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   Chapter 230 Bringing Another Man's Child To My House

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"Don't bother, honey. You can reward me in another way... Hmph..." Ella was interrupted by Samuel's kiss.

Soon after, the bathroom was filled with their passionate sounds as they made love to each other.

It was 6:30 am, when Samuel woke up.

He secured the quilt on Ella and got out of bed.

After taking a shower, he walked straight to the dressing room, unawared that Ella had woken up.

Ella was deep in thought. She had contemplated for a long time last night and found their reunion was a golden opportunity to bring Jane back.

Samuel walked out of the dressing room, tying his tie. Suddenly, Ella stood in his way and stopped him.

She put her arms around his neck without hesitation, taking in his scent.

Samuel put his right arm around Ella's smooth and slim waist and said. "It's so cold. Go back to bed."

Although the heating was on, Samuel was still worried about Ella's health and didn't want her to catch a cold.

Ella wasn't cold at all. She pulled Samuel's tidy tie and spoke in a coquettish voice. "Samuel, sweetheart, can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure. What's wrong, honey?"

Samuel carried Ella with his powerful arms, put her in bed and tucked her into the quilt.

"Sam, can I bring my daughter here to live with me?"

Hearing that, Samuel stood still, displaying a dark unreadable expression.

"No. You have to take care of Jerry too. It's impossible for you to handle two children at the same time."

How could he agree to that? He would never raise another man's child.

Ella knew Samuel would not agree with her request so easily, so she looked at him, feigning pity. "Sam, my daughter's father is dead. It's not right for her to live alone. She needs her mother. You can't expect me to abandon her?"

In fact, this was also an opportunity for Samuel to figure out Jane's identity, if he was so inclined to do so.

Therefore, if Samuel didn't find out that Jane was his daughter by himself, he could not blame her for not telling him the truth.

However, Ella believed that Samuel was smart enough to find out the truth. After all, he resembled Jane too much, in features and manners.

The father of her daughter was dead? Somehow, Samuel was glad to hear that.

y to go, he remembered something. He said to one of his servants, "Clear the room upstairs, the one near Jerry's room, and decorate it according to little girls' tastes later on. Buy whatever you need."

The servant nodded, "Yes. Sir."

Samuel knew that if Ella's daughter was Jane, he would never dislike her.

However, Ella should never expect him to like Jane. After all, Jane's father was not him, so restraining his dislike was all he could do.

Samuel smacked the door irritably and stared at the clear blue sky outside. 'Why me?' Samuel asked in his mind.

Ella was perusing through the internet as she had breakfast. Catherine was in the hot topics, just as planned.

"Catherine, a former lawyer, has sex with five African men at a hotel." The simple but direct headline created a good balance between arousing readers' desire to check further, and not giving out too much information.

Well done.

Ella wanted to read on but stopped. She decided to read it after finishing her breakfast, in case that the content was too disgusting.

She finished the breakfast as soon as possible, wiped her hands and clicked on it.

Although the key parts of the pictures in the news were covered with mosaics, Ella still felt like she was watching an X-rated film, which almost made her throw up.

There were over twenty high definition photos. The journalist was so dedicated and professional that he took many photos from different angles to show readers what had happened.

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