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   Chapter 211 Longing for Eason for Over A Decade

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When Judith got a sight of Anna's protruding stomach, she was speechless, and her heart broke into pieces. It was crystal clear to her whose baby it was.

She still remembered how she aborted her and Eason's child a couple of years ago without letting Eason know.

At that moment, she was more eager to see Eason. She did not decline Anna's welcoming invitation. "Thank you, " she politely thanked Anna. Then, Judith accompanied Ella into the villa.

Jane looked at Judith, who came in with her mother, strangely. Ella, however, seemed to have forgotten to introduce the little girl to Judith.

It was not until Jane took the initiative to say hello to Judith that Ella realized her inattentiveness.

Judith withdrew her hand from Ella's, walked straight to Jane, and patted her head. "Hello, what a nice and cute girl. Who are her parents?"

"Judith, this is my daughter Jane." Ella formally introduced them both.

"Wow, Ella, you are so blessed to have such a lovely girl." Judith stressed. Time had really flown. It was almost like she had just married yesterday and the very next day, she bore a child.

Ella bit her lips anxiously, and added, "You know, I have a son about the same age as well. He is turning five soon."

Was Ella going to call her brother? Or was she trying to prevent Judith from meeting him?

"Auntie, please have a seat, " said Jane, inviting her to sit on the sofa. Deep down, Judith was amused by the little girl.

"Okay, thank you, Jane."

The two sat down facing each other. Anna ordered her servant to serve some more fruits.

Jane looked at Judith from head to toe, trying to comprehend who the stranger was.

Judith saw Anna wrapping her arms around Jane, mesmerised at how she showed affection to her niece.

If the plane she was on had not crashed, she would have had Jane all to herself.

Ella was speechless. As time went by, the ambiance in the room became awkward.

"Ella, could you please introduce me." Anna remarked, looking at Ella reproachfully. It was said that the oldest sister-in-law sometimes acts like a mother. At this moment, Anna commanded in a pleasing tone.

"Eh... Oh, I'm sorry. Anna, this is Judith Song. Judith, say hello to my sister-in-law, Anna."


ng up in her eyes, Judith looked at Anna, wondering what she was going to do after seeing Eason.

"If he doesn't love me anymore, I will immediately leave and never show up again." She knew forced love was not true love, so she would not compel Eason to love her again.

"But what if he still loves you?" Anna asked. Anna's words brought a smile to Judith's face.

Without a second thought, she answered "If he still loves me, I want to be with him forever. Nothing will separate us apart!" This was what she had been longing for.

"How about me and the child that I'm bearing?" Anna interrogated.

Silence fell in the room.

Jane was attentive enough to understand the conversation between the adults. When they were silent, she uttered, "Miss Song, my uncle loves my aunt very much. He embraces my aunt in his sleep every night. He kisses my aunt's tummy every morning before he leaves for work.

He said that my aunt got pregnant after a great personal cost, and he would not let my aunt suffer anymore.

And, when he was in France, he saved my aunt from getting hit by a car. He was the one hurt, and auntie didn't even get a scratch. He lay in bed for several months due to the accident.

He kisses auntie every day. I feel embarrassed every time I see them.

Since my aunt is pregnant, he often travels far away to buy her whatever she wants.

Miss Song, I don't like you. From the moment you appeared, you have said that you wanted to see uncle. You made my aunt upset."

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