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   Chapter 222 Perfectly Solved the Gossip

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She didn't look down on Joseph as she knew that Joseph and Ella were not into each other.

On hearing that, Ella was quite touched.

"Lillian, thank you for trusting us. We will explain everything as soon as possible."

"You're welcome. Take it easy. Don't be mad about it." Lillian understood why Ella cared about this case so much. For one thing, there had been some rumors about her and Joseph, made up by the media.

But this time, the evidence seemed so convincing, she could not bare it.

For another, Joseph was her husband while Ella and her were close friends. Ella didn't want these rumors to ruin their relationship.

"Okay, I'll call Joseph right now and see what he is thinking." Ella felt relieved. She said good-bye to the director and went back to her company.

After hanging up the phone, Lillian searched the internet for hot topics and read several articles. Then she threw her phone to the sofa out of resignation.

Stupid media! She thought.

Earlier Ella had told Samuel what had happened, which made him very anxious.

He had been having a meeting about an international case that lasted the entire morning.

The atmosphere was tense because Samuel was anxious. Suddenly his phone rang and the caller seemed to ease all his worries.

"Excuse me, I have a phone call."

The other lawyers began to talk about the wound on his lip right after he left, Coming to the conclusion that he was bitten by a girl last night when they two were having sex.

At the smoking area.

Samuel answered the call, "Darling."

"Samuel, I cheated on you!"

When he heard this, Samuel went blank and then almost instantaneously chuckled.

"Dare you? I dare you to cheat on me? Do you think I'm a coward?"

Ella was speechless, as she didn't expect this reaction.

"Hmph! I have just cheated on you with Joseph! How about that? What a surprise!

t viral.

Life in the women's prison was boring compared to the life outside.

A taxi stopped at the gate of the women's prison. A vistor got out of the car and walked into the prison.

"No. 26, you've got a visitor, " said the prison guard to Emma, displaying a stolid expression on her face.

The girl with unruly hair huddled herself up in the corner. Her eyes rolled a little when she heard the prison guard's call.

Two guards took her out.

One of them muttered, "I wonder who would like to visit a nut."

"I am curious too. By the way, she was so lucky. It surprised me to see her survive so many wounds."

Back when she had been sent here, the wounds had been just sown up, and no one sent her any medicine. But to their surprise, the wounds healed nicely.

Managing to see who came to visit her, Emma could not help clench her fists.

The woman facing her sensed her anger clearly.

Emma had not been in prison for long, but she had already lost a lot of weight.

Catherine lifted the phone indifferently. Anyway, Emma couldn't get out from here in next dozens of years.

"Who are you?" A trace of strangness showed in Emma's eyes. Catherine gazed at her eyes, wondering whether she was asking the question for real.

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