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   Chapter 213 You Are The Father

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There wasn't any contact information with her, so the police couldn't notify her family, not to mention any of her relatives or friends.

Therefore, Ella, Eason and Anna had no idea of how long Judith had been dead for.

On that day, after Judith left the Emerald Community, Anna didn't argue with Eason, except that she felt a little down, understandably so. And their life went back to normal.

Ella also felt blue after she returned to The Royal Mansion. She had tried to contact Judith, but just like ten years ago, she disappeared again without a portent and was seemingly difficult to find.

So she finally gave up looking for her.

Since Ella was fully recovered, she began to accept performing assignments. The roles Eden had accepted for her were all heroines and advertisements with big companies.

One day, when Ella flew to Green Cold Country to shoot, she saw a piece of news accidentally.

Emma, the former director of Changyue company, had been arrested by the police on charges of intentional injury, attempted murder, and suspected sex trafficking. More than ten days later, she was sentenced to 30 years in prison by the court.

The netizens wondered who she had deliberately hurt and who she wanted to kill.

But there were still many people who scolded her and Catherine. One was suspected of sexual intercourse, the other was a mistress. Their punishments would never be enough in their eyes.

Everyone was waiting for Catherine's death penalty, whose reputation had been completely tarnished.

In the men's prison.

After Drake's incessant requests to have a meeting, Samuel made time and went to the prison.

Drake's short hair had been shaved and he looked much thinner than before. It seemed that he had suffered a lot in prison.

Seeing Samuel, he was so excited that he sprang up to pick the phone.

"Samuel, I'll tell you a secret. Only if you can let Emma go."

He knew that Emma was sentenced to 30 years after overhearing a discussion between several prison guards. He guessed that it had something to do with Samuel.

t have been extremely distressed and hated him for not believing her and forcing her to abort their baby.

Samuel was glad that Ella had forgiven him and promised to be with him forever.

Her smile, furor and sexiness, were all he needed. His mind flooded with all the positive attributes about her.

'Ella, Ella, Ella, You were so good to me, and I didn't deserve you!' Samuel shook his head in disbelief that he was ever that foolish, to let a good woman like her go.

Finally he looked at his trembling hands, and clenched them tightly. It was his hands that killed his baby.

He was that kind of person. How could he say he loves her?

How could he be so lucky to deserve such a good woman like her?

Samuel, you were a fucking idiot!

Samuel knew that Ella was shooting a commercial in the North of the city that day. He kicked away the stool and drove at a neck-breaking speed all the way to the studio.

In the studio.

Ella was wearing a bizarre black dress, with a feathered hat on her head. She wore heavy make-up and near-black lipstick.

She was surrounded by a dozen of crew members, and slowly took her position in front of the camera.

Just then, the door of the studio burst open with a loud bang, and Ella nearly fell.

"Shit..." When the photographer saw who had walked in, he swallowed his smut words. He didn't need that kind of trouble.

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