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   Chapter 232 Do You Want Us to Freeze to Death

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Indulging in Samuel's passionate kiss, Ella suddenly recalled that he had said there was a surveillance camera monitoring the corridor.

She immediately clutched one of the man's large unscrupulous hands, and refused, "Please stop. There is a camera filming us."

Samuel let out a groan of discontent. He had dragged them out here, well aware of the fact that there was a camera, "Why bother watching others when we can make one of our own? "

Samuel was eager to make their own sex tape. ", Sam. Let's just go back to our room. I actually like doing it in bed."

Holding her face in his hands, Samuel grinned mischievously, "We're not going to the bedroom today. I want to do it here."

"Please don't. It'd be awkward if any of the two kids were to come out and saw us." Both Jerry and Jane were asleep. It would be really embarrassing if they saw Samuel and Ella having sex, if they woke up to get some water to drink.

"Are you still curious about what you have watched?" Always curious about other men's affairs, Ella was, in Samuel's opinion, really a naughty girl.

Perplexed for merely a second, Ella promptly grasped what Samuel was talking about, and then shook her head a few times, "Not anymore. Sam, you are the best. Their's are way too small and are nothing compared to yours. Yes, theirs are nothing compared to yours. Totally nothing."

Although Ella didn't point out what THEIRS and YOURS really referred to, Samuel guessed what she was driving at. Fixating his eyes on Ella's, he asked, "What is small?"

"Nothing. Nothing." Realizing that she had been stammering the whole night, Ella really wanted to bite off her tongue.

"Aren't you going to tell me?" Samuel persisted. He wanted her to say the word. He moved closer to her ear and blew on it sensually before saying, "Honey, say the word? I want to hear you say it. If not..."

Samuel proceeded to kiss and nibble on her neck. Ella knew he wouldn't let it go. 'Why does he want me to say that shameful word?'

"If I told you, can we just move to somewhere else? The kitchen, balcony, bathroom or study room. Wherever you want but not here."

Samuel lifted his brows a little. It seemed that Ella was getting excited.


Now that Samuel had changed his mind, Ella gritted her teeth as she said the word, "Penis."


Despite the fact that he knew what she was referring too earlier, Samuel still felt a tingling sensation after hearing Ella her

stay out of her father's sight temporarily.

Instead, she found it very interesting. It was like playing hide-and-seek.

Inside the mansion.

Samuel spotted Jane's little figure as soon as he was halfway down the stairs. For an unknown reason, his heart ached a little when he saw that Jane was like a frightened bird fleeing away after he appeared.

He thought introspectively whether it was too much for a child to bear.

Therefore, when he sat down to have breakfast, he told his son, "You tell Jane that she doesn't have to hide from me all the time. It doesn't matter if we meet each other from time to time. Just that she doesn't have to be in front of me for no reason."

Jerry understood what his father meant and nodded happily.

Looking at his son, who was smiling from ear to ear, he became somewhat bewildered, "You like Jane very much?"

Jerry gave him a firm nod, "Of course I like Jane. She's my little sister!"

After hearing Jerry say the word "sister", Samuel didn't think too much of it. He just felt disturbed by something that had happened before, "So you knew that Jane is your mother's daughter, didn't you? Then why didn't you tell me the time you brought her to my office?"

Jerry had even made up a lie by saying that Jane was someone else's kid. Could it be that Jerry was afraid of his father knowing of Jane's existence?

"Daddy, I thought it would be better for mom to tell you..." Jerry answered his father very calmly, "It wasn't my secret to tell."

Samuel glared at his son. This little traitor! Now more than ever, Samuel wanted a daughter so that he could give Jerry the cold shoulder.

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