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   Chapter 214 What Are You Sorry For

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Ella turned and saw Samuel who looked worried. She asked the prop department staff to remove the harness that she was in, so that she could find out what was wrong.

No sooner had she stood firmly on the ground when she felt a familiar embrace. Samuel held on to her so closely, to the point that he was cutting off her circulation.

What was wrong with Samuel? What happened to him? She was at work, and his embrace was inappropriate. Breathlessly, she asked, "Samuel... Uh uh uh..."

Samuel didn't respond, rather he kissed her passionately.

The crew were in shock by the display. Others clapped whilst others whistled.

"Wow! What are Mr. Shao and Ella doing?"

"My god! Samuel is such a man! He is kissing Ella in front of us!"

"Awesome! How cute."


Only few people have the courage to kiss in public.

Ella was so embarrassed by Samuel's display of affection.

Her mind flooded with thoughts and questions. 'What's wrong with him? Why is he kissing me here? Why not at home? Or in a car? Something was definitely wrong.'

Ella was a public figure after all. Soon after, she noticed flashes of light and camera sounds. Photos were being taken, and they were sure to be posted on the internet. She struggled out of the passionate embrace.

But Samuel was reluctant to let her go. He needed to feel close to her, despite whoever was around.

When Samuel retreated from their kiss, Ella was preparing to berate him for his display of affection, but she couldn't help but laugh when she saw the dark purple lipstick smeared across his mouth.

Her amusement puzzled Samuel, but he didn't ask for clarification, rather held her in his arms.

"Ella, I love you. I love you so much!"

His voice was not loud, but everyone in the studio could hear it.

The unexpected profession of love made Ella's heart beat fast.

"What's wrong with you? Let me go first." Everyone was watching and some were even recording what was happening.

Samuel didn't let go of her, "Ella I am so sorry!"

Samuel's frantic and unusual behaviour really scared Ella. She raised her hand and placed it on his forehead to check whethe

nded a couple of minutes after 10 pm.

Ella, who was very tired, miraculously got a spurt of energy when she thought of Samuel waiting for her outside.

In the parking lot.

Ella glanced around and immediately spotted an Audi A8 parked, not too far away.

She wrapped the coat tighter around her and headed for the car.

When he saw her walking towards him, Samuel extinguished the cigarette and emerged from the car, covering the distance between them within a couple of seconds.

When he reached her, he extended his arms preparing to embrace and kiss her.

But Ella blocked his efforts and side-stepped him.

Samuel felt puzzled and wondered why she was refusing him.

"Samuel, tell me honestly. What have you done to be sorry for?" No matter how much she wanted to embrace and kiss Samuel again, she was more determined to find out what was going on with Samuel, and therefore, thwarted away his attempts at being affectionate. Samuel recalled the apology he had given her earlier.

It was too cold outside so Ella walked over to the car where it was sure to be warmer. Ella sunk into the seat, as the warm air embraced her.

But instead of talking, silence enveloped them. Samuel wasn't answering her question, so she retreated her phone and ignored him. Samuel had no choice but to drive home.

In The Royal Mansion.

When Samuel parked his car in the garage, Ella was still occupied with her phone.

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