've got really thick skin."

"Right here. Reach out, you'll feel it."

Samuel took her hand, and placed it coolly against his delicate cheek. Ella pinched it mischievously. "Your skin is so thick, " she tittered. "Even bullets wouldn't pierce it."

"Of course not. I can withstand anything, I'm thick-skinned." The lateness of the night poured in the window, bathing them head-to-toe in a wash of blackness. Ella and Samuel lay together like star-crossed birds of paradise, stroking each other's skin.

Ella rolled the diamond ring on her figure snugly. It was the second diamond ring Samuel had lavished on her, the first having disappeared.

But this time, Samuel did something he had never done before. He proposed. Ella could not help smiling because of Samuel's self-deprecating humor. "Oh stop it, so you know you have a thick skin, eh?"

Samuel planted a kiss lightly on her lips. "And for that, I can do whatever I want with you."

'Do whatever he wants with me?' Ella puzzled over the phrase, but soon understood. All he desired was to be with her, embrace her, kiss her, to enjoy the pleasure of her body.

"Samuel, you must have been a dedicated monk in your past life, who adhered to all the celibacy rules, because you are so horny now."

"Yeah, so you better take good care of me. Lemme get the opportunity to do what was forbidden in my past life."

What he meant couldn't be clearer. "Let's not talk about it anymore." She demurred, and rolled her eyes. "What's the secret of the key?"

Despite all their talking, she hadn't learned anything. Was the key just an adornment?

While Ella mulled it over, Samuel began with a faint tremor in his voice. "In the SL bank, there is a safe. My real estate, deeds, and important documents, are all in there. That key, the very key I gave to you, is the only one that exists for that safe. Now you know my secret, so I'm depending on you to guard it with your life."

Why was Samuel doing all this? He had already transferred all his cards to Ella, now this? Once he knew Ella understood, his taut face relaxed.

"W-what?" This could not be. Did he say all his property?

Samuel held Ella tightly in his arms and smiled. "I mean, you are my boss from now on. All my property belongs to you. Now you can buy whatever you so desire. You can even squander all of it."

ch him a lesson when I meet him. That doesn't mean he's not my son, so don't say such stupid things!"

But Samuel was hiding something.

All fathers love their sons. When they weren't fighting, Samuel found that he could be proud of Jerry.

He didn't want to tell Ella of this. If Ella said anything of the sort to Jerry, He couldn't imagine how complacent Jerry would become, which was just one step towards insolence.

Ella was speechless, and glared at Samuel. She had to reformulate her image of him in that instant. Was there any father worse than Samuel?

"Besides, I'm going to teach Jerry a lesson. How could he dare to call me a jerk? After all I do for him!"

"What does he know at his age?" Samuel continued. "He doesn't know what he's saying. He told me once that I forced you out of the house for four years. I did no such thing. It was you who abandoned us! He knows nothing of how people act. He's always talking nonsense, so don't take it so personally."

"You weren't here when Jerry was growing up. No one was here to educate him. Now, you see what's become of him?"

When Samuel said this, Ella countered impishly, "So, you're saying that our grandma didn't educate him well enough? We're going back to the old house soon."

December 23, a lunar festival in China was coming up. Viola had called them to have dinner and a family reunion with grandma in the old house.

Samuel was dumbfounded. He only found his voice after some time had passed. "Honey, whose wife are you?"

"Oh, you're that clueless? Well, not yours. That's for sure."

Just after Ella finished, Samuel turned over and pressed her against the bed hard.

"Ella, I'll do something to remind you whose wife you are."

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