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   Chapter 212 I'm Back

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Anna, Judith and Ella were stumped by what Jane said.

Anna always knew that Eason loved her very much, especially after she became pregnant. He never said no to her no matter what Anna asked for. However, when she got to know about what happened between him and Judith, she felt very sad, and also touched.

She fought back tears, and held Jane in her arms. Although Jane was only 3 years old, she could tell that her uncle Eason loved her aunt very much, and Judith's arrival made her aunt very unhappy.

Ella was also speechless because of what Jane said. She was capable of understanding and expressing all these feelings even though she was so little. But she was only 3 years old. How could she understand the situation in such a short time?

However, Ella was proud of her clever and sensible little girl.

Judith looked pale and tired. There was no doubt that Eason loved Anna very much, as even the little girl could tell from being around the couple.

"Where does he work? I can go there." Judith said to Ella. She had an inkling that Anna would not tell her, so she asked Ella directly.

Ella felt she was in an awkward position. She glanced at Anna who smiled tentatively, and addressed her servant, "Aunt Zhang, could you bring me my phone please?"

Her phone was on the dining-table and in no time, Anna had it in her hand.

Ella and Judith looked at Anna at the same time, doubtfully. Anna, then, called her husband Eason.

Eason was modifying a blueprint when he saw the incoming call from his wife. He pushed the green button gently and said, "Do you miss me babe?"

Anna didn't know what to say for the first time after hearing Eason's sweet voice. She was wondering if he still address her that way, when he heard the name Judith.

"Babe. Someone wants to meet you. She is at our house now."

"Wants to meet me? What's her name?" Why was there an unknown woman going to his house to see him? Eason stopped what he was doing, sensing that this woman was not the usual past flings that came looking for him.

Anna looked at Judith, who was fully expecting the answer from the other end of the line, and said, "Judith."

Eason's mind went t

and a child. You and I... are over." Even Eason had no idea that he would say something like that calmly when he met Judith, the woman he had loved and searched for many years.

Judith went deathly pale again. The hope in her heart for many years fell through, but what could she say?

"Eason, are you sure that you don't love me anymore?" She could not give up so eailyy and wanted to confirm with him again.

"Yes. I love Anna, and only Anna. I'm sorry Judith." 'Judith, we did nothing wrong, fate did, ' Eason thought.

Judith came back after he fell in love with Anna. So, it was too late.

Judith could not remember how she left the house. She looked around and felt lost.

Who was she? Where could she go? Everything was different after 10 years.

She looked at the bridge which was not far away, and soon after found herself walking on it.

The current of the river under the bridge was flowing fast. There was a sign on the wall that read, "Deep waters. Please do not swim."

She had lost her father, her mother, and now Eason. There was nothing in the world that she could live for.

She climbed the rail, leaped forward and threw herself into the water. She chose to end her life when she was only 33 years old.

A stranger found her floating in the water. She was dead.

Judith's appearance was a flash in the pan. Eason regarded it as a dream. He had not tried to reach her, or look for her after he saw her that day.

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