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   Chapter 220 It's Your Duty

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Ella buried her head in Samuel's arms, shyly. Samuel replied to the policeman, "My wife and I."

"What are you doing there?" The policeman was approaching them as the flashlight beam was drawing nearer.

Samuel squinted at the light and said carelessly, "What do you think we are doing at the dead of night?"

"Why are you lurking around here at the middle of the night? You must be involved in shady deals. Follow me to the police station!"

The unexpected news fairly knocked Ella over. 'We screwed up. Are we really going to the police station?' She thought to herself.

She didn't expect that Samuel would suddenly touch himself and then touch her with his hands. So she cried in shock, "Ah!"

The policeman understood what was going on and switched off the flashlight.

"I see. You'd better hurry up. I'll wait for you outside."

He muttered as he walked away, "I'll need to double check if they are really married couple."

Ella's face burned with shame. She pummeled Samuel's shoulder with her fists, "Samuel, you really cooked my goose."

He was strangely undisturbed, picking up from where they left off before the policeman interrupted them.

'Oh no! If the police told the media what happened here, her career in showbiz was done'. She thought.

Samuel, busy kissing and touching Ella, ignored her sentiments.

Cold winds blew, but the couple felt no chill in the air.

However, the policeman standing beside his car, shivered.

Finally, an hour passed. He flashed his torch at the spot under the tree and saw their shadows interlaced with one another.

Another hour passed. He checked with his torch again and they were still there.

"Fuck. Is that man a beast? Doesn't he get exhausted?" He recalled how long he usually lasted during love making and became angry. He decided to go inside if they did not come out.

Three hours later, the sound of an engine revving could be heard from the other exit of the grove.

The sound made the drowsy policeman

arms around Ella tightly and placed his head on her shoulder happily, enjoying the motherly love.

"Jerry, my precious baby. I missed you."

The scene was touching but in Samuel's eye, it was harsh.

"Jerry, come down! You are a big boy now. It's a shame to let mum carry you at your age." He looked terribly grave.

Jerry cocked his head and looked at his dad under protest, "I'm 5 years old, still a naughty boy."

He looked like a replica of his mother when he was recalcitrant.

Samuel was on the verge of laughing when he saw how Jerry was looking at him. But he was a little angry that Jerry clung to his mother.

"Be a real man. You ought to protect your mum when you grow up. "

Those words sounded intuitively plausible to Jerry, so he retreated from Ella's embrace.

Ella darted an angry look at Samuel, "Don't be so mean to your son. He is still a little baby!"

"That's true! I am just a little kid!" At this moment, mother and son were in collusion with one another.

Samuel felt a little bit upset. He regretted a little bit bringing Jerry from old house. Now Ella would be busy playing with her son and would ignore him.

"Come here!" He beckoned to Ella.

Ella went to his side as commanded and stood in front of him, "What do you want?"

He handed her a tie. The implication was plain.

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