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   Chapter 225 The Painful Truth

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Ella took off her gauze mask and smiled at her two children playing in the back seat.

"Mom, where are we going today?" Jane asked, taking out a toy from her bag.

"Wherever you want. Today is your day. Tell mom what you want, and I will get them for you, " Ella replied and glanced at Jane through the rear-view mirror.

"Yaay! Mom, are we going to the shopping mall? Can we go to the cinema too?" Jane excitedly exclaimed, while looking at Ella with begging eyes.

"What movie do you want to watch?" asked Ella.

"I want to watch the new Spiderman."


"Ok, Jerry, how about you?" Actually, it was needless to ask Jerry because he would do whatever Jane wanted to do, but he knew Ella would insist on a response.

As expected, Jerry responded, "Spiderman!"

Jerry had always spoiled his litter sister, and this time was no exception.

After shopping, Ella took the two kids to the cinema to watch the 3D movie.

Half an hour before the movie ended, Samuel called.

Ella told Jerry to look after Jane for a while, walked out of the cinema, and answered the phone. "I will get off work in half an hour. I'm thinking of taking you and Jerry for a meal, " said Samuel.

'After half an hour? Surely the movie would have been finished by then.

But Jane is with me.' thought Ella.

Before Ella even replied, Samuel continued, "I heard that you went to the cinema with Jerry and a little girl.

Did you take Jane with you?"

After hearing what the bodyguard had told him, he immediately thought of Jane.

Samuel's last question to Ella seemed to have scared her the most. 'How does he know where I am?' Ella wondered to herself.

"Jane? who is Jane?" said Ella in an agitated voice.

She had almost forgotten that Samuel had hired personal bodyguards for her.

"Ah? Am I wrong? I believe Jane was the pretty cute girl Jerry was with when he came to visit me in my office, was she not?

hat had happened between Ella and Samuel, she did not know what to say.


Samuel called her.

Daisy took a deep breath, "Samuel, I think it is better for you to ask Ella yourself." She feared that she would screw things up if she said anything.

She didn't know why Ella hadn't told Samuel the truth. After all, they were back together.

Was it because Ella was still mad at Samuel?

"I will ask her myself later. I will not force you, and you just need to say 'yes' or 'no', "

He clearly had no understanding of the word "force." Daisy was in a quagmire, but within seconds, she made a decision that she knew deep down would be the best.

With her eyes closed, and teeth clenched, Daisy responded, "Yes!"

'That's fine. Anyway, Jane is Samuel's kid. Maybe, this is good for their relationship.' Daisy thought to herself.

However, Daisy didn't know that Chuck had completely been dishonest with Samuel four years ago.

Confident that Daisy would not lie to him, Samuel was truly saddened. He felt like he had been stabbed in the heart.

He was out of his mind. All he was thinking at that moment was how Ella had deceived him.

'Ella, how could you...?


So, maybe Jane was not mine after all.' Samuel whispered in grief and sorrow.

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