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   Chapter 226 I Control Her Too Much

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Samuel shrugged in defeat. Ella thought that they had been divorced four years ago, So she had the right to find love and had the freedom to be with that man.

He felt it was his fault. Because of his behavior, he had pushed Ella to the arms of another man.

Samuel felt so heartbroken that he couldn't even breath. 'Samuel, what have you done?

Stupid! You are really fucking stupid!'

"Cra--ack!" Samuel threw his ashtray towards the glass table, causing them both to break. This sound frightened his assistants and secretaries, who were situated outside his office.

They pushed and shoved, but no one dared to go in to see what had happened.

"Wasn't Mr. Shao in a good mood recently?"

"Yeah. Did you see the hickey on his neck today, and the scar on his lips the other day? Those were marks of passion. How could he be angry?"

"You dare to laugh? How about you go and see what happened?" Molly hesitated whether to go in or not. If something had happened, she needed to tell Ella immediately.

The secretary drew back in terror and pushed Molly forward.

Molly looked at them helplessly. Then she knocked on the door.

"Come in." The deep voice summoned Molly to walk in.

When she walked in, she saw the glass table that stood in the middle of the office smashed into pieces, together with his favorite ashtray.

Turning to face Samuel, Molly observed that he was leaning on his chair with his eyes closed.

"Mr. Shao." She called out.

Even though Molly called out to him, Samuel still kept his eyes closed, "Speak."

"Are you okay?" She asked with great courage. If only Ella was there, it would have been easy. Although she had been working for Samuel for so long, his temper was so bad that she was afraid to approach him.

A silence fell between them. Molly had thought that he would not answer when he suddenly said, "I have controlled her too much."

Even if he knew that Ella

temper had been fluctuating a lot, and he failed on numerous occasions to control himself.

Ella nodded, albeit surprised that he agreed without hesitation. She took the chopsticks and continued to pick dishes for them.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

After dinner, Samuel asked a bodyguard to send their son back to the villa first. He had phoned the maid in advance to wait for Jerry at the door.

After Samuel trusted Jerry to the bodyguard, he went to a restaurant with Ella.

Ella knew what they were going to do. The day had finally come.

After getting out of the car, Samuel put an arm around her shoulder, then walked towards the restaurant.

Ella raised her head and looked curiously at the man with a poker face. Samuel seemed to be acting unusual.

Why? Because they are going to deal with Catherine? Did he feel heartbroken?

Ella suddenly stopped and stood steadily in the hallway.

She slipped off his arm from her shoulder.

When he saw the stolid expression on her face, he cast a curious glance towards her.

Ella said faintly, "Samuel, if you don't have the heart to do it, you can go. I can deal with her alone."

"What do you mean?" He didn't have any feelings for Catherine. He walked over to hold Ella and kissed her on her cheek.

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