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   Chapter 216 You Are the Best in Everything You Do

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"Yes? What's wrong?" Samuel asked.

"Nothing, I'm just missing our child." Ella didn't specify which one, because she missed both of her children.

"I will pick Jerry tomorrow." The family would be together, finally.

Ella nodded. Samuel had hired servants, who took care of Jerry, when he was busy.

"I was so stupid in the past, Ella. Trust that I will never do such stupid things again."

Ella nodded. She really did want to trust him.

Silence enveloped the room as they both were immersed in their own thoughts. But for the first time, they were connected like never before.

Ella was very sleepy, so she prepared to cover herself with the quilt, but Samuel asked, "Ella, what should we do to Catherine?"

"Catherine? She has to experience what I went through."

Samuel agreed and kissed her.

"The first step?" He asked.

Ella relayed her plan unconsciously. "The first step, hire someone to rape her."


Ella's admission surprised Samuel.

Admiring her bravado, he asked. "How many people do you want to hire?"

Catherine had hired so many men to rape Ella, and it was only fair if she got the same treatment.

"A lot. Maybe some brawny guys.They are very good in bed." Ella answered carelessly, more interested in sleeping than their conversation.

Ella couldn't place where she had heard that fact from, but she pushed the thought away, and turned to sleep.

But Samuel had other motives. "Ella, what do you mean? Are you trying to say I am not strong enough?"

"Oh! Samuel! You are hurting me!" Ella opened her eyes and bit Samuel on his chest.

By doing this, Ella was just adding fuel to the fire.

"Stop sleeping!" He lifted her chin and made her look at him.

"You are so annoying like a fly. Leave me alone!" E

he was.

"Samuel, I was wrong! It's time for you to go to work, you shouldn't be late." Ella smiled to him.

Samuel clearly hadn't understood that she was being sarcastic. How could she push him to other woman when she loved him so much?

Samuel was satisfied by her sentiments. He checked his suit and tie and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, Ella grasped his hand. He turned around and saw a mischievous smile on her face. He frowned.

Using his hand to support herself, Ella stood up on the bed and looked at him.

Ella bit her lip and put her arms around his neck.

She smiled and lowered her head, bitting him hard on his neck.

Then, she hid herself tightly in the quilt, as fast as possible.

Samuel touched his neck and felt a tooth gouge. She hadn't drawn blood, but the wound wouldn't heal in a while. 'It was fine'. He thought.

Samuel looked at his wife, who was hiding, kissed the quilt, and left quietly.

He had a case that was going on trail. Otherwise, he would have stayed and would have revenged for her biting him.

Ella didn't hear any noise for a long time. She slowly emerged from under the quilt and found that Samuel had left already.

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