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   Chapter 231 Are They Good in Bed

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The comments by the neitzens were harsh, which shocked Ella a lot.

"WTF, Catherine is such a bitch! How much does she cost for a night?"

"Oh my god! She's so sexy!"

"Bitch! She makes me sick! She deserves to be punished!"

"Lawyer Shao made a good choice to break his engagement from her."


Seeing that Catherine's reputation was ruined, Ella logged off contentedly.

Public opinion was enough to drive Catherine crazy.

But at present, Catherine was sleeping sound in the hotel, and knew nothing about the scandal.

Her father broke all relations with her because of the scandal. He then sold his company and left C Country with Polly and his son.

Catherine woke up to the voices of the cleaners.

Two cleaners gave her a side-glance, as if she was riddled with infection.

They muttered. "I can't see how anyone could be so disgusting!"

"Yeah, I wish I could leave this room immediately. Ew, it makes me sick. I'm gonna throw up."

Their dialogue reminded Catherine of what happened last night.

She couldn't help but sob.

She wanted to wipe her tears, but she was too exhausted to do so.

She had bruises all over her body, as if a car had run over her.

"Get out, you lousy bitch. I can't believe we have to clean up after you." The cleaners rudely yanked off her quilt, so her naked body was exposed.

Noticing the bruises all over her body, the two cleaners were rendered speechless out of shock.

Catherine stared at them coldly and managed to raise herself from the bed. "Get out!" Her voice was too hoarse to be understood.

She struggled to go into the bathroom. Looking at t

d with a teasing smile.

Watch together? No way! The actress was Catherine!

She snapped the laptop shut and held it in her arms. "No way!"

Samuel leaned forward on the desk and whispered in her ears. "What kind of punishment do you want? Tell me."

How dare she appreciate other guys on the sly? He swore he would make her regret tonight.

On hearing this, Ella straightened her posture and protested. "Why do you want to punish me?! It's none of your business! I am an adult!"

Samuel's attitude began to annoy her. She felt that he was more annoying than her brother.

"Fine. It's none of my business." Samuel wasn't angry. Instead, he put on a smile.

But the gentle smile made Ella even more fearful and she wondered what was in his mind?

Samuel snatched the laptop from her arms and threw it on the sofa. Then he grabbed her by the elbow and took her out of the study.

Outside the study.

Ella failed to jerk her wrist free.

"Samuel, where are we going?"

"We are not going anywhere." Samuel pressed her on the wall behind her after he finished speaking.

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