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   Chapter 218 I'm Leaving Right Now

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Jane was curious when Ella kept hanging up the phone. She asked, "Mom, why aren't you answering your phone?" Ella looked at her, noticing that she had similar eyes to her father.

"No. Let's get to sleep."

Ella edited a quick message and sent it before she went to bed with her daughter.

Samuel, in his car, was in a confused state when he read her message.

'Mr. Shao, I'm no longer a little girl who can easily be fooled."

He was helpless because Ella refused to answer any of his calls, unable to find out why she was angry. He called home, but was told that Ella hadn't arrived yet.

Then he called Eden, only to be told that Ella left as soon as she finished working at around seven.

Where could she have gone?

An idea crossed his mind and he called Eason.

Eason was trying to cheer Anna up because she had been depressed lately because of Judith.

"Honey, don't be sad. It's no good for the baby."

Judith's appearance had resurfaced some feelings that Anna had wanted to keep hidden.

"Okay." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to push away the thoughts from her mind.

When Eason's phone rang, Anna didn't open her eyes, but listened quietly when he answered it.

"Oh, hi, what a surprise!"

Eason's tone was playful, recalling Samuel's and Ella's passionate embraces that had caused an internet frenzy.

"Eason, is she there?" Eager to know the answer, Samuel asked politely.

In fact, he didn't want to be that polite because Eason was a show off.

"Wow, pigs do fly? Listen to how polite you are being. It's quite unusual!" Eason teased him dramatically.

Eason didn't stop making fun of him until Anna patted him on the shoulder.

"Samuel, what's the problem now?" He felt something was wrong with Ella when he saw her earlier, bu

hink?" Eason, standing at the top of the stairs, looked down at them and teased.

Samuel turned to Ella and whispered, "Honey, what do you think?"

He was asking the same question, but only he himself knew what he really meant.

How Ella responded just fitted exactly with Samuel's wishes.

She pushed Samuel in haste to get away from the villa, "Eason, bye." She was so embarrassed, asking herself how shameless Samuel could be. She understood clearly what the two men meant, and it was inappropriate to stay with her husband in her brother's house.

After a brief goodbye, Samuel closed the door behind them. Eason walked back up the stairs, chuckling all the way.

Ella opened the door of the Audi and got in. Just as she had put the key in the ignition, Samuel entered the front passenger seat.

Ella turned to him, "Are you going to leave your car here?"

She looked at him, clearly still infuriated.

"Can you see my car?" Samuel asked with a playful tone in his voice.

He had asked Yang to leave in his car.

Ella rolled down the window and looked out, but didn't see his car.

She gave up asking, revving up the engine. "Don't forget to pay me when you arrive home."

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