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   Chapter 228 Let Me Serve You Samuel

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"Since Catherine hired five men for me last time, it's only fair if she gets five men as well." She didn't want to have Catherine tortured to death because it was better to leave her living in fear and shame.

Samuel gestured to the one of the bodyguards who then made a call.

Subsequently, another bodyguard brought in the pepper powder.

"Feed her hot pepper water." Samuel commanded in a calm voice and looked back down to his phone.

Hot pepper water? Hearing this, Ella's jaw-dropped.

She put the knife on the table and asked, "Why? Why hot pepper water?"

Samuel looked up, eyes brimming with affection.

"Catherine's allergic to pepper."

Although it had been a long time, Samuel still remembered this fact about her.

She said ironically, "Now you believe me?"

When the tape on her mouth was ripped off, she shouted at once, "Samuel, please let me go! I know I made a mistake and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please pardon me!"

Samuel sneered.

'Such a stupid woman. Couldn't she see Ella was the one that was calling the shots.' Samuel shook his head, ignored her pleas and said to Ella, "I'm sorry, honey. Forgive me?" He walked towards her, held her and kissed her.

At this display of affection, Catherine felt mute. As she scowled at the couple, without warning, the hot pepper water was shoved down her throat. Her mind went completely blank.

She wanted to breath but she couldn't. As more and more liquid poured down her throat, her entire body went numb.

At the moment, it was more comfortable to just die. She was desperately hoping someone would save her.

She felt she was on the brink of suffocation, with tears and snot all over her face. She couldn't speak or think.

Ella squirmed out of Samuel's embrace, wanting to see how Catherine was sufferi

going to be my first time to... My first time to... Let me serve you, Samuel."

She had never had a sexual relationship before and she didn't want to be tainted.

"You make me sick!' Samuel kicked her away but Catherine got back up, and begged him.

Her strength was fading quickly, so she made one last attempt, grabbing Samuel's trouser leg again.

Ella was becoming angry, watching the display that Catherine was putting on. She gritted her teeth, scowled at Catherine first and then Samuel.

Sensing her rage, Samuel kicked Catherine meters away.

Catherine was lying on the ground in pain, hands on her chest.

"She's all yours. Do whatever you want." Samuel said to those men who then encircled Catherine at once.

He rose to his feet from the sofa and picked up Ella's jacket.

As he walked closer to Ella, she shrugged, giving him the cold shoulder. She then turned and walked out.

Samuel ran out to chase her and said to the bodyguard at the door, "Contact the media later."

"Yes, sir!"

Samuel grabbed her hand just before the lift arrived.

Samuel knew why she was upset.

"Relax, honey." Samuel said gently to please her while helping her put on her jacket.

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